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  1. Coiled03

    Router suggestions

    They offer gigabit speeds, but I only signed up for 400Mbps. Compared to Xfinity I'm getting a higher speed, paying less, and now have no data limit.
  2. Coiled03

    Router suggestions

    I finally told Comcast/Xfinity to **** off yesterday, and cut the cord. At the same time, I signed up for fiberoptic internet. As part of all this, I can no longer use the cable modem/router combination I was using because it uses co-ax cable, whereas the fiberoptic modem doesn't. So, I'm...
  3. Coiled03

    Need Current Las Vegas Intel

    Yeah, we had plans to go in October but cancelled after several members of our group went earlier for other reasons, and reported the current conditions are....uhh...less than ideal. We're hoping to reschedule for the March time frame.
  4. Coiled03

    Wtf is this Netflix

    It makes no difference what the motive is for making the film if the content is morally wrong. If you can't wrap your head around that, I can only assume you approve of the content, your pathetic attempt at denying so aside.
  5. Coiled03

    Made some baseline passes in my 2019 RS5...

    Been looking at RS5s for years. I just can't get myself to pull the trigger. It would be my only vehicle, and as a homeowner, I'd feel naked without something to haul shit around.
  6. Coiled03

    Spotify users, I need some help.

    Seems when you turn on the Local Files option, it doesn't automatically find the Spotify versions of your songs. Therefore, the only way I found to get the Spotify versions is create a text file of all my songs in Artist - Song Name format, then upload it to Spotify using this third party app...
  7. Coiled03

    Spotify users, I need some help.

    I don't know if I'm just dumb, or this is something that can't be done......or both. I'm a Spotify premium subscriber. I have all my local songs in my Spotify library. I created a playlist containing all local files. I also downloaded that playlist to my phone. The issue I'm having is that...
  8. Coiled03

    'Black' national anthem to be played before Star Spangled Banner in NFL.....

    No, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to sing along to a song because part of it that no one sings could maybe, possibly, potentially be interpreted as referencing slaves. I think it's another case of looking for racism everywhere, and then, lo and behold, finiding it. We. Don't. Sing...
  9. Coiled03

    School Me on Mid-Range Used Trucks

    Start/stop can be permanently disabled in about 5 minutes if you have FORSCAN.
  10. Coiled03

    Working from home due to Corona Virus

    What's your point? I was referencing a complete, nobody-leave-the-house-or-go-to-work for 2 - 4 weeks, not haphazard, partial shutdowns.
  11. Coiled03

    experience on in ground pools

    There's no better way to ruin the value of a house than by putting in a pool.
  12. Coiled03

    The little things that piss you off

    Basically everything and everyone except my daughter and friends piss me off. And sometimes my friends do, too.
  13. Coiled03

    getting another F150, few questions

    Might as well just lease one and cut your payments by 1/3 if you're going to do that every time.
  14. Coiled03

    Who here doesnt miss Sports?

    I miss a few select events like the Indy 500, Isle of Man TT, and LeMans. Aside from that, my level of interest is rapidly dropping.
  15. Coiled03

    The 2021 Mach 1 Mustang is Here!!! - Full Details Inside

    I like the color scheme on the white one, and........well.....that's about it.
  16. Coiled03

    COVID- buying stupid shit and stuff

    Not gonna lie. I never bothered to figure out how to do one in my truck lol. I don't know how to turn off all the nanny shit.
  17. Coiled03

    COVID- buying stupid shit and stuff

    This is my one and only stupid COVID purchase:
  18. Coiled03

    NASCAR Bans Confederate Flag

    Wonder what will happen when they decide the flag of the United States is racist?
  19. Coiled03

    What’s your monthly car payment?

    409.50 on a leased 2018 F150 for about another 13 months. I'll probably turn it in and look to buy something cash after that.
  20. Coiled03

    401K contribution

    Definitely don't reduce, or stop contributions. Though you might want to revisit the distribution.
  21. Coiled03

    Giant Asian Hornets?

    Yeah....that's enough internet for today. I'm out.
  22. Coiled03

    Masks for Covid

    Everybody is supposed to wear one, now, but there's no place to get them, soo......yeah.
  23. Coiled03

    Ford Medical Division???

    I'm all for it. The issue with all these companies coming onine to make ventilator and such is that from what I heard, it takes 40 days to make one from start to finish. In 40 days, it will be too late. Hospitals will have long since been over run.
  24. Coiled03

    Dow is Down 900+ points Today 2/24/2020

    Man, I hope that's true, but I just can't see it. Everything I've heard said to expect the peak in May.
  25. Coiled03

    Hey, we are going to make it through this

    Yet. This keeps going, people are gonna start looting, or looking to break into houses. I know we're all billy badasses in here, though, so no need to fear.