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    new ctsv blackwing dyno

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    Shaving weight off 2014 Mustang GT

    Yeah, a lot easier with closer to 500 gross HP ( I really think Ford underated 18+'s) and 10 speed auto. I might consider it without blower if I had 18+ auto S550.
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    Valvoline VR1 SAE 20W-50 on sale at WOOT!

    Says sold out
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    Shaving weight off 2014 Mustang GT

    Yes, the only weight savings I paid for was lighter rad support (especially since sway bar was being upgraded and radiator came out when blower was going in), mostly to make up for heavier front sway bar and lightweight battery (and home made alum battery mount), but not until my stock battery...
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    Converting a RWD muscle car to AWD Hybrid w/ front wheel electric motors?

    Is water really a problem for all electric motors?
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    RPM Act - PFI Speed & EPA

    Irrelevant compared to most miles put on by the typical person on this board, with a low mileage (per year) toy. How many really run their 800 HP toy across country even once, let alone many times per year.
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    RPM Act - PFI Speed & EPA

    I just got a new HP tuner a month ago. Don't think anything has changed yet.
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    RPM Act - PFI Speed & EPA

    So what. it takes me 3-4 months to rack up the miles of ONE trip from NY to SD. People (politicians/rich) that fly around all over the place, put out way more emissions than my catless whatever, ever could.
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    Converting a RWD muscle car to AWD Hybrid w/ front wheel electric motors?

    I contacted those companies almost 2 years ago for exactly the same thing you are thinking. Proteanelectric never replied and Elaphe replied below. I also a looked at this chinese stuff, but not sure on reliability for the price and Max RPM for wheel seemed to low, once you get over 110 MPH...
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    Gen 3 Install - Major Trouble

    Yeah, cheapest price I could find for just a gen 2 block was $1450.
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    Gen 3 Install - Major Trouble

    Just to clarify, this is a block or a shortblock (with crank/rods/pistons) ?
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    Breakthrough in battery technology

    "Scaling it up to the commercial battery wont' be easy" No sheet??
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    Mach-E GT Launches With More Power Than V8 Powered Mustang GT

    And that range is not at typical rush hour highway speeds in jersey of 80+ these days, in 7 degree weather. with heat on full blast.
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    Vibrations at higher speeds. Any ideas?

    Agree. Tires not perfectly round, can still be balanced out many times, especially on a road force. What were the road force numbers?
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    Death of ICE

    How many gas stations are there in the United States? 168,000 No such thing as range anxiety, just range deficiency.
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    Cheapest 2020 white GT auto I could find (below). I'll spot the 2020 the couple grand for those mods, as that puts the grand total of what I spent on my 14 to run what's in my sig (including buying 14 GT auto new). Autotrader - page unavailable
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    State Ref failed..

    So much for wondering if Ford can tell if it was ever tuned.
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    Tesla style head unit ?

    How slow do these things "boot up"? Just got a pioneer double din for my older (2005) diesel. Kind of annoying how long it takes until it gets going.
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    Soon to be new shop!

    NICE!!! Has some pretty good specs and is 220 v, so should do well.
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    Soon to be new shop!

    Does it at least have a cast iron compressor? Would try to get that if you can. (or at least cast iron sleeves in alum compressor like this).
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    Soon to be new shop!

    Would definitely save up for a two stage if that's not. Just seems like they run forever. I also made PVC frames and bought some oversize welding blankets with ringed holes on edges. Use metal shower curtain rings to hold welding blanket up as a screen. Two or 3 of them can make a temp fab...
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    Soon to be new shop!

    I'm a more go than show guy. The vinyl also lets natural light in, as I have 4' high clear panels running along the top of each eave. This is early on, but it shows clear panels. Many days I don't need any lights on inside. Did do 2" spray on insulation (don't want sheetrock), have no...
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    Soon to be new shop!

    Got room for a fab shop? Nice to keep weld and grind splatter from flinging all over when possible. (And great storage area on top, if you make it strong enough) Made one opening large enough to sneak my bobcat in also, just in case I get a really heavy machine. Hung heavy grade reinforced...
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    My (new to me) 1986 Dark Grey Metallic GT.

    Looks like "Smoke Metallic". Same color as my 86 Capri 5.0 I bought new (and still have). Stop on over @ and post up some pics, if you haven't yet.