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  1. MovingZen

    First AR! Good brand? Good deal?

    What magazine is that? How are you cycling with it? I wouldn't mind picking up a few larger than stock mags for my vepr.
  2. MovingZen

    What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

    Guns n Roses and Soundgarden new years eve 1991 in Miami. Or pick any of the late 70's/early 80's Rush concerts I went to.
  3. MovingZen

    Shelby Kicker Install

    I didn't know anything about the PAC when I was trying to get my setup straight. It looks like it might work? I might have been given some misinformation when told you can't get in between the head unit and factory amp. I'd double check with them and see what they think about not even hooking...
  4. MovingZen

    Shelby Kicker Install

    Pretty sure the answer is no. I think the signal between the nav and amp isn't a normal audio signal. Some people used the JL Audio Clean sweep after the factory amp to keep the nav system. The 360.3 should have worked and I have no idea why it didn't. It can be done, it just didn't work for me.
  5. MovingZen

    PS4 with mouse and keyboard

    What's this mouse bullshit? For PC gaming a trackball is where it's at. I've been a pc multiplayer gamer since Duke Nukem 3d and for the life of me can't switch to consoles because I can't work the controller. I don't know how you guys do it. It's weird because I know with the ball/keyboard...
  6. MovingZen

    Shelby Kicker Install

    I have both of those and like them both. My stereo install was a long road but I'm very happy with it now. I had the factory NAV and tried to just go to the 360.3, JL Audio amp, and JL Audio speakers with stealth box. The problem I ran into, as best as I could figure out, was that the factory...
  7. MovingZen

    200 MPH?

    I've got the 3:73s and it is quite enjoyable at low speeds no doubt. But, I just don't drive it anymore and I've got my eye on another hobby that could make the car nothing but a garage queen.
  8. MovingZen

    200 MPH?

    Only person I'd kill is myself, I don't do it in traffic.
  9. MovingZen

    200 MPH?

    Right around 160 mph on I 26. Regularly 130 to 140 mph, it shouldn't be this easy to get to those speeds and back down in such a short distance/time. I've been pulled at over 100 mph a couple times. Not being able to control myself is part of the reason I'll be putting the car up for sale soon.
  10. MovingZen

    2017 Total Solar Eclipse Discussion

    It was 2:46 pm est for us. I'm just saying with the rain and the shadow it got really dark, like it was 10pm outside and not almost 3. I bet it would have been pretty cool to experience it without the thunderstorm.
  11. MovingZen

    2017 Total Solar Eclipse Discussion

    Well I got an inch and a half of rain. But even with all the lightning and thunder I could still tell it was getting darker. During the total eclipse time it was pretty damn dark, like it was 10 pm or so. I drank beer, I had some good food, and some cool people stopped by.. I'm gonna chalk it...
  12. MovingZen

    Anyone else recently upgrade your cable modem and Internet plan for a BIG speed increase?

    There are so many variables that go into a wifi speed test it's not realistic to compare what you have going on to what he may see. My plan is 150 down/20 up and I've seen 130/20 on my laptop. With the right equipment he might be able to get 600Mbps wifi. I've downloaded movies at 13 MBps...
  13. MovingZen

    Lightweight Odyssey battery working out well............

    Why did you switch to that battery? My car is weird, I have some intermittent issue where the battery can die over night if I don't put it on the tender. Other times, I can go several days with no loss in charge at all.
  14. MovingZen

    17 Roush RS3 vs 13 Gt500

    gimmie11s, why are you always in this part of the forum talking shit when you've never even driven the car? We get it, you're a 13/14 hater. At least go drive one so you'll have some idea of what you're talking about. If you could do that, that'd be great.
  15. MovingZen

    What would you do with 20k to blow?

    Take a first class trip somewhere. Gotta be a place you've always wanted to visit. Not sure, but check to see if you'll need to pay tax on that.
  16. MovingZen

    Different tires for front and back

    I run MPSS in the front and R888's in the rear. I haven't noticed any issues to 150+ mph. When I replace the fronts I'll probably go R888 all the way around.
  17. MovingZen

    Can't stop thinking about cams. Advice wanted.

    First, I'd like to complain that you're located in NJ instead of Charleston for obvious reasons. lol But seriously, what kind of pulley action do you have on that engine to get 16 psi with your cams? Asking for a friend. :D
  18. MovingZen

    If you do the doobie .. you might want to read this ...

    You kinda gotta come up with a study that's not laughable first. Then maybe you can get them to pay attention. With all the other harmful shit that is legal, it's high time the government let it go already. This isn't the 1930's anymore. Tax the **** out of it and then the government and the...
  19. MovingZen

    If you do the doobie .. you might want to read this ...

    Liver disease from drinking? No problem, party on. Lung disease or cancer from cigarettes? No problem, smoke away. A study with admitted limitations finds there might be hypertension issues with marijuana? Protect the public!!!
  20. MovingZen

    is a GT500 a Cobra?

    In my case, I've only had one person ask me about my 'cobra' and that was a girl in a drive through. If I refer to my car it's 'my mustang,' 'my GT500,' or 'the Shelby.' I do not ever call it a 'Cobra.' Cobra's are special cars in their own right, just like GT500's, but they are different...
  21. MovingZen

    2017 Total Solar Eclipse Discussion

    If that's not a day for a stout beer, I just don't know.
  22. MovingZen

    is a GT500 a Cobra?

  23. MovingZen

    2017 Total Solar Eclipse Discussion

    You and me both...I'm ready for zombies and tourists that stray.
  24. MovingZen

    decided im buying a ecoboost f-150 but can anyone talk me out of it to buy the v8?

    $800 for catch cans? The ****? What about the JLT ones?
  25. MovingZen

    2017 Total Solar Eclipse Discussion

    House is in the 100% path. I'll be in the pool drinking beer with my glasses on.