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  1. 96dreamer

    Dash cams

    Searched but only threads I could find were a few years old. Who is running a dash cam and what do you recommend? Thinking about getting a nicer one for my truck and wife's car and maybe cheaper ones for the jeep and mustang that don't get driven as much. I'd prefer to hardwire it for as clean...
  2. 96dreamer

    Vegas Trip

    If you're only a mile from the convention center just walk. A mile isn't far at all on the strip with everything there is to look at. As others said you can't go to Vegas and not do the Best Damn Tour pictures do no justice to everything there is to take in at the damn. I would recommend renting...
  3. 96dreamer

    Tuners in MO area

    Mustang Muscle in High Ridge and Stl Mustangs in park hills are both great shops. Both about 2.5 hours from you.
  4. 96dreamer

    Bronco Raptor 2022?

    I'm sure you're referring to this, Pretty sure it is all still speculation right now.
  5. 96dreamer

    What is a good handheld shower head?

    I'm on the taller side at 6'2" and I also have one of these to keep from smashing into my shower head. it makes the rain shower head work pretty good.
  6. 96dreamer

    96dreamers never ending build threa

    PSA don't winch your car up by your inner tie rod‍:mad:. Was in a rush and could have swore it was around the control arm
  7. 96dreamer

    What is a good handheld shower head?

    I picked up this one a few months ago when the old one split at the threaded fitting. Flow and pressure is really good and the threaded fitting is metal which I wanted after the old one cracked. I would buy it again...
  8. 96dreamer

    96dreamers never ending build threa

    Car is back up and running. Grounding point for the coil circuit somehow came loose. Odd it never gave me any other issues and happened as soon as I finished a pull to redline in 3rd gear. Cleaned both surfaces and reinstalled with some blue loctite. Also going to move forward with installed...
  9. 96dreamer

    96dreamers never ending build threa

    I was able to look at it for a few minutes on lunch and it looks like I have an open ground to the block from the coil connector. Odd it would happen out of no where after a pull but at least I have a culprit to look into. Going to have to pull the intake to get to the wiring. Pretty much have...
  10. 96dreamer

    96dreamers never ending build threa

    Went out to get some groceries and cam home on a trailer. Car lost all spark for some reason at the end of a pull and stranded me on the side of the road. Log looked ok no idea why it shut off. Pulled the plugs when I got home just to ease my mind and they all looked ok. Hoping to have some time...
  11. 96dreamer

    96dreamers never ending build threa

    Well i was finally able to drive the car and the lean spot appeared to be gone and the car drove and idled much smoother so I thought the problem was cured. However after reviewing the logs the passenger side is still experiencing the same lean spot, although significantly improved, and the AFR...
  12. 96dreamer

    96dreamers never ending build threa

    Are all the old picture links not showing up for everyone else also? They come up if I click them but aren't viewable when scrolling. @SID297 is this a temporary thing with the new servers?
  13. 96dreamer

    96dreamers never ending build threa

    I was still having issues with a lean spot in the lower part of the fuel map and issue with power falling off above ~6500rpm. Duty cycle of the 80lb injectors was up around 95% at 6500 rpm so I bought a set of Bosch 210lb injectors and height adapters and clips along with a set of adapters to go...
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    Any in front of me bumping me up in line lol.
  15. 96dreamer

    Opinions on driveway/landscaping

    I'm on good terms with him. He offered to throw some money towards the wall as well. I'm afraid of just grading with how much water comes off this hill, I could see it collapsing at some point. One of us would also lose a decent amount of space.
  16. 96dreamer

    Opinions on driveway/landscaping

    I briefly looked into these but decided they were super overkill for what I needed lol. They take a lot of the DIY cost savings out of it too. I also have a one lane bridge with a 90degree turn right before that makes big trucks/ equipment difficult to get to my house
  17. 96dreamer

    Opinions on driveway/landscaping

    That was led to my initial plan, I'd be surprised if I'm here another 5 years, Pending what the market does. Bricks for the retiaining wall are going to run about 4k before any other materials or labor. I've set up a few retaining walls just none this large. I would say it is well within my...
  18. 96dreamer

    Opinions on driveway/landscaping

    Looking for opinions on what direction to go with replacing a retaining wall and extending my driveway. There is about a 90ft retaining wall that runs along my property line that has been deteriorating since I bought the house. I have been putting off replacing it but its just about completely...
  19. 96dreamer

    Housing market is still solid in my neck of the woods!

    Good friend of mine just bought a house just outside of St. Louis. Was listed for 770,000 and they are under contract for 850,000 pending inspection. Hit the market last Friday and they accepted their offer yesterday.
  20. 96dreamer

    FOR SALE: SD 80lb injectors

    Surprised it took this long for someone to say something. Updated 1st post, asking $280
  21. 96dreamer

    FOR SALE: SD 80lb injectors

    Had someone claiming they were fake on Facebook. Everything I've seen leads me to believe they are genuine. Another picture showing all of the serial numbers are unique. Price is obo don't be afraid to make an offer Sent from my SM-G991U using the mobile app
  22. 96dreamer

    Terminator Engine Build Difficulty Level?

    Go over to modularfords and peruse through the TToC thread in the 03/04 section. There's a ton of very informative threads on every aspect of the modular including a few full builds. Sean Hylands book is helpful and does a pretty basic step by step of a build as well. I rebuilt mine about 6...
  23. 96dreamer

    21 Outer Banks 4-Door in Blue

    Dave Sinclair Ford in St.Louis custom paint matched a MIC top and added 37's that looks pretty sharp. Interested to see how the paint matched MIC holds up since the painted hard tops may not be available for a few years. MIC Painted Top on Velocity Blue Bronco with 37’s
  24. 96dreamer

    21 badlands test drive

    I will most likely go with the mgv and rubber floors. We have a 1 month old and likely another one coming down the road and being able to just hose the inside down is pretty appealing since it is slatted to be my wife's dd. The biggest downside imo is losing the power seats. It also saves over...