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  1. Benchracer

    T56 magnum with all options

    FS: T56 magnum XL transmission with 2.66 first gear, Mcleod RXT twin disc clutch/lightened steel flywheel, dynotech 3.5" aluminum driveshaft with billet 1350 yolk option, SFI bell housing, crossmember and mount, and speed calibration box. Transmission has about 12k miles on it. It drives and...
  2. Benchracer

    What is the fastest M6 coyote on drag radials????

    I ran a [email protected] back in June. Had some bugs to work out and think Im finally ready to turn the power up. I would really like to run 9.7 or quicker on radials with a 6spd before putting bias ply tires on and hitting it hard. Was just curious on what the record was? Maybe give me something to...
  3. Benchracer

    JPC turbo powered stick car goes 9's on RADIALS!!!

    Took the car out to the track last weekend to work out some kinks. Car is almost full weight T56 magnum trans with JPC's single turbo kit, running on a 275/60 radial tire. Anybody that has ran radials with a stick car at the track can tell you, its not easy to get a radial to hook on the hit...
  4. Benchracer

    First time at track with JPC turbo set up

    Well the time finally came to take the car to the track. Earlier in the week, the car started missing during wot pulls on the street so I ordered some new plugs at the local parts store that I work at, well the inventory at the warehouse was wrong and I didnt notice til my plugs still were not...
  5. Benchracer

    JPC turbo kit on the street vid clip

    Did a little testing on the street on 12psi(about 800rwhp). It was 35* outside so Im not sure if I could have turned it up much more. Keep in mind, I am not trying to beat on the transmission too much so I take it easy on the shifts. Saving it for the track. So no stabs at my shifting skills...
  6. Benchracer

    Guys trapping 140mph+...

    Any of you guys have any logs of your passes? I used to have a 1g talon and everyone in the dsm community logged their cars all the time. I dont see many people posting logs or comparing data on here. Im curious to how fast you guys with 140mph traps or higher are accelerating from 70-90mph or...
  7. Benchracer

    JPC racing review

    Absolutely nothing but good things to say about this place and the employees. The shop was very clean and organized, the people were all friendly and helpful, and everyone is very professional. We had some issues with the valve springs on the dyno which were installed at a local machine shop...
  8. Benchracer

    Anybody know how restrictive the stock mufflers are?

    Does anybody have any evidence on how restrictive the stock mufflers are? I am shooting for 1000+rwhp and was curious how much my stock mufflers are going to choke my power down, if at all vs. an aftermarket muffler. Its a turbo car and I do not like loud exhaust so I am not going to buy an...
  9. Benchracer

    Project "LSX Killer"

    I have been slowly getting my car ready for big turbo power and I it is almost complete. Just a quick background of my car since I bought it new off the lot. It is a 2011 performance white GT premium with 6spd manual and 3.31 rear gear. First thing I did after purchasing the car was take it to...
  10. Benchracer

    anybody buy the rear end kit from lethal???

    Wondering about the extra clutches they send with them? How many extras do put in? Dont look like all of them will fit.
  11. Benchracer

    Broke something in the rear need advice on upgrading.

    Well it finally happened. Something broke in the rear end this weekend at the track during my launch. I havent had a chance to see exactly what it was yet but looking to upgrade the rear for near future plans of making 1000rwhp. It will be a DD street car that sees the track at least once a...
  12. Benchracer

    Anybody gonna be at Cecil county this weekend?

    Im here for the Yellow Bullet Nationals. Would be cool to see some of the local shops like any of the guys from JPC or Terry "Beefcake" Reeves come out. Any of you other guys(local or not) coming?
  13. Benchracer

    Suspension adjustments for stick cars????

    I want some input from all the suspension gurus on the manual cars. I have QA1 DA shocks in the back with cobra jet lowering springs, BMR pan hard bar, BMR LCA relocation brackets on the middle hole, JPC adjustable UCA, T56 magnum XL with the 2.66 first gear, stock 3.31's(putting 4.10's in it...
  14. Benchracer

    Fastest M6 list

    See a lot of autos going fast. Where are all the fast stick cars? List your E.T. and mph as well as mods and which rear gears and transmission( ex:T56 magnum XL or MT82). I will start. E.T: 10.93 M.P.H.: 123mph Transmission: MT82 Gear: 3.31 Power adder: single nozzle nitrous kit with 150 shot...
  15. Benchracer

    Beefcake: Not your average vendor

    I have been building/racing cars for over 10 years. Have dealt with many vendors from import stuff to domestic. I have had good vendors, bad ones, and ones that just do what they are supposed to by getting the part to ypu at a reasonable price. Well, after ordering from Terry the other day, I...
  16. Benchracer

    GT500 hood???

    Does anyone know if a 2012 GT500 hood will fit a 2011 GT? I may have a chance at getting one for cheap.
  17. Benchracer

    FS: Freshly built MT-82 and MGW shufter

    I have a freshly built MT-82 transmission with about 600 miles on it and an MGW shifter that I bought last Summer. The transmission broke 4th and Ford fixed it under warranty. They replaced every gear except reverse, all synchros, all shift forks, and the input shaft. I babied it since the day I...
  18. Benchracer

    T56 Magnum XL install?

    The reverse light plug is different than the factory harness. I got everything from JPC. I would call them but they are closed. Was I supposed to get a wiring harness/pigtail? How have you guys that have installed these transmissions wired your reverse lights up to work?
  19. Benchracer

    BBK cat delete pipes leaking

    Anybody else running these pipes? Its like they arent the correct size and create a horrible exhaust leak. Any simple fix other than welding?
  20. Benchracer

    Walbro 450lph pump (e85)

    Anyone using this pump? Is it a direct drop in for our cars? How much horsepower will our stock fuel line support on e85? Could you just upgrade to a bigger feed line with this pump, and keep a returnless style set up with it? Sorry for all the questions as I am new to returnless fuel systems. I...
  21. Benchracer

    Question about custom wheel size for slicks

    I want to get some 15" weld magnums to mount some 28x10.5 slicks on. What kind of back spacing, off set, etc. will I need to get to run those tires with out them poking out?
  22. Benchracer

    I hate not having a throttle cable......

    I went to the track last weekend to try and beat my pb showroom stock et of [email protected] and my pb with tires and tune of [email protected] First pass in stock form it went [email protected] but I knew it had a 12.7 in it so I went again and as always, I turned the tc and stability off, launched the car and...
  23. Benchracer

    Help! Getting locked out of 3rd gear

    Anybody got an idea why my transmission would be locking me out of 3rd at the track? It only does it on occasion but it seems to do it more frequently when Im spraying nitrous. Shifts perfectly smooth during regular driving. Its like there is a wall there and I have to fight for several seconds...