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  1. HudsonFalcon

    Did you go to your 20 year reunion?

    Nope. 4 years with most of those people was enough.
  2. HudsonFalcon

    The Matrix 4 Trailer

    Looks good.
  3. HudsonFalcon

    Never Again

    Thank you all for your service and **** Biden.
  4. HudsonFalcon

    Street dancer gets foot run over.

    Lol I watched it without audio too. Seeing her was enough.
  5. HudsonFalcon

    Street dancer gets foot run over.

    Like an angry hippo.
  6. HudsonFalcon

    I will miss you Ellie

    It's not easy. Put my 13 year old boy Cooper down last month and I still think about him everyday. Rest easy knowing that you gave your doggo the best life you could. She crossed over knowing only love.
  7. HudsonFalcon

    I don't get the mindset

    32 seconds? Did he take his bicycle on the last run?
  8. HudsonFalcon

    Operation It's Hammered!! 2016 Tahoe...

    That looks amazing Scott considering it looked like it drove through a sandpaper factory.
  9. HudsonFalcon

    what next do tesla have a chance

    Video cool, for posting thanks.
  10. HudsonFalcon

    This Vietnam Vet is my new hero!

    He just said what 99.9% of the world thinks.
  11. HudsonFalcon

    2022 Audi RS e-tron GT - Good Looking Car!

    Gorgeous car, now put a V10 in it.
  12. HudsonFalcon

    Harpell auto fab

    He brought me to my first strip club. Oh, and I have his fuse box relocation bracket. Both are top notch.
  13. HudsonFalcon

    Full ****ing Send!

    Those Duke Boys at it again.
  14. HudsonFalcon

    Carbon Fiber and Titanium

    3M DP460. Good working time and good shear strength.
  15. HudsonFalcon

    FOR SALE: HID Retrofit Headlights

    Thanks buddy. I'm giving my bros here first crack before they go Ebay.
  16. HudsonFalcon

    FOR SALE: HID Retrofit Headlights

    Let me check.......yes lol.
  17. HudsonFalcon

    FOR SALE: HID Retrofit Headlights

    Yes sir, i just posted them up.
  18. HudsonFalcon

    FOR SALE: HID Retrofit Headlights

    For Sale: Morimoto equipped HID Retrofit Headlights with demon eyes and switchbacks. Made by Heads & Tails Custom Headlights out of Ohio. Fits 99-04 Mustangs. Blacked out housings and shrouds. XB35 Ballasts. 35w, 5000k color temp. Demon eyes are RGB and run off a Bluetooth controller using...
  19. HudsonFalcon

    Steeda K Member Group Buy 2.0

    Count me in as well once their supply chain issues are resolved.
  20. HudsonFalcon

    Need help. Chrome bumper insert removal

    That sucks brother. Maybe the PO used some kind of epoxy or something to hold the letters on. Might want to just take it to the body shop and have them remove them and paint the bumper. I've removed a few sets and it shouldn't be this involved. Sorry for your bad luck especially on a 40k mile car.