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    My Nismo Performance Academy Experience @ COTA

    I was fortunate enough to be selected to attend an inaugural Nismo Performance Academy HPDE at Circuit Of The Americas in Austin. We were allowed one guest so my uncle Paul & I made hotel arrangements and left town Saturday evening. We got to ATX around 9:15pm, checked in, and got...

    TX2k13 teaser video of my GTR by

    Here's a quick TX2k13 teaser vid that Kyle from made the other night of my T1 Race Development GTR Let me know what you think 0-160 MPH in a 750hp GT-R - YouTube

    2.3 Gen2 Whipple with custom inlet, polished snout, RR pulley

    I've got a Gen2 Whipple 2.3L supercharger for an 03-04 SVT Cobra. It has a large custom inlet that fits without issue, a hand polished mirror finish snout, and a Reichard Racing non-slip pulley. Rotors show normal wear for a blower with 15,000 miles. The blower was originally purchased used...

    LTHL VNM & Big Turkey's GTR's *photography by HYBRED*

    Here are a few of the pics 'Hybred' took last night with my white 09 & Big Turkey's black 09

    Impromptu photoshoot with my 09 GTR

    One of my customers came by to do some test shots at the car wash to check lighting/angles/etc and since the GTR was just cleaned up, he moved his equipment over to that tent and started snapping away. You'll notice the wing isn't completely wrapped in carbon film......i half-assed a wrapping...

    need a color change please

    can someone photoshop these pics of the black GTR to white please

    '09 GTR full front half wrapped in Xpel PPF Ultimate

    Yesterday was the final day of my 5 day dealer/installer certification training at Xpel Paint Protection in San Antonio. After passing my tests, we were able to cut pieces to install on my '09 Pearl White Premium all day Friday. We did front bumper, hood, vents, fenders, air dam, front splitter...

    The Cobra's replacement: '09 GTR

    Just finalized everything with my bank and the car should be delivered early next week. 2009 Nissan GTR Pearl White with black interior 17k miles Full AAM GT650-R package, though most of it is still new in the box.What is on the car: Upgraded aam oil cooler upgraded aam transmission...

    hollowed out passenger headlight for drag racing

    I made this as a test after seeing the Supra guys do it to give a cleaner look when racing. I never got a chance to use it, as i never took my car to the drag strip since making it. I made it for a friend who sold his cobra and he obviously can't use it now either. It'll be beneficial to...
  10. LTHL VNM

    She drove off with the new owner last night....

    After 7 years 7 months and 15 days the silver metallic 2004 SVT Cobra coupe #2686 drove off with the 2nd owner it's ever known. I've had all the fun I could ever imagine and more with this car and have met some of the coolest people and made some great friends just because of owning this Cobra...
  11. LTHL VNM

    FS: 03/04 leather Ford bra & Steeda car cover

    I've got an original Ford leather 03/04 Cobra leather front bra and a silver Steeda car cover. Both are in great condition, I just have no use for them. Front bra: Sold! Steeda car cover: Sold! I accept PayPal, but either send as a gift or add 3%. Shipping is not included in the prices PM me...
  12. LTHL VNM

    For those that don't view "The Market": My Cobra is for sale...

    For those of you that do not peruse the Market Section much here on the forum, I have my Cobra listed for sale. I am offering a few different options and would like to see if anyone here is either interested in the car or knows of a friend/colleague that is in the market for a turn-key high...
  13. LTHL VNM

    Any suggestions for financial institution for Cobra financing?

    I'm trying to help out this prospective cobra buyer I have to find a financial institution that will give him $24,000 or more for my 35k mile cobra. For anyone who has financed an '03/'04 Cobra, can you pass along some info of who you used? Thanks Tony
  14. LTHL VNM

    Simpson SFI fire jacket & Craftsman cordless impact & accessories

    Clearing out some things I have no use for Simpson Fire Jacket. Large. Black with white stripes. Brand New $225 Craftsman 1/2" Electric Impact Wrench. Three Extensions. Set of sockets $350
  15. LTHL VNM

    Husband & Wife argue through Siri

    Wife and Husband Siri Argument - YouTube Posting from my phone, I'll embed later
  16. LTHL VNM

    Drift HD action/point of view cameras & suction mounts

    I've got a couple of these Drift Innovation HD cameras I'd like to sell for some holiday money. New in box, all included accessories/mounts, multi positional suction mount. SVTP price = $370 with FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48. I'll ship elsewhere but buyer pays actual shipping -tony The...
  17. LTHL VNM

    '99 Mustang GT 5spd Coupe 35th anniv. NO TITLE $5,000

    Selling my 1999 35th Anniversary Mustang GT Coupe. It is a 5spd car with a cold air intake. I bought it with different intentions but don't want a project car any more. I've daily driven the car for over 1,000 miles without a single issue. When i first bought it, it wouldn't start. I...
  18. LTHL VNM

    FS: 700++RWHP Silver '04 Coupe, Kenne Bell, True Forged, E85, 35k miles

    SOLD!!!!! After 7 1/2 years of owning one of the best cars on the road, I am posting up for sale my 2004 Silver Metallic SVT Cobra Coupe. The car currently has 35,000 miles on it and is in absolutely incredible condition. Most people say this, but I own a hand car wash. I purchased this...
  19. LTHL VNM

    Wanted in TX: stock or aftermarket catted X or H

    Looking for a stock or aftermarket catted X or H pipe around the Houston area. Trying to return a '99 GT to stock'ish to pass emissions. PM me what ya have please, as i check that more than threads -tony
  20. LTHL VNM

    WTB: tri-ax or pro50 handle

    does anyone have a shifter handle they are looking to sell? I'd like to add it to the stock shifter on a GT i just picked up PM me please
  21. LTHL VNM

    Who else is REALLY pushing their stock longblock?

    After my last tuning session tweaking the blower tune and then adding the nitrous, I talked with some people at various race events & get togethers and when I'd finish the description of my setup with "and stock longblock...", I get the look of :eek: 2.6KB at ~23psi and a 75 dry shot with 25*...
  22. LTHL VNM

    Wanted in Texas: catted X or H for 99-04. Stock or Aftermarket

    Looking for a stock or aftermarket catted X or H pipe around the Houston area. Trying to return a '99 GT to stock'ish to pass emissions. PM me what ya have please, as i check that more than threads -tony
  23. LTHL VNM

    Need 99-04 GT mid-pipe & catback

    I need a mid-pipe and catback (stock or aftermarket) for a '99 Mustang GT in the Houston area. Please PM me with what you have -Tony
  24. LTHL VNM

    Got a '99 GT to some 2v questions

    So I just picked up a '99 Mustang GT 5spd 35th anniversary red coupe. It wouldn't idle when I went to get it so I used an AAA credit and had it towed home. Checked the schraeder valve after it would not fire and realized if was a fuel delivery issue. First thought was FPDM or CCRM. Changed out...