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    I got the code the other day and I've done a decent amount of reading on it and pulled the backseat to see the setup. I put a meter on the passenger side sending unit and it showed around 182 ohms which is less then empty (and it has half a tank). The code said it was sending unit "A" does...
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    Car and driver hellcat tire test

    I'm at work so I gotta make this quick. Did anyone see the new C&D test with the different tires on the hellcat? Driver: Andy Durham (owns super stock challenger) Stock tires: Pirelli P Zero [email protected] (heated to 150-200 deg and 24psi) DR's: 555R [email protected] Slicks: Hoosier 28.0/10.0-17...
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    WTB- (2) front stock GY

    All, I am looking to replace my stock 2013 front tires with the same 265/40/19. I am located in northern indiana. Price negotiable per mileage but tirerack has them for $199 each new.
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    Lund Tune problem

    When I try to load my custom tune to my car the car wont rev past 1000rpm. Its like I'm not even pushing on the gas. When I flip back to the stock tune it is just fine. Any ideas? Kind of sucks its a Friday night and I'm having problems! haha
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    different mod process

    I know everyone is going to say who cares about gas mileage however we also know we can get decent mileage when off the throttle. An increase and power and fuel mileage is just that much more of a positive... (not to mention most of my miles are highway)... Question is what mods can we do...
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    Anything can be fast with a great DA

    Stock 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1/4 mile trap speeds 0-60 - :lol:
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    adjustable vs non-adj LCA

    For the daily driver is it worth it to go adjustable? or are non-adj and relocation brackets enough? On my last "newer" mustang I put non-adjustable and they still made a huge difference, mostly over the lateral movement because of the bushing (and actual structural steel over light gauge)
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    Mileage update

    What's everyone's mileage? I flipped over 12,400 last night.
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    CJpony has a daily deal for 3.73's part number: M-4209-88373 do these fit the 2013 or just up to the 2012? If they fit they are at the lowest price I've seen. Also, I've heard if you buy Ford Racing parts and have them installed by Ford it doesn't void your warranty, is this true with gears...
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    Car and Driver

    Did anyone else see the ZR1 and Viper specs in the January magazine. When they tested the GT500 it got .2 and .3 slower in the 1/4 but beat the viper by .2 from 0-150mph. Lost in breaking by 9 and 12ft. ZR1 and viper skidpad said 200ft (not sure if that is a typo of they actually did 200ft...
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    Another tire question

    Ok guys I think I might pull the trigger on some 18x10.5" race stars... they have a 7.625" backspacing questions: 1. what size tire (need to stay around stock height so like a 305/40 seems close) 2. does anyone have a picture of their car with these rims? Thanks!
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    extra PP wheels

    I've seen a few posts where people have bought extra wheels, where did you get them from? what was the part number (front or back)?
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    2013 GT500 First Time at track

    I ran a total of 5 runs, it's been over 4 years since I had a manual at the track... First run didn't take the TC off for the burnout... idiot... then second mistake... i tried to powershift second...missed the 1-2 shift (yes first time with the car)... ran a [email protected] 113.59... Temp was around...
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    DA's effect on FI

    Does anyone have a high DA and low DA timeslip for a supercharged car? I am getting tired of hearing that DA does't matter because "they make their own atmosphere". I understand that it isn't typically as much as N/A but just want something showing a difference.
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    Anyone know who this was?

    I haven't seen this posted but has anyone seen this?
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    Accelerometer reset

    How do you reset this? I guess I should have looked at the book but it's at home. It doesn't have a "hold to reset" button...
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    before my trip next weekend

    For those of you who have gotten their car (and input for those who haven't) what have you seen as in miles per tank? I filled mine up last night with around 1/4 of a tank and I put about 180 miles on it. How many gallons does it take from "low fuel"? It's been about 4 years since I've had a...
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    dealers and their tricks

    After dealing with horrible trade offers and 15k above MSRP prices I finally found a dealer in indy that was straight with me and we made a deal. I wanted black with stripe delete but this has white stripes, something i can deal with. The reason why I am posting is that like I said some...
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    T5 shifter question

    ive been out of the mustang thing for a couple years and this is the only forum i still go to. Does anyone have a foxbody or remember where the shifter sat when it was in neutral? i know my 03 sat in the 3rd-4th line, does the T5 sit in the 1-2 or 3-4?
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    WTB 03-04 cobra

    throw me some offers... less then 40k miles, any mods, any colors... ive looked through the posts and i know there are more out there!
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    fs 2003 gt
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    Wrong Info on Ticket???

    If the LEO puts the incorrect date on the ticket (2007 not 2008), is it possible to get the ticketed dismissed (failure to stop)?? What is the best action to take? The biggest problem is i live 7 hours away from where i got the ticket (went home to West Virginia for memorial day) and i am on a...
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    Car Payments

    Guys i just wanted to throw this out there, but how do you all feel about your car payments? Do you pay the min payments or pay double? I just get tired of people that are under their loan and mod the hell out of their car and talk shit when they are faster... I guess i'd reather be out of debt...