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    True Forged rim leak

    I know. I just was hoping I could reach him somehow for some advice.
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    True Forged rim leak

    I was thinking this too. My father-in-law has the rim since I’m out of town. He said initially that it was corroding. But now it sounds more like the chrome is just flaking away, causing the problem. Which if that’s the case, I’d rather just try and have it rechromed.
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    True Forged rim leak

    I’d ask Steve but can’t land him anywhere. I’ve had my TF since around ‘08. Recently a rear rim had developed a slow leak. Soaped it and it bubbles along the bead. Had the tire dismounted and the chrome on my lip has developed a crack, which has begun chipping away causing “pits” along the bead...
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    BFG Rival

    Looking for this tire in a 315/30/18 but seems like I can't find it anywhere. Curious if you guys have any idea when you'll get a set of these in this size? Or have any recommendations for a street tire, or close to a street tire, in a 305/315-18" wheel size. I have had DRs all my car's...
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    Street Tires

    I've been running 305/315 drag radials on my car for the past 2 sets and want to switch to streets. Do you guys carry something in those sizes for street and for what price? Preferred size: 305/35/18 Either PM me or reply here. Thanks Doug
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    Feeler: '03 ZY / Stock pulley / 28k miles / TF rims

    Well this is more or less a curiousity thread. No need to sell it just looking to see what kind of attention it gets. Bought the car in Sept '06 with 15k miles, now sits with little over 28k. When I first got it, it only had the Bassani catback. Everything else I, or had, put on. It is stock...
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    DD choices

    So I got the Cobra paid off in January and I need a new DD. Its between a mildly used Civic or something like that, a F-250 with the dreaded 6.0 lol or 2500 Cummins and a new player on the court , Evo. Cars for Sale: 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in Burlington, WI 53105: Sedan Details -...
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    Fantasy Football guys

    Ok, so I need some opinions. I keep going back and forth here on my flex spot. Marshawn vs AZ or Moreno vs Oak I pick one then I bounce back to the other one lol, just wanna see what some of you fellow football guys think
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    Alaska trip pictures (a lot of pics)

    Went moose/bear hunting for 2 weeks in Alaska. My dad goes every year and I haven't been up there since '05 so figured why not. Beautiful country up there, I'm not a pro-photographer by any means btw lol. We didn't get anything though. It was super hot there and nothing was really moving...
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    GT500 has 305hp / 208 tq ?

    Fail article Yahoo. Ford's GT500 packs a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 engine with 305 horsepower and 208 pound feet of torque. The SS also has a V8, but this one's even bigger: a 6.2-liter, 426-horsepower engine. Both cars have standard 6-speed manual transmissions. Fastest Cars Under...
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    Fuel system question, return style

    1998-04 Mustang Cobra Aeromotive Eliminator Fuel System - Return Style 1998-04 Mustang Cobra Aeromotive A1000 Fuel System - Return Style What are the differences between these two? Also, would these kits have everything good to go for say a Whipple 3.4 setup?
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    Dent help?

    I wasn't sure where to put this put it seemed the best in here so here we go! I've recently discovered a TINY, and I mean tiny, dent on my passenger side rear quarter like directly above my tire. I've owned this car for 3-1/2 years and I swear to god... I've never, ever seen it before until...
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    can you guys help me out! (kinda)

    My cousin is in a mother/daughter look-a-like contest for a local news station and you'll be helping a TON if you could vote for her! Heres a link, Leah and Ashlyn :beer: Thanks in-advanced guys Mother-Daughter Look-Alike photo contest - WITI
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    Would you let your daughter...

    Go to prom in this?
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    eminem fans

    youtube jewed it **
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    Typical TS question

    Alright, so I'm looking at finally diving into a twinscrew this year after paying my car off a couple months ago. Now I am trying to debate on obvisiously KB or Whipple, but this isn't a brand war thread. My question for you guys is would you get the smaller or bigger version of the...
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    maybe you can help

    just got M/T ET Street d/r's mounted and they seem to be overfilled IMO. would you guys know a good psi area for street driving? thanks
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    How necessary is low profile IRS bolt

    I am replacing my Nitto's with M/Ts, same size 305/35/18. Well, I noticed there was some possibly rubbing happening here or there on the inside of the tires from the stock bolt. It didn't look awful or anything. Just curious is if thats a huge cause of concern to go out and buy the low...
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    2 Questions

    I found a nail in my rear tire yesterday, Nitto 555R drag radial. Would you guy's recommend just completely parting with the tire and getting a whole new rear set? Or can you patch a d/r ? Second question is, does M/T have a d/r in 315/30/18 ? Price for 2? If not, whats closest size to...
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    Guys with A/C deletes

    This is what you bought? Or what'd you guys do? Ford Racing A/C Delete Kit (96-09 4.6L) at - Free Shipping! Thanks
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    party at Ford Stadium!!

    Sorry if its been posted but HAHHAHAHA. YouTube - Cute drunk Lions fan gets arrested at Vikings Lions game. Skol Vikes.
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    Do you carry..

    Those Ford GT- Powered By Ford coilpack covers?
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    Stall Question guys

    Well I was at the track last Weds and I've owned this car for 3 years this month, its been stalling during the whole duration just randomly at this description. From CobraBob: The “stall” issue: Stalling is a fairly common and potentially dangerous problem with the Cobras. There is a...
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    2.6H vs 2.8H ?

    What are the differences besides size? Does the 2.8 drop right in like the 2.6? How much of a difference is there between the 2 power wise? I'll make a poll too if you guys want to vote Thanks in advance
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    Procharger guys

    Well I have been debating on what to get for the major power-adder swap for awhile now and its always been between twinscrew or TT's. Never really thought about Procharger. So I've been looking around and think they are awesome setups. The one I'm looking at is the F-1A kit. I had a friend...