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    Terminator rack, 2000 Cobra R SPR VT

    I’m not sure what the reason for replacement or upgrade is but the later racks are all valved the same according to Jack Hidley at MM. All V6/GT/Mach1/Cobra are the same, the part number differences are due to the various sizes of limiters.
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    Dogs and the 4th of July

    Only illegal if you get caught brother!
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    New Swim Trunks

    You know the answer dude
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    The Taurus SHO is the fastest, most expensive Ford sedan

    I’ll never forget going to 5 Star Ford in 89-90 and my dads reaction to seeing a black SHO on the lot. This 6’2” 230lb 40 something man starts jumping up and down pointing and repeating “this is it Raymalee! They have one!” Needless to say he bought it, a black on grey leather 5spd car that my...
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    S351 Re-build 95-112

    Waiting on the mail
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    Permanent lock downs coming.

    I have a couple friends using this site and they love it, they both report their kids are better than ever and way more interested in learning Acellus Academy | Accredited Online School for Grades K-12 | Acellus Academy We have a 1 year old so this isn’t too far away, the public system here...
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    Black Gold 380R's 65 Mustang Build Thread

    Is this what you are talking about? It’s almost identical to what Ford used in the 90’s. I used this to rewrap my harness in my 95, I was pleased with it I wrapped the end of the wrap with Tesa tape. If you pay close attention while removing the old stuff you can see some of the “tricks” the...
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    Ethanol free gas

    People cut their dicks off and report no issues after as well
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    Bill Cosbys sex assault conviction overturned

    I don’t doubt he gave lewds to girls to loosen em up but I also don’t think those women are retards that can’t think, lots of dumb decisions all around.
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    Bill Cosbys sex assault conviction overturned

    I agree 100% however in this case the media and looney leftist women told us all of that happened and after 2020 nobody should believe a thing those liars say. Same people that hide Epstein crimes so they could interview the royals later on.
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    Ethanol free gas

    Jet A
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    2004 Ford GT Confirmation Prototype 1 on BAT

    Hacking the ecu would be my only mission if I bought that
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    375-Mile 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra on BAT

    Nice, is your dads one of those 3 or did the guy own 4? I’d looove to have a mystic one day
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    375-Mile 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra on BAT

    It’s true and the seats are exactly the same, no extra bolstering
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    build or sell

    Just buy an S351, the SN is still down comparatively plus the parts for a rep are tough to find the wheels you can find at times but gauges, seats and brakes are hens teeth. A nice S351 can still be found in the $20k-$35k range.
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    Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee dead after hanging himself in jail

    I pretty much dismissed the entire msm story line on him once they said that, seems like an obvious way to discredit him and I’d say it worked by reading the replies here.
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    Simple Gurney Flap Question

    Measure your bolts in the bag they might be the ones he took out.
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    S351 Re-build 95-112

    It’s also got a tiny 65mm TB lol, you are correct I am going for the OEM look. I’ve considering pulling the 408 and putting higher comp pistons in, custom cam and an ITB set up of some kind but we shall see. If it put down 450/500 I probably wouldn’t mess with it much and thats around what the...
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    S351 Re-build 95-112

    Getting tuned tomorrow morning and if all goes well I should be driving later on that day
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    S351 Re-build 95-112

    Thank you, sounds like you have spent as much or more time learning about these as I have. I redid the fuel system with a 255lph pump, Pro-M hanger, -6 lines, 42lbs inj on the OE rail. I doubt this will make over 500 through the 65mm TB.
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    S351 Re-build 95-112

    As far as I can determine the painted pulls were an option later on but I’m not real sure. I held onto them but the passenger side will need to be redone if they go back in because it is rough. I do like the added color pop
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    S351 Re-build 95-112

    They were awful, I have no idea why someone would buy those when the LeMans wheels were already there. It was wild man, I kept finding more and more. I’d think I was about done and then a wire would show up and the chase start all over. The strobe light unit was a pretty cool find I suppose...