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  1. olympic

    Which Idler pulley kit?

    Metco appears to have a slightly more functional design for the bearing dust cap. Other than that the differences are all aesthetic.
  2. olympic

    Which Idler pulley kit?

    Get the double bearing idlers, they're much more reliable and live longer than single bearing. I have the Metcos and they come highly recommended from most Cobra owners. You can get them direct from Metco if needed: Cobra 5-Piece Idler Kit, : Metco Motorsports
  3. olympic

    Car is breaking up when I stab the throttle

    The only thing that jumps out at me from that last log is the fuel pump duty cycle. You would think it should show 100% all the time with a return fuel system? Battery voltage looks good, MAF appears to be working. Only other parameter I'd like to see is "pressure drop across injectors", see...
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Supercharger belt help

    Stock alternator and tensioner? A lot of belt squeak issues are caused by pulley misalignment. They make a laser tool for checking this but you can use some 1/2" wide flat iron as a straight edge across the crank pulley to get an idea if one of them is not aligned.
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    It's normal. Mine does it and I've heard the same from many others.
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    Eth is poppin' off! I bought in at 2700 right before it slid to 1900 so it's been a roller coaster! Getting tempting to sell being nearly 40% up!
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    new ctsv blackwing dyno

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    The Random Weather Thread

    Huge storm cell passes just south of me last night.
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    FICO Credit Scores

    TransUnion goes up to 900 now? Might be some strange Canadian thing. I haven't checked my score in years. I'm surprised it's that high because I pay my CC in full each month and don't have any loans.
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Guy screws his license plate to the spare!