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  1. jp2134

    WTB 2.5" Electric Cutouts

    PM me with details when your're ready
  2. jp2134

    WTB 2.5" Electric Cutouts

    Ready to buy.
  3. jp2134

    WTB LU47s

    WTB LU47s. Paypal ready.
  4. jp2134

    WTB SCT X3 or X4

    Title says it all. PM me or post up. Thanks!
  5. jp2134

    2013 GT500 Wheels for sale

    I have a set of 4 wheels with sub par tires. Each wheel has rash, but nothing major. Asking $1500 Anyone willing to pick them up we can work something out. Located in Fredericksburg, VA
  6. jp2134

    Boss IM for sale.

    Selling my Boss manifold. I bought it brand new and was on my car for maybe 4k miles. Would like to sell locally. I'll drive just about anywhere in Virginia to meet. $400
  7. jp2134

    A/F Question

    Where do you want the coyote running? I was recently on the dyno, my A/F sat at 12 for the whole run. Then I gradually leaned her up to run at a perfectly flat 13. After that, she made 430/355. Mods= Tune, CAI, Boss Mani, Cat deletes. At an A/F at 12, she made 419. Any...
  8. jp2134

    N2O question

    I know nothing about nitrous kits. What makes the kit year specific? The length of the lines? I can get an EXTRA cheap kit, but on the site, it says its for 86-98 mustang. Its never been on a car. Would this be something I could still use on my 14? Thanks everyone!
  9. jp2134

    No power once in 3rd gear?

    I was recently running on a local 8th mile. I haven't been to the track in over 6 years so I won't get into how horrible my 60' times were... I'm running a CAI, Tune, Boss IM, and axlebacks. I shift out of 1st around 6800, 2nd around 7500, go into 3rd and get nothing out of it. It holds the...
  10. jp2134

    Dyno pulls in 4th

    Just had a few runs done in 4th only because the owner, for some reason, wasn't comfortable with running 5th. Fine by me just because i was only checking to see if my tune was good. The car put down 401/338 which i was pleased with. Much better than the run i had in 5th a few weeks ago that did...
  11. jp2134

    Timing in Bama Tunes

    I had my car on the Dyno today and it did very poor. Lots of detonation starting at around 5500 rpms. I have a Steeda CAI, Boss IM, 91P Bama tune, and AB's. It came in at 379hp/353tq. A/F was perfect. around 12-12.5 I had no idea that was happening. I always use 93 octane, and on a 91 tune...
  12. jp2134

    Boss Mani Question

    I recently installed the Boss 302 Mani. The car runs pretty good. I'm getting a "check fuel fill inlet" alert. Anyone know why? I'm thinking i should try a larger purge valve hose. I used 3/8".
  13. jp2134

    Who's in Fredericksburg??

    Just looking for a friendly meet close by.
  14. jp2134

    Northern VA

    Anyone meet up around Fburg?
  15. jp2134

    2014 Mustang GT vs....

    100+ confirmed cicada kills. Thousands to go....