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  1. mustang_guy

    WANTED: 2011-2014 Boosted 6R80 car

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a boosted built 6R80 car. serious buyer with an open minded budget. Let me know what you have
  2. mustang_guy

    KW V3 coilovers 2015-2020

    Selling my KW V3 coilover kit off my car. They are in mint shape. A year old with very low mileage and no winter or rain driving. These are fully adjustable with rebound and compression. The car can be lowered as much or as little as you want with up to 2.0" in the front and 1.5" in back lower...
  3. mustang_guy

    WTB - Corsa quad tip

    Looking for corsa sport quad tip axleback for 2010-2014 Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  4. mustang_guy

    WTB : Corsa Sport axleback 2011-2014

    Looking for Corsa sport axleback for 2011-2014 GT with chrome single tips. Let me know what you got Thanks
  5. mustang_guy

    Replacing 2018 Actve exhaust with aftermarket?

    Hey guys, have a question. Is replacing active exhaust with aftermarket exhaust an issue with the factory active exhaust option? Reason I ask it because Ford has filled the orders on Mustangs for 2018 so the only options is what’s already landed on the ground and a car I looked at this week has...
  6. mustang_guy

    Opinions if I should buy this 03 Cobra

    Hey guys, after selling my 04 Cobra I’ve regretted it ever since. I’ve had an s197 and a few fox bodies since but have an offer to trade my 89 coupe for an 03 cobra with a friend. Imo both cars are on par as far as worth go and me and my buddy both agree with that. My question is, what your...
  7. mustang_guy

    WTB - eclectic fan setup for fox body

    Looking for an electric fan setup for a foxbody. Let me know what you have. Something along the lines of contour or Taurus fan(s) ready to drop in
  8. mustang_guy

    Need help choosing a cam

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the best cam setup for my current setup I'm building. 306, JE pistons and H beam rods, Edelbrock Performer heads, 1.7 roller rockers, Trickflow track heat intake and 3.73 gears I was looking at one of the Anderson cams but not sure which to go with. Opinions?
  9. mustang_guy

    WTB - afternarket heads for 302

    Looking for aftermarket heads bare or complete for a fox body 302. Let me know what you have, thanks.
  10. mustang_guy

    WTB - 75mm TB and EGR spacer

    Looking for a 75mm TB and EGR spacer for a fox body. Let me know what you have, thanks.
  11. mustang_guy

    Lone lock routing question

    Anyone have any experience running brake lines for a line lock? I'm wondering if I can run is simple by running it from the master cylinder Front port direct to the line lock and line lock out to the stock (gutted) prop valve front port or do I have to run the left front and right front port out...
  12. mustang_guy

    Backfire after MSD 6AL2 install

    Hey guys, I recently installed my MSD 6AL2 box and I couldn't help but to notice a LOUD backfire, almost like a shotgun blast in my car mostly only when I downshift to about 3500 or so and ride the gear out while the RPM's go down. The backfire always seems to happen around 2000 RMP. It's an...
  13. mustang_guy

    WTB - Weld draglites 4 lug for fox body

    Looking for 15x3.5 and 15x10 with 6.5 inch backspacing 4 lug for fox body wheels with or without tires
  14. mustang_guy

    WTB - 15x3.5 and 15x10 Weld Draglites 4 lug

    Looking for 15x3.5 and 15x10 with 6.5 inch backspacing 4lug Will also consider the same setup size in Pro Stars or Billet Specialties in 5 lug
  15. mustang_guy

    WTB Weld Draglites 5x3.5 and 15x8 with 5.5 inch backspacing

    WTB Weld Draglites 5x3.5 and 15x10 with 6.5 inch backspacing Looking for weld draglites in 15x3.5 and 15x10 with 6.5 inch backspcing (4 lug) With or without tires or 5 lug Pro Stars or Billet Specialties Streetlite wheels in the same size
  16. mustang_guy

    WTB - fox body (85-93)

    I'm looking for a CLEAN fox body, no rust and in good shape. Willing to look at stock or heavily modified. I prefer 87-93 but would also look at an 85/86 Let me know what you have. Thanks, Raf
  17. mustang_guy

    FS - Borla S Type axleback (2011-2014)

    Selling my Borla S type axle back. Like new with only about 3500 miles on it. Never seen rain. Asking $550 shipped
  18. mustang_guy

    Stock OEM 2011-2014 GT intake

    Selling my stock GT intake. Asking $100 or any offer
  19. mustang_guy

    FS - 2011-2014 GT strut bar

    I'm selling my OEM GT strut bar that came apart of the Brembo package. Asking $100
  20. mustang_guy

    FS - RaceStar DarkStars with ET Streets

    Selling my Racestar Darkstar direct drill wheels Comes with 17x4 fronts and 15x10 rears M&H front tires like new ET Street 28x11.5 rears 90% tread left Comes with all lug nuts I have only been to the track with these wheels twice. I paid over $2200 for this setup. These will clear...
  21. mustang_guy

    JPC Paxton/Vortech "BIG RED" ATI Race Blow Off Valve

    I'm selling my JPC Big Red BOV and stock bypass valve block off plate Like new, has about 200 miles on it. Sounds amazing and a great upgrade to the stock crappy one. I'm only selling it because I'm trading my car in this week. Asking $400 JPC Paxton/Vortech "BIG RED" ATI Race Blow Off Valve...
  22. mustang_guy

    WTB - GT500 tranny TR6060

    Looking for a TR6060 must be in perfect working condition. Thanks
  23. mustang_guy

    WTB - MT82 or other manual tranny

    Looking for an MT82 or other manual tranny that will fit a 2012 GT Must be in perfect working order. Thanks
  24. mustang_guy

    2nd gear not working

    Hey guys, I was just lighting up at the track. At the burnout box I went into second gear, cleaned the tires then rolled up to do my brownout. I revved it to 3000rmp and dumped the clutch and right away it was like the car was in neutral. No noise, no grind, no oil leaking. What's happening...
  25. mustang_guy

    Race star on bias ply and bad vibration on highway

    Hey guys, last year I bought a new set of Darkstars and put new M&H 28 inch tall skinnies on 17x4 fronts and 28 inch tall ET Streets on the rear. I had all four wheels balanced but when I was driving to the track the shake in the car was beyond brutal. Any idea what the issue may be? Bad...