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  1. kcobra

    Why would a remote tuner need my 13 GT ECU shipped to him to "flash it directly"?

    AED or LUND. Don't mess with this send me computer crap. These cars tune well with a tuner. Sounds like a Hellcat tuner. lol
  2. kcobra

    My New TrackHawk!

    Total beast and awesome truck! Congrats! We modified my buddies with Livernois 985 kit! One of the fastest vehicles I have ever been in. Blower whine, it's simply stupid! I will have one some day.
  3. kcobra

    Loring Timing Speed run video!

    Runway is very clean and smooth. As far as cars that show up, it is usually a 4 day event so there are bikes and cars. It is never the same but usually a pretty good turn out but not busy enough so as not to get many runs. You can usually run plenty of times in a day. You should get some...
  4. kcobra

    Loring Timing Speed run video!

    You guys should try and make the fall event!
  5. kcobra

    Loring Timing Speed run video!

    Guys and Gals. This is a local event in Maine. If your ever wanting to come and try let me know. I ran my SHO this year again. Standing mile and last run 1.5 miles. Pulled 165mph with my 4500 lb grocery getter!
  6. kcobra

    Took Delivery-First Impressions

    Congratulations! You have my twin. I'm still waiting on mine though.
  7. kcobra

    Bronco Production Officially Starts | Dealer Shipments Begin

    Exactly...Meanwhile my GT500 order was placed January 13th of 2021. Still not built yet!
  8. kcobra

    700-900whp Shootout! 2020 GT500 VS 2017 ZL1 and more!

    Red or Orange Stang and that Camaro should have re run. I think the stang was faster. Finals would have been good.
  9. kcobra


    Craig's Custom no drill plate bracket. $45 shipped.
  10. kcobra

    Ranger Raptor Special Edition: The Good, The Bad + The Badass

    Absolutely and those Rangers are FUGLY!
  11. kcobra

    Damn TX!

    Another problem is people are too ****ing busy filming shit with their phones instead of helping. If a good Samaritan would have drove up the highway a bit and signaled for oncoming traffic to slow down, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. Noooo. Much more fun to watch carnage and hopefully...
  12. kcobra


    I hate to admit it but that sucker sounds super exotic and wonderful!
  13. kcobra

    Win For the Blue

    Awesome. Surprised it made the news. A positive media showing about law enforcement. Wow! Heroic act by the Police. Humanity at its best.
  14. kcobra

    Hellcat brothers versus Lamborghini Urus

    Dodge and their HELLCATS are completely awesome! I wish Ford and GM would follow.
  15. kcobra

    RIP NM Police Officer Jarrott

    Exactly....No hate to be spread. Sole purpose of the media is to separate and create hate lately. This horrible officer shooting, is an every day event that is accepted as boring for the hate spreading media! Their "AGENDA" is only to create chaos, not inform the public about current events.
  16. kcobra

    Fueltech's TT C8 goes 9.7's

    The shifts seem to hit much harder than the GT500's that are tuned. I wonder if it is only a tuning thing or the difference between the trans?
  17. kcobra

    Hallova Shot!

    Another POS who got what he deserved!
  18. kcobra

    What American Needs...

    It's pathetic! bahahahahaha
  19. kcobra

    "Home Invasioner" Floyd Didnt DIE From A Knee.....

    Excited delirium. Educate yourselves. OD on Fentanyl. He was a dead man walking, and he also broke the law. If he never would have broken the law, although he probably would have died anyways, this whole scenario wouldn't of happened. is awarded $26 million? Like they are...
  20. kcobra

    Godzilla vs. Kong – Official Trailer

    I watched it and liked it. I try not to think of the fake stuff because the fact of a Gorilla or Dinosaur the size of buildings is pretty fake to begin with. Fast and Furious shifting 30 times and racing a quarter mile which lasts 5 minutes was fake also. Good movie with great special effects...
  21. kcobra

    How the world works now

    I watch BEN SHAPIRO. The dude is straight to the point and has many blogs about stupid shit like this video depicts. We are definitely screwed!
  22. kcobra

    Spy Shots: '23 F-150 EV Caught With Production Looks

    Tried the new MACH E. Supposed to have 280 range. Up North, cold weather, full charge 138 range. Pathetic POS Electric vehicles are useless! They have there place, yes, but not for daily drivers. The big DEM push for this is only because those representatives pushing for this want to line...