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  1. L8APEX

    Did you go to your 20 year reunion?

    My 20th would have been this year ('01). Haven't heard of any reunion any year though, so I guess I wasn't invited or perhaps there just hasn't been one. Most people enjoy them from what I've gathered. Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  2. L8APEX

    Prayers Needed

    Best news I've heard all week! Even though you're not out of the fire yet. Time and stubbornness will help with healing and unfortunately pain, it's going to hurt but using it and time should help either lower the pain or raise her pain tolerance. I broke both radius bones in my arms like you...
  3. L8APEX

    Fuel prices near you

    E-85 is $1.99 to $2.20 at Jump Start. (depending on location) still testing @ 85% Regular 87 $2.89 Midgrade 89 $3.14 Premium 91 $3.39 Non-Ethanol 87 $3.49 $29 to fill up the Mustang E85, $48 for my Z4 91
  4. L8APEX

    Ford Rolls Out 'Very Gay' Truck in Response to Homophobic Troll

    The first truck designed to be rear-ended.
  5. L8APEX

    How did I miss this? Mustang hits 178MPH in Arkansas State Police chase.

    Only 178mph? Trinity could manage to eek out a 200mph with 662hp. Maybe the rear gears limited his top end? Either that or he must have a hamster wheel sized pulley on the blower but it looks like he forgot to hook up the driver mod. He also seemed ignorant to everything you learn playing GTA...
  6. L8APEX

    THIS..... Is How We Should Deal With Drug Dealers In The US!

    The "stowed" position is centerline and +11⁰ set by a spring, so if it loses power it tucks up next to the body. I want to say it maxes out around ~-35⁰ due to the feeding mechanism and the size of 30mm rounds. The gun is electric (feeding) but the gimbal movement is hydraulic. I doubt you'll...
  7. L8APEX

    THIS..... Is How We Should Deal With Drug Dealers In The US!

    Very cool... but that's probably a UH-60 or UH-1 with a door mounted minigun (GAU-17/21), Definitely not an Apache. The 30mm Chain gun (m230 iirc) on the AH-64's that follows where the gunner is looking and makes much more noise, like a "THUD.THUD.THUD.THUD.THUD.THUD..."
  8. L8APEX

    Prayers Needed

    Prayers to both the Lord, Mary, mother of God and to Saint Raphael (patron Saint of healing.) It's said that the Archangel Raphael likes to announce/show his presence, often in auras or sparkles in emerald green, as well as seeing his name around you. Sometime whispers with suggestions or music...
  9. L8APEX

    We now have GIPHY support

  10. L8APEX

    I hate thieves

    Be sure your security cameras are secure. I've had them stolen off the sides of a few of our stores in Colorado even at 14ft up. They were useless for him as part of its security is it cannot be reset, but it was an 8mp IP cameras with optical zoom and mics (~$600 camera) The guy made a lasso...
  11. L8APEX

    Tornado vs. Wind Turbine May 19, 2012 Harper County, Kansas

    That video is from a county SW of me. About a decade old. As for a EF5 being able to take down the mast a strong EF3 (136-166mph) should be able to do it, that tornado filmed did bend several in half. But it was only EF1 at the time it hit the windfarm. May 19th 2012 Kingman & Harper county...
  12. L8APEX

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Went to Lake of the Ozarks for the first time last weekend. Took some picks of the Z4 after making it to the cabin we rented while waiting for my cousin to launch his boat Friday night. Cutting through miles of wonderful curvy roads in the roadster (Sdrive35is ///M sport) was more fun than the...
  13. L8APEX

    My new 2021 F-150 quality issues...

    This one hasn't had any problems, came out of KC in June. My Brother went from a Toyota FJ to a custom ordered '21 F-150 lariat 4x4 with about every option. 3.5v6, already getting >22 mixed on just the 2nd tank (got the 36 gallon) which is much better than the FJ, which amazingly required >91...
  14. L8APEX

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone save Casa Bonita!

    When my sister and brother in law lived in Lakewood my mom and I checked it out for shits and giggles. Terrible food, north of 6 it gets sketchey quick but it was a unique experience. Seems like everything in Belmar on Wadsworth is getting plowed over and new buildings going up (like in and...
  15. L8APEX

    Su-57 flight demo

    The F-22s problem was they cut production and lost the tooling well before they could become reasonable. Unlike the F-35 they can actually dogfight, but with less than 200 made it's not going to be around long enough to justify the ATF program. I expect them to be retired then destroyed by 2030...
  16. L8APEX

    Su-57 flight demo

    Before the Super Hornet was a done deal there was a modernization/Refit proposed for the F-14D to make Super Tomcat 21 or ST21, basically make the F14 a better carrier based strike eagle. Most of it was throwing the canceled A-12 "Quickstrike" (A-6E replacement) parts at the F-14D. Part of the...
  17. L8APEX

    Spy Shots: Could This Be a '22 Ford Expedition ST?

    Growing up, Minivan was a cuss word in my house. My mom almost always had a Cougar or Thunderbird from the 80s to 90s (with a 91 explorer in the mix) then it was truck/suv or mustang and back.
  18. L8APEX

    Question for those who take payments on your eCommerce website.

    Square is nice as long as they like you, we used it for a backup for when the NCR terminals went down in the stores, i.e. internet outage, preventing credit card transactions. In that case we had square credit card readers hooked up to 4g tablets that could still run cards. Unfortunately Square...
  19. L8APEX

    Apparently there is a dude buzzing LAX via homemade jetpack

    That's just a Cessna Citation, made an emergency landing without incident yesterday. This was a very expensive bird strike (Red tailed hawk) as it likely hit the Solid state Garman radar. Luckily LAX traffic is fairly uniform. Inbound coming in from the East, departing over the ocean to the...
  20. L8APEX

    Dynavin N7

    The AA mic is damn near useless... I tried a few brands even with no luck. I kept the phone connection to sync bluetooth and it overrides the android auto (if i used it or music from it), as the module used the aux input. Honestly I just want Ford to upgrade the maps. I have bought every year...
  21. L8APEX

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Or help her down the stairs... :P
  22. L8APEX

    Dynavin N7

    the touchscreen alone is worth quite a bit, $300-400+ as they are >$900 from ford if you can find them. But there are options for guys like us with factoy nav, that gives you android auto/carplay and still uses the touchscreen. I put a cheap one in mine, it works well aside the mic as its loud...
  23. L8APEX


    Love those gascap Keychains. They are fairly flat and Don't poke you in your pocket. I bought a similar one before my mustang even came in. Mines the GT/CS version. The top loop broke off within a year and I just drilled a small hole in the top and it's been fine since. Some of the black is...
  24. L8APEX

    Toot my own horn

    I somehow missed this, congrats Nick.