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  1. aoc racer

    Anyone else not overly excited about newer muscle/sports cars?

    I said depending on the make lol! Although I don’t regret selling my 03 Cobra. I got some nice coin for it.
  2. aoc racer

    Anyone else not overly excited about newer muscle/sports cars?

    For me I think muscle cars and even imports lost their charm around ‘03–‘07, depending on the make. I respect the horsepower wars going on now and I even like the design of them except the camaro lol. But too me a lot of personality is lost. I don’t get excited when I see the new “Supra”...
  3. aoc racer

    Suicide Squad 2... who's watching it?

    I watched it last night and so far it’s the best resent DC movie yet. Plenty of action, great characters, Harley isn’t too obnoxious and it’s ridiculously funny. John Cena made the movie great!
  4. aoc racer

    2021 Ranger Tremor Video

    Well I think I’m going to look at one tomorrow morning. Not saying I’m buying one but I’d like to check out the logistics of having a ranger in general.
  5. aoc racer

    GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE — Official Trailer 2

    This is a ghostbusters movie is want to watch.
  6. aoc racer

    camaro ss vs supra

    Well that was a spanking.
  7. aoc racer

    2002 Saleen

    Really cool looking car. Congrats and job well done on the detail work.
  8. aoc racer

    New project - 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

    I’ve driven a few and they’re a ton of fun to drive even stock. Have fun!
  9. aoc racer

    The 2021 Kia K5 GT is a Muscle Car Family Sedan | MotorWeek Road Test

    A coworker let me drive his telluride and it is really nice. A bit of a dog in the power department but drove really nice and is comfortable.
  10. aoc racer

    2022 Ford Maverick | MotorWeek First Look

    Saw it in person at the annual Fab Fords Forever car show this weekend. It looked really good in person.
  11. aoc racer

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Dude. It doesn’t matter!
  12. aoc racer


    I think an ST model would be more likely. Advertising aside, I think this could prove useful as I always loved this size the previous Rangers.
  13. aoc racer

    My hellcat story keeps getting better the thing is.... never mind.
  14. aoc racer

    How fast is the new Ford Mustang Mach 1?

    Not the best looking Mach 1 but I want one!
  15. aoc racer

    Venom 2 Trailer

    I’ll humor it. I enjoyed the first one so why not.
  16. aoc racer

    Ford ruining yet another name... LIGHTNING is back

    Maybe call it the Shocker....
  17. aoc racer

    Ford Mustang is the world's best-selling 'sports car' again.

    Put a Falcon badge on it and make it look sporty and I’ll buy it in a heart beat. I’m happy the Mustang is on top again but where I live I see challenger’s everywhere like I used to see Mustangs during their SN-95 generation.
  18. aoc racer

    2020 7.3L Tremor - my updates

    What a monster of a truck. Congrats! It looks great
  19. aoc racer

    Spy Shots: '22 Nissan Frontier Caught in Base Trim

    Doesn’t look any better or worse than what else is out there for small size pick ups.
  20. aoc racer

    Loss of a great one - The Nurburgring Queen has died.

    Her best quote ever was, “I do that time in a van!” As she’s talking trash to Clarkson.
  21. aoc racer

    Fuel prices near you

    I’m surprised it took this long for someone to catch that or at least post it lol. It’s time to ask the moderators for a name change I think.
  22. aoc racer

    Fuel prices near you

    Up to $3.60 for 87 in San Diego. Doesn’t help that morons in my state voted for extra fuel tax to improve roads even though there was already grant money set aside for this.
  23. aoc racer

    Bloomberg: What’s Happened to Pickup Trucks?

    I dig big trucks. And yeah, sometimes you do need to intimidate some slow ass driver that’s on the fast lane. F’em!
  24. aoc racer

    Mountain Bikers

    I’ve only had Specialized and Giant. I like both a lot and usually will go with which every one has a sale going on. Haven’t bought a bike in a while but if I were to it would be the Giant Trance.