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    Odd tuning issue

    after swapping to a larger lower pulley and a HPX slot style maf this issue has been there and i cant make sense of it. Base hpx maf curve is very rich (.66 ish lambda or 9.6/1 ish gasoline afr) after making a pull on the dyno go through the datalog and correct maf curve to command .76 lambda...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    +1. plus dude is wearing what looks like a race jacket, that could easily be a driver from a baja type or endurance race. i say yes it is a massive blister. does not fit the line but i lol'd and cringed at the same time when i saw it.
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    looking for fuel level sender

    anyone who went to a fuel cell have a level sender they are looking to get rid of? only way to buy a new one is a complete assembly and thats a waste for me since i have a fore hat and aeromotive pumps.
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    Two sets injectors $250/$350

    i have two full sets of injectors siemens 60lb/hr have about 70k miles on them came out of great running truck never an issue new $379 through lethal so how about $250 shipped Sieman 80lb/hr USCAR connector have less than 200 miles on them, there were not enough to make 700hp on e85 for me...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Is that hillary duff? what movie was that from? or was someone slick enough to catch her doing that in a club? and love the suntan lotion chick, that chick is hawt! anyone famous?
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    Fuel system

    Currently working on an e85 tune on my truck, 60lb/hr injectors were done at 4700rpm so i went to 80's they are great for the street tune at 13psi. But we tried to make a race tune and the 80's were pettering out at a mere 15psi and 4500rpm so much for 17-18psi. So my question is, is anyone...
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    new personal best in the 1/8th

    new personal best in the truck. 1.76 60ft. 7.77 @ 89.46 mph this was on my street tune, only 13psi, and 12* timing 91 oct. full weight less the spare tire, and rear bumper since i have a roll pan, although i do still have the factory hitch. and subs in the truck. So looks like the street tune...
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    time for new slicks!

    In the past i was running mt 28x12.50-16's et streets with mixed results. no tubes or screws. it seems they have got hard/have been heat cycled too much and dont hook well any longer. Not that they ever got be any real good 60"s to begin with. My truck is very low and the springs are stiff not...
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    san diego cars and coffee oct 17

    sorry i forgot to link this a long time ago.. ill be there SVTOA San Diego
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    san diego cars and coffee tomorrow oct 17

    forget to link this before sorry for the short notice guys and gals SVTOA San Diego
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    built engines kick ass

    Picked up the truck earlier this week from Dante at DMP after getting a built motor. truck is running absolutly awesome on the break in tune and power is incredible. Cam lope is wicked. basic build spec: livernois ported heads with big valves 130lb crower springs comp stage 2 cam DMP custom...
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    feeler stock long block for sale

    just was offered a killer deal on a built motor. anyone interested in my stock long block? make offers via pm 105k miles still runs great valve covers to oil pan. and maybe some other extras ill know when i get it pulled and see what comes with the other motor.
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    so cal hooters meet

    see nloc link for details! Official socal Hooters GTG thread - The National Lightning Owners Club Inc
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    picked up some new goodies for the truck yesterday

    the old eclipse sub amp i had took a shit the other day, so i figured if i had to get a new amp i might as well upgrade... new alpine in dash nav unit and 5 chanel digital amp should be a major sound quality and loudness upgrade over the old setup
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    best sainless brake line kit bar none

    dont care about cost i want the best product available. i heard ruslow had it but he is no longer in the game. now where is it at. to be polite to the site, if lines are available only from a non site vendor please pm me.
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    broken hotchkis leaf spring

    it appears they have been cracked for a little while. the broken surface was rusty a little. sadly i am not the origonal purchaser of them i doubt they will warranty them. i left them a message. so i will see. my truck has carried weight but nothing too serious. and when i did have a...
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    nitto nto5's are mounted

    these things are super stickey. actually very quiet, not expected at all. also they are a well made trie, consistant and true. the tire machine i had them balenced on measures roundness and road force. all 4 tires were very consistant roundness. so they roll smooth. also they had very little...
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    first set of the new nittos

    i will have them mounted finially saturday, i also have an extra set since there were double ordered. i need to sell the second set. pm if you would like them. local sale only as you will be able to get these cheaper if you order them most likely, due to the shipping i already paid and the ca...
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    paging chris nelson

    fordfanstan gave me your number the other day, i called and left you a voice mail. im sure your busy, cal me back when you get a chance. i would like to pick up a set of the SS mirrors from ya soon. and maybe a few other things depending on what you can get, thanks
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    shock time

    with nearly 87k on the truck and stiff springs the stock bilsteins afe feeling bouncy. i am in the market for new dampners but want a more road race oriented shock not drag race. i am running the old lightning spec hotchkis springs front and rear aka new harley spec springs, drop knuckles up...
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    Street scene mirrors

    Fab Fords Forever is coming up and i want some new mods... who has them? are they plug and play? how was the fit and finish? do you have the dual signal ones or just the single? who has the best price? what did you pay? i heard Chrisnelson can get them for us is that correct? Thanks in...
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    looking for a few things

    anyone have a pic of a silver truck with the cervinis rear bumper, i plan on buying one soon, and just wanted to see one on a silver truck. anyone have a link to where i can find the black tail lights with the clear lenses inside, i know they used to be on ebay, but now i cant seem to find...
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    Texas roll call

    Hey, who all is in abouts the houston area. im out here on business/helping with hurricane repairs. ill be here for at least a couple weeks. we should meet up at somepoint. grab some brews or something.:banana:
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    Calling txyaloo and Common, I Need Your Help

    If you have a way to access information on people and their current where abouts, i need your help. The guy I am looking for has screwed me and my dad out of a large sum of money in a bad business deal. We would have never delt with him had we google'd his name first. I need to see if anyone can...
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    Lfp Good Service

    Just called LFP answered the phone quick and took my order for a fuel pump install kit. good price and hooked it up on shipping. looking forward to geting my parts and i will follow up!:beer: