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    I grew up cutting too much grass. I can relate to getting sick of it. Ideally I would live on a massive concrete slab with Astro turf.
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    Next upgrade, town house.
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    Sold my Lightning for a CTS-V

    I bought a V2 about 5 years ago. Great car and the last analog V. The Cue system they changed to sucks imo. You never see them on the road, unlike the 80 million SRT Chawjaas. Good choice.
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    Do you like Elon Musk?

    Reads like a writer grasping for anything he can to make a point. I don't think anyone who reads that will care. The plant was over 1,500 employees in 2020 but because of Panasonic cutting off production due to Covid they had to let alot of people go. When you need investors you take the...
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    Do you like Elon Musk?

    I like him alot more than Bezos
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    The Countach is back!

    Countach is iconic even if it does suck to drive. The new one looks great, surprised it took them so long to make it
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    My buddy installed 8 Tesla stations in a newer 50 house development. PECO had to run a new feed for the neighborhood a couple weeks later. Has anyone read about the charging stations for the F150? 80 amps. Takes like 10+ hours for a full charge. LOL the fing power lines will be sagging...
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    Gm Vortec 8.1L?

    Definitely does. That's mostly why I like the 8.1 Silverado over the 6.0. The 4L80 has a ridiculously long first gear. The Allison 1000 in the 8.1 trucks has a much more aggressive first. Although, if you dig around old forum posts there is talk about the 8.1s in the Suburbans/Yukons...
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    Gm Vortec 8.1L?

    Also, truck was old enough that I Classic tagged it. No annual registration. Cheaper insurance.
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    Gm Vortec 8.1L?

    More a mix of highway and rural with some around town. But all shorter trips. None longer than 18 miles. Same gas pump each fill-up shouldn't be any bad math in there. Bet city driving would tank the mileage quick.
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    Gm Vortec 8.1L?

    I just bought an immaculate 01 2500HD 8.1. My two checked fill-ups got me 12.5mpg. 3.73 gears. Keep in mind the factory tire was 245/75/16. Even a 265/75/16 is going to throw your mileage/economy off - 5%. They have oil consumption issues because of the intake manifold design and how oil...
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    What would you do if your wife told you to retire?

    Your wife found a way to generate considerable income. Putting your time towards whatever helps grow the business is a smart move. I wouldn't view it as retirement. Everyone asking about figuring out income/expenses for OP, it's irrelevant. The wife is a ****ing assumption...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Should have spent that rim money on a hemi
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    Suzuki Jimny - I'd buy one

    Suzuki Jewny
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    2022 Ford Maverick | MotorWeek First Look

    Not sure we can buy them. Based off the marketing I'm pretty sure it's exclusively for the gays and select minorities. Maybe guys who wear skinny jeans will be allowed.
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    Breakthrough in battery technology

    Does anyone know if cobalt will continue to be an essential battery component for the foreseeable future? Seems to be a debated topic and there are some cobalt investments floating around.
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    Where to buy higher end watches?

    Here is my Cartier Roadster, I will get a picture of the Datejust. People like the snowflake, they will like a DJ. Next watch will probably be some type of chronograph, but I don't like the idea of buying in this overheated market.
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    Random Picture Thread

    see the guy like fall over to the right, around 2:12?
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    Where to buy higher end watches?

    Someone said that to me as a joke right when I got mine and it really stuck with me.
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    Where to buy higher end watches?

    Copper mine... wouldn't happen to have a name that starts with an E, would it?
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    Where to buy higher end watches?

    Looks fake. I bought my last Rolex and Cartier off Chrono24. Good experience both times. They don't monitor the messaging so if you find something local you can cut a deal outside the system.
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    The 1969 Nova that was not to be...

    seriously odds must be in the tens of millions he would be at that exact spot at that time.
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    Special Order 2021 Super Heavy Duty

    I'm not much of a truck guy, but that thing looks really cool.