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  1. scotts99snake

    Aftermarket Bumper Cover

    5 years ago when I bought my car I bumped a curb with my front bumper leaving a bunch of deep scratches just above the chin spoiler, under the right side fig light. It has bothered me ever since. Today, I went to a local reputable body shop and they quoted me $570 to fix and paint it (along with...
  2. scotts99snake

    07-12 GT500 ATI 15% lower

  3. scotts99snake

    WTB: Metco 4# lower kit

    As the title states, I am looking for a 4# lower kit. Thanks.
  4. scotts99snake

    Cadence A2 4 channel amp

    I am selling my Cadence A2 4 channel amp. It is 4x65W @ 4 Ohms, 4x100W @ 2 Ohms. It was in my 99 Cobra until I sold it. Awesome amp which matches the A7+HC in the other thread. Looking for $125.
  5. scotts99snake

    Cadence A7+HC sub amp

    Looking to sell my Cadence A7+HC sub amp. It is [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] I had it in my 99 cobra before I sold it. If you are unfamiliar with these amps look them up. No better bang for the buck. Looking for $200.
  6. scotts99snake

    F/S Trailing Link - Rear tie rod

    I have a trailing link I bought a while back and never used. It is new in box. Looking for $100
  7. scotts99snake

    F/S 10 spline input shaft

    I have had this thing laying around for a while since I replaced it with the 26 spline. Nothing wrong with it. I can add pics if anyone is interested. Looking for $50.
  8. scotts99snake

    Discount code

    I need to order a new driveshaft. I am looking at the 03/04 Cobra DSS aluminum unit. The webpage says it is in stock which I hope to be true. I was just wondering if you could shoot me the discount code so I can get it ordered. Thanks for your time.
  9. scotts99snake

    ford vs dss driveshaft

    I started getting this horrible chirping from the back of my trans. Turns out my carbon fiber driveshaft is cracked and it is slipping on the aluminum end (slip yoke end). So, now I have to buy a new shaft. :fm: I don't think I wan't to spend the $$ on another carbon fiber unit. My question is...
  10. scotts99snake

    16x8 Weld Prostar wheels

  11. scotts99snake

    Mickey Thompson ET Drag 27-10.0-16

    Update: The guy I sold these tires to researched things as I should have done before posting them for sale. He contacted M/T and they said they should NOT be used on a car as they are constructed differently for a motorcycle. Although I do know people that have used them on cars, I don't feel...
  12. scotts99snake

    16x8 Weld Prostars

  13. scotts99snake

    Eibach Pro Springs/ tires hitting fender

    I just switched my springs from Kenny Brown to Eibach Pro. I have 18" GT4 (American Muscle Ford GT replicas) wheels with 274/40 18 tires. My passenger tire actually rubs the inside lip of my fender when I hit a bump or step on the brakes hard. It actually sits 3/8" lower than the left. Has...
  14. scotts99snake

    WTB: Metco 4# lower kit

    Looking to buy a metco 4# lower pulley kit. If you have one you are looking to get rid of let me know. I am ready to buy.
  15. scotts99snake

    Wrinkle black powder coated coil covers

    I have a set of coil covers I had powder coated wrinkle black. They have not been installed since and come with the gasket on the back. Looking for $50
  16. scotts99snake

    Throttle bracket

    I have a brand new, never installed throttle bracket from Anchor Room. I ordered it new and found my old one before it arrived. It cost me $50 Looking for $30.
  17. scotts99snake

    JLT Hi-Boost Intake

  18. scotts99snake

    Autometer Dual Gauge Pillar Pod

    Like title says, Autometer Dual Gauge Pillar Pod for an '03 coupe. Included is the stock pillar so you don't have to ruin yours. $40 shipped
  19. scotts99snake

    Misc Parts for sale: 2# lower pulley, fuel rail, 3.5" RR pulley, etc

    F/S: KB pulley, JLT intake, clutch cable, pillar pod, throttle bracket, etc... I am cleaning out the garage and have a few things to get rid of. Everything is off of/for an 03 Cobra coupe. All items OBRO. Thanks Metco 2# lower ring. SOLD Reichard Racing 3.5" pulley for Kenne Bell...
  20. scotts99snake

    Adding an EGR

    I want to buy a TVS supercharger for my cobra but being in NYS I don't want to deal with not having an egr. If it is shut off in the tune I MAY pass but nothing has been confirmed yet. (They recently changed the inspection process here. I can have only 1 monitor not set.) I should be able to...
  21. scotts99snake

    EGR monitor readiness NY-TVS owners come in

    I want to buy a TVS supercharger but am worried about having to have the egr delete now that NYS does a monitor readiness test. I can have one monitor "not set" but will tuning off the egr cause more than one monitor to not set? On the other side of things, would it be possible to modify the...
  22. scotts99snake

    NY Inspection

    I am wondering if anybody in NY state has passed inspection with an egr delete this year. I want to buy a TVS supercharger but they have no egr. It MUST be tuned off. NY, as far as I have read/been told, changed the inspection process so they now know which monitors are supposed to be on and...
  23. scotts99snake

    Kenne Bell 2.6H

  24. scotts99snake

    Estate Attorney

    My mother just passed away and I have some legal questions. I am in the process of trying to find an attorney for a consultation but it seems as I keep getting the run around. Some don't answer their phones, others give me phone numbers to other lawyers. I just have a few questions to see if...
  25. scotts99snake

    WTB: EGR bracket

    I have all the sensors, just looking for the bracket for an 03 Cobra. Let me know if you have one and what you want for it shipped to 12929 (upstate NY). Thanks.