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    FS: Drag Racing Helmet, New NGK Spark Plugs, New Wix Fuel Filter, Cheap!

    Just sold the cobra a few weeks ago. Trying to get rid of some leftover parts. Please add 2.5% if you plan to pay with paypal. :beer: Check out my other Threads for more parts for sale. KBC MOTO X-7 Helmet $65 Shipped Used Twice. Comes with carrying bag. Excellent Condition NEW NGK Tr6...
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    FS: 03-04 Cobra Stock Hood Vents & Coil Covers & More

    Just sold the cobra, found a few parts leftover in the garage. Check out my other stuff for sale. Please add 2.5% for paypal. :beer: Stock Hood Vents $20 Shipped Stock Coil Covers $20 Shipped 99-04 Instrument Cluster Bezel $30 shipped
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    FS: Bogart RT Slicks/Skinnies!!!

    Had these for my 03 Cobra; but I sold the car a few weeks ago. These have a built in spacer for the front runners. The front runners are 15x3.5 and the rears are 16x10. They have tires. The fronts are mickey thompson (not sure of the size)but have a street tire thread.. Rears are Hoosier...
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    Goodbye Cobra!

    Well guys, it's been fun. Sold the cobra today! I've met some really cool people a long the way, and was great to have people on here to bounce ideas off of. I wish you all the best. I'll still be around the forum every now and then... -Taylor :beer:
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    Front bumper repair 2008 Chevy Silverado HELP

    I know this may not be the right place but i thought i'd go ahead and try. I am trying to get my front bumper repaired on my 2008 silverado. I can either go through my insurance which is a 1,000 deductable or bring it to a body shop. Just eyeballing it can someone "guestimate" how much something...
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    FS: 2003 Kenne Bell Cobra 20K Miles Immaculate

    FS: 2003 Kenne Bell Cobra 20K Miles Immaculate PRICE LOWERED Listing Yanked, Mods please kill the thread....
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    *Feeler* 2003 Kenne Bell Cobra

    2003 Kenne Bell Cobra For Sale. 20K Miles. Immaculate. Mods please delete this thread, It was a Feeler. I have created a new for sale Thread putting an actual figure down for the asking price. Thanks!
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    In the market for a truck... Silverado or Tundra?

    I'm about to bite the bullet in a month or so and get a truck. I'd like to spend about 21-22K. I do not need 4WD, but it's needs to have a big engine, decent fuel economy, and be able to trailer my car to the track. I like the silverado but the Tundra looks pretty nice too. Can anyone make any...
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    WOT Box installed + Video

    Today i decided to replace the master brake cylinder as well as install the wot box. It was only set at 3500. Enjoy :pop: Wot Box Interface on laptop. Closer Look Video: YouTube- 2003 Kenne Bell Cobra Wot Box
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    Can anyone reccomend a battery tender?

    Im looking for a battery tender that I can wire in to my car to keep the battery alive when it sits for weeks. Unfortunately, I do not have a wall plug anywhere near the car.. Does anyone have any recommendations? :beer:
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    Kenne Bell + 2 step

    I just got wotbox for my cobra. I was curious towards how many of you had the same setup and what it was like to launch at full boost. I'll be on bogarts, I wonder if i'll spin off the line? KB 2.2, 20 PSI Front/rear coil overs Adjustable struts UPR K member Back seat delete kit Sparco...
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    Anybody auto X?

    I recently saw a auto X video, needless to say it looks fun. I can bet those who do it really learn howto control there car when it's on the edge. :beer:
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    Rear coilovers rubbing/squeeking

    I have MM coil overs with the stock shocks grooved. I have a rubbing sound that has gotten progressively worse over the passed 6 months. With the bad weather, I haven't gotten a chance to look at it. Does anyone have any pointers or passed experiences that may help me diagnose/find a solution...
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    Wtb: n2mb Wotbox

    Prefer the 2 step/no lift shift feature. Feel free to PM me, thanks
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    Differences in different nitrous kit brands

    Is there any difference in the lower priced nitrous kits and higher priced? For example NX sells there kit for $579 And Harris speed works sell there kits for $414. I wasn't sure if there was a difference.... Harris Speed Works :: EFI Nitrous Kits :: Ford Vehicles :: Mustang :: Mustang '99 -...
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    Need reccomendations on fuel system

    Hey guys im looking at getting upping my fuel system. I'd like it to support up to 850 HP. I understand lethal offers a dual GT pump kit with a FPDM, rails, and a fiore hat. How much power is this thing good for? I have a link below, thanks.. If anyone has any other alternatives, please feel...
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    Can anyone name this watch? Watch gurus inside!

    I got a friend from a friend who owns one of these. It's a leather band with 2 red stitches running down. Looks like a chrono watch. Black face dial with a stainless steel look. Here are some pics below. Or Can of you watch gurus recommend a watch similar in characteristics? Thanks for your time
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    SCT Live Link and Mac Parallels

    Does anyone know if Parallels is compatable with this software? Im getting a error message saying "Mcoree.dll cannot be found please reinstall application". I was wondering if there is a work arround or if I am forced to install bootcamp. Thanks :whine:
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    NIB Escort Passort 9500IX Blue Sealed!

    New Escort Passort 9500IX Blue Sealed! Brand new! CHEAP! Asking: $450 I received this as a gift. I already have one! These radar detectors typically retail for $499 plus tax. They have a red light camera detector built in. This thing is awesome! ESCORT PASSPORT 9500i BLUE DISPLAY //...
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    Obama's to announce new auto mileage, emission standards

    This might be a repost.... Obama to announce auto mileage, emissions standards By KEN THOMAS and PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writers Ken Thomas And Philip Elliott, Associated Press Writers 57 mins ago WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's new fuel and emission standards for cars and...
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    Having some pretty wierd problems. help!

    After installing my intercooler reservoir and canton expansion tank I bled the system and hooked up all the according lines. The battery was dead from sitting about 3 weeks (powdercoating takes awhile). So i jumped the battery, let the car run for about a hour, everything was good. Today: I...
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    Need someones opinion real quick......

    Im assembling all the lines in my intercooler resevoir right now. I have a stubborn clamp that will not budge its way all the way up but is locked in at the cusp (round cylinder input tube for the intercooler) I've yanked on it, pried on it, it ain't coming off. Which is good. I just want to...
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    Powdercoating = complete

    Just got my intercooler reservoir and LFP ice box back from the powdercoating place. Gloss black w/ a clear coat. These guys did an amazing job. If anyone needs anything powdercoated, I suggest getting with this company! (Info below) Before: After: Contact: Eric Company...
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    Gauge Pod Ideas?

    Anyone know if someone manufactures a glove box pod for the mustang? Reason being, Im running out of places to put gauges. I just need a single pod, looking to put my killer chiller gauge in there when i finally buy the kit.
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    Milemeter.Com, Insurance by the mile..

    Has anyone used this before? I drive a total of 2,333 miles a year on my cobra but i pay $205 a month to insure it for full coverage. I have no moving violations or wrecks on my record, im 22. I thought this might be a good idea... I just got quoted $281 for 6 months with 50/100/25 - $50,000...