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  1. Kevins89notch

    Another travel thread, Spain, Portugal

    Barcelona is an absolute blast! Best way to quickly see some of the city is with a free walking tour. They have these all over Europe in major cities. They usually start about 10 or 11 am and last 2-3 hours. You walk around the downtown area, see all the sites, and the tour guides know...
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    Next fun car suggestions

    Exactly my thoughts. Find some 100% stock, soccer mom auto 2017 GT she just traded in for a SUV, and take that mustang from showroom stock to a twin turbo monster.
  3. Kevins89notch

    UGR R8 V10

    Agreed. An Audi R8 plus/performance is stupid amounts of fun, when stock. With twins on one... I don't know how I would manage to keep my license. Being able to do sub 3 second 60-130 pulls, would be a bad habit!
  4. Kevins89notch

    Jesko Absolut

    Wonder if anyone here will be getting one? LOL Christian is like a mad scientist, who loves cars. I met a Koenigsegg tech at an event and was listening to him talk about the Agera RS. He said something like, "In first gear, it's stupid fast. In second gear, people who own twin turbo...
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    Who’s number one on your playlist?

    Such a perfect song:
  6. Kevins89notch

    S351 Re-build 95-112

    NICE! Well done.
  7. Kevins89notch

    Where to buy higher end watches?

    Kempf's Jewelers - Official Rolex Jeweler Sales and Service
  8. Kevins89notch

    Anybody have vertigo/height issues? Want to experience the ultimate scare?

    Those glass bottom features offer the sense of height, but it's mind over matter. I'll admit I've felt a slight bit uneasy, but I overall know the fact I'm safe. I've laid down on those, and even jumped. Now on the top of Half Dome, on the "diving board" looking down 3K+ feet, no safety...
  9. Kevins89notch


    A while back I read about (might have even commented here in fact LOL), that someone in central Africa, they use cell phone minutes as currency. Say something like $5 US gets you 60 minutes. There's no ATMS in central Africa, but you can text minutes to a friend, so that's how people pay for...
  10. Kevins89notch

    My old Mercedes

    Beautiful cruiser!
  11. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    Congrats on being wrong. First I'm not a keyboard warrior. I simply speak my mind. Others are throwing out childish insults, not me. They are the ones who are all talk, throwing out claims of who is stronger, etc. They are the "your mom" crew, 20 years later. This is simple politics and...
  12. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    Cool story bro.
  13. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    I was tagged and asked for my opinion. People are free to ignore me, yet keep quoting me.
  14. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    Nope, but you can make up whatever claims you want if you're that bored.
  15. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    Only ones not in reality were the "stole the steal" people. Nope, nope, and nope. Only snowflakes are the ones still on street corners today, waving trump 2020 flags. He lost. Get over it.
  16. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    Only case I'm watching are all the terrorists who stormed the Capitol. One screamed out in court today, upset they are not given bail. BOOHOO! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  17. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    The biggest, baddest, most maga man in history can't answer "tough" questions. Seems pretty weak then.
  18. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    My life didn't change much under the last shitstain in office, and it likely won't change much under this one, nor the next one.
  19. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    Like 60 minutes? Lesley Stahl: Are you ready for some tough questions? President Donald Trump: You're gonna be fair. Lesley Stahl: Are you g-- President Donald Trump: Just be- Lesley Stahl: I'm gonna be fair. President Donald Trump: Just be fair. Lesley Stahl: But you're okay with some tough...
  20. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    Sorry he wasn't smart enough to expand in adult like sentences, to the public.
  21. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    Geez, maybe trump should expand his thoughts more than 140 character, you know give interviews and actually speak in sentences, give answers, etc. He had 4 years to do that but chose not to.
  22. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    Pretty sure during the obama years, trump tweeted that anything that happens under a president's watch becomes their responsibility. So yeah, trump is sort of stuck with covid and his handling of it...don't worry, it will blow over by April as it hates hot weather or something like that, right...
  23. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    There is no "for once" period. I've LONG been against any gun restrictions just like I'm against any abortion restrictions. See, each "side" hates me and I don't give a shit.
  24. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    Yeah, neither trump nor biden has any place being the president, but age limits and term limits have yet to be passed.
  25. Kevins89notch

    "Clean air act"

    So Trump can issue pardons to two rappers on gun charges, but can't fix the EPA? Got it, he has his priorities.