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    2003 DSG, Original Owner, $14K

    SOLD Will post more pics on this thread over the weekend. Rain stopped the photo shoot. Body is as clean as it looks. No door dings. Plenty of touch ups here and there, it is after all a 10 year old car. Zero smoke on start up and wide open throttle. Breaks the tires loose from a 40 roll no...
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    WTB: Stock Mass Air Meter

    Need to get my hands on a good stock mass air meter. Text to 561-644-8087
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    Stock Mass Air Volts At Idle?

    Just doing some diagnostics to figure out some idle and part throttle roughness. Fixed a massive vacuum leak and reset the fuel trims (battery disconnect) Played the musical ignition coils game and no change at all. Pointing now towards the mass air. Mostly because when ever it is...
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    Upper Seat Frame

    Is the upper seat frame in a Terminator Seat the same as the seat frame from a normal Gt mustang? I am asking because my upper seat frame is broken and I am planning on swapping over the foams / bladders / covers to another seat frame.
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    Replacing upper seat frame?

    My upper seat frame on the drivers side is fugged up. It must have broken metal in the right side of it. Does anyone know if the seat frame of the cobra seats is the same as the normal gt mustang seats. I looked at a buddies the other day and from outside appearances they are the same, hard...
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    Rough running only at part throttle.

    I have owned this car for 8 years and 125k miles. This is the first time that it has done this. The strange thing is that when it first started it was intermittent. It would do it for a few days, then suddenly it would be gone for a day or two. At part throttle only (runs fine under...
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    New Friction Plate for my Fidanza?

    I have been running a Fidanza aluminum two piece flywheel on my car for about 55k with a centerforce dual friction clutch. I am planning on putting the same clutch back into the car. There has been no incidence of glazing. Do you guys think I will need to put a new friction surface on...
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    Cold out = engine stumble when cold?

    My car has been doing this for about 2 years and I gave up on trying to figure it out. It is not a huge issue, but is is annoying. When ever it is below about 55 degrees it stumbles when you give it gas for about the first 90 seconds after you start it. I usually just wait for it to warm up...
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    WTB Low mile stock intercooler tank

    Just like the title says. I want to purchase a low mileage stock intercooler tank. I know there are a bunch of them sitting around out there. PM me or send me an email at [email protected]
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    Seriously Considering V6 for Daily Driver

    I bought the 03 cobra new and have daily driven it ever since. It has got 107K miles on it now and runs and handles better than new thanks to the subtle mods done to it by me over the years. I am starting to become some what over the whole excitement of the car. Yes, it will run high 11's...
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    Dropped My A/C Vent Temps to 34.5 Degrees!

    I do not currently have a Killer chiller however I have been reading all of the Kincade Killer Chiller threads. There where multiple mentions in these threads about the increase efficiency of the Enviro Safe R12a industrial refrigerant over the r134a. I checked and it was pretty cheap to buy...
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    Ambient Heat = Power Window Issues?

    Both of my power windows work fine at night when the ambient temp cools down, and then during the day after the car has heated up in the sun one or both will refuse to go down. Sometimes I can click the switches back and fourth real fast and they will free up and work fine. They are not slow...
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    How To: Eliminate Boost Drop Off (eliminate boost solenoid)

    While doing research through the forums about the boost bypass actuator I discovered some things that are important for terminator owners. It has been debated over and over about the boost bypass modification that prevents the boost bypass actuator from bleeding off extra air when not in boost...
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    Allright, where is the thermostat

    :shrug: I bought the Reische Thermostat and I am going to put it in tomorow when I change the coolant. Where is the thermostat?
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    I want an even quicker ratio quadrant

    I have the steeda quick ratio quadrant. The pedal effort is still low with the centerforce DF. I would like a quadrant that gives me even quicker leverage than the steeda unit. Does anybody make one. It would really make speed shifting much easier. I would like for it to be about 25 percent...
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    Found the Gravel at Zmax Dragway, LOL

    just put a fresh mail order tune in my car, the car is making great power so I took it to the local track where I am staying right now. It is the drag strip that is next to Lowes Motor Speedway in Concord NC. This was my first trip to this track. Anyway, got done with the run and went to turn at...
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    Would it be worth it? (Blower Removal)

    I bought my cobra new and have been daily driving it for 94,000 miles. I have been running the stock PCV set up on my cobra ever since I bought it. I don't need to wonder weather or not the intercooler is covered in oil or not, I know it must be. Also I am concerned about weather or not the vac...
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    The Future is Here Now!

    I am pretty sure they snagged this shit from a UFO. YouTube - DM-200 OBDII Overview
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    Power Steering Reservoir, Which line is Which?

    The power steering Reservoir has two lines going into the bottom of it. Obviously one of these is the line in and one is line out. Facing the front of the car, the line on the left is smaller diameter and leads to the steering rack and the power brake booster. The one on the right is larger...
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    Rarest 04 Cobra

    2004 SVT Saleen ebay auction
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    Power steering capacity?

    I need to go ahead and change my power steering fluid. What is the system capacity.
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    How to, The Correct Boost Bypass Mod

    EDIT: Please read through to the end of the thread, I did this mod 3 different ways. The final way version 1.3 was the cleanest looking under the hood. While doing research through the forums about the boost bypass actuator I discovered some things that are important for terminator owners...
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    Weapon X coils going bad at 6K miles

    A while back I posted a thread on modularfords about how well my experimental combination of the newest version of the Weapon X coils and the TR7IX plugs was working. Well it was working great until last week. One or more of these ignition coils started acting up on me and the car was missing at...
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    Predator EGR on/off, for EGR delete?

    I want to delete the EGR from my car. I have noticed that there is an option in my Diablo Predator for turning the EGR on or off. Would turning it off using the predator be all that I need to do to prevent the computer from throwing codes when I remove it?
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    PCV vacume line question with picture

    So I am going through all of my vacuum lines looking for dry rotted stuff. I have found that all of the lines associated with the PCV system where dry rotted and need replacement. I pulled the large lines that go from the PCV valve on the drivers side valve cover off. When I did this I found...