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  1. 662HP631TQ

    It's a Whole New World | 2020 Shelby GT500 | Meanest Snake Yet | How Fast Is It?

    Im not a real race guy. I didn't track my 2013. I really like what they've done. If I can I'll try what I did last time, get really lucky and win a lottery through Military car sales and buy it. Not sure how that will work out though. I won't buy this if it isn't available as a Convertible...
  2. 662HP631TQ

    Why is every single tire for my car/truck not in stock?

    I don't get it. No matter what it has ever been, When I ask the website to check availability, none of the tires that are for my car are ever in stock. This time I just bought a truck and all the tires listed for it are special order. That is really annoying. Anyway I am going to check at the...
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    New Shelby 50th Ann. Alcoa Wheels In boxes

    I am selling my New In Box Shelby 50th Ann. Alcoa Wheels. I was going to put them on with some Michellin Pilot Super Sport, but I went a different route and got the 2013 GT500 base model wheels and got them polished. So I am now selling my alcoas. They have been in the box the whole time. They...
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    GOT My Polished 2013/14 Base Model Wheel Pics!! Look Inside!

    Hey everyone. Some of you may know I bought a set of fairly inexpensive Base Model Wheels on Ebay about a month ago. I had them ship the wheels to California Chrome Inc. so that they could give them the High Polish Luster and Fusion Clear Coat treatments. I never wanted "Chrome" wheels but I...
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    Picked up a very inexpensive set of Base model Wheels and Tires!!

    I was searching on ebay a couple of weeks ago and ran across a set with only 600 miles on the base model wheels with GY tires (Which I have no issues with) and I feel like I got such an AMAZING deal on them. In fact I did what I was going to wait to do. I had them sent to California Chrome so...
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    Thinking of selling my car

    I have recently got the bug to develop wealth. I came into this car able to afford it and I still very well can. But the possession does nothing for me other than bring a little joy. That money could be making money for me. A lot of guys are older and have been wealth builders for some time but...
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    Track Hardtop?

    Hi as you may or may not know I have a 2013 GT500 convertible. I have a question though. As I have heard on here a few times, tracks won't let convertibles out without a roll bar or whatever. I admit, I have NEVER tracked a car but it sounds like a lot of fun! So I looked up removeable hard tops...
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    2013 GT500 Review

    My 2013 GT500 Review. First... Pictures and I will reserve Post 2 for review Information! In an effort to not duplicate efforts, please check out the pics in Snoop's post below. Those are the pics I intended to post in the first place, but I was really tired from flying and it was 3 AM in...
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    Car Arrived at dealer....The wait begins

    I received an email today letting me know my car had arrived at the stateside dealrship where I'll pick it up 23 December 2012!! CAN'T WAIT!! Deep Impact Blue Convertible With Black Stripes Special Vehicle Team Performance Pack Recaro Seats Electronics Package Shaker Pro Audio EXTREME...
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    Best Part About Repairability

    I was thinking and I came to the conclusion that the best part about repairability on body work on the 13 Shelby (and any newer Shelby's for that matter) is that it still has it's body's soul as a mustang so no matter what, pats are easily obtainable and and easily repaired. Seems cool. I know I...
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    OEM Paint Applied Professionally to Plastic Parts..Is it feasible?

    I was wondering what anyone thought about taking the OEM paint color and having a professional paint the plastic pieces? Is this even worth discussing. I ask because I am not familiar with Auto paint on plastic. I wonder what it would look like. Anyone?