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  1. 1QUICK10TH

    WTB higher mileage cobra near NJ

    Send pics and info of what you have. No verts, no tan interior, and no black exterior please. Not looking to spend a fortune. 6097097656 please use the phone number I won't be checking the thread often. Thank you
  2. 1QUICK10TH

    Procharger C1 Head Unit and Bracket for SVT Focus *NEW*

    I have a brand new C1 head unit and bracket sitting in a box taking up space. The plan was to fab our own piping in house and use one of our treadstone intercoolers, the plan never went into motion so it's time to go. This stuff is new never used. If interested call or text 609-709-7656 for details
  3. 1QUICK10TH

    Paxton Novi 2000R and bracket *new*

    I'm not sure if there's much of a crowd here for this blower but I have a brand new Novi 2000R with bracket sitting in a box from 2005. This was supposed to be for our shop car, obviously it got lost in time but it's time to find it a new home. This blower is ready to make some serious power...
  4. 1QUICK10TH

    05-10 ARH 1 7/8 LT's with X pipe and Magnaflow Comp Axle Back

    05-10 ARH 1 3/4" LT's w/ 3" X Pipe and 3" Magnaflow Comp Cat Back I have a complete exhaust from headers to mufflers in very good condition ARH long tubes and X pipe to magnaflow competition axle back. It is all 3". Here's a chance to save big time, asking $1400 for everything.
  5. 1QUICK10TH

    ARH 1 7/8" Long Tubes With X Pipe $850 Shipped

    I have a like new set of ARH long tubes with x pipe just collecting dust around the shop. The are literally almost new, were on a customers car for a short period of time before he traded it in. Asking 850 shipped 609-709-7656 for pics and info.
  6. 1QUICK10TH

    ARH 1 7/8 Long Tubes The car is a very clean

    Please delete
  7. 1QUICK10TH

    2012 Performance White Brembo Premium GT in NJ $24000

    The car is a very clean white 2012 premium with Brembos and red leather interior. It is a 6 speed manual with 43k miles. Car is very clean inside and out, garage kept. It has the following tasteful mods: Forgestar CF5 Wheels Piano Black 19x9 and 19x10 Boss Intake manifold JLT Carbon fiber...
  8. 1QUICK10TH

    Looking for Weld RTS to trade for my Forgestar CF5

    I have 19x9 and 19x10 piano black cf5's with 255/40 pirelli Corsa and 295/35 bfg kdw rears. Tires and wheels have less than 3k miles. Looking for a weld rts combo with tires preferably drag radials local to Nj. 6097097656 for pics
  9. 1QUICK10TH

    Paxton 2200SL Complete set up $4300

    I have decided to sell my Paxton kit to get my boys started on dirt bikes for Christmas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any part of the kit. With the base kit I am including the following; powder coated wrinkle black Canton coolant tank, wrinkle black intercooler piping (just the visible...
  10. 1QUICK10TH

    Ford Racing LU47 Injectors

    4k miles, never had e85 in them. I'm in Nj, only 2 stations in the state, I bought them for a nitrous set up but switched to Paxton and ID's. $200 shipped and pay pal'd
  11. 1QUICK10TH

    WTB One piece drive shaft

    Looking for a one piece shaft, aluminum and maybe close to NJ. Pm or text 6097097656
  12. 1QUICK10TH

    Data logged for the first time today, quick question

    I just data logged my base tune from Lund for my Paxton set up. While data logging I noticed that at idle and revving I neutral (like John requested) the afr reads 0.0 on both banks. Is that normal?
  13. 1QUICK10TH

    Any DH mountain bikers in here?

    Just curious if any of you guys ride DH? I rode for the first time yesterday at killington, VT and I think I'm in love! I have extensive background in moto and ride expert hare scrambles and enduro. I picked it up quick and I think I'd like to get more involved. I rode a Scott Gambler and it was...
  14. 1QUICK10TH

    SD 60lb injectors in FI coyote?

    Any one using sd 60's in a mild super charged coyote? If not, why not? If yes, are you happy?
  15. 1QUICK10TH

    SD 60lb injectors

    Does any one use them on their supercharged coyotes? If not, why? If so, are you happy?
  16. 1QUICK10TH

    Wtb ID injectors

    Let me know what you have and what you want
  17. 1QUICK10TH

    47lb/hr injectors

    Originally bought for a nitrous set up, went with a Paxton instead. $200
  18. 1QUICK10TH

    Airaid intake $185 shipped

    Airaid intake for boss manifold, I don't know if it works on stock manifold or not. Came on my car when I bought it but going Paxton. $185 shipped in the country. 6097097656 for pics
  19. 1QUICK10TH

    Nitrous Expess Wet Kit w/purge and window switch $600

    I have a complete NX plate for 5.0 cars that I'm looking to sell. I've been going back and fourth on the idea for a while now but I think I'm just going to go blower and be done with it. The kit is installed but never used. 100% complete with NX purge and MSD window switch also included. The...
  20. 1QUICK10TH

    AED nitrous tune?

    Any one have experience with AED when it comes to a nitrous tune for a coyote car? Getting my local tuner to make time for me is proving to be quite difficult, he's busy and I get that so I'm looking into the email/data log/revise route. I know AED has a good rep just looking for first hand...
  21. 1QUICK10TH

    AED nitrous tune for 5.0?

    I've been kicking around the idea of doing the email/data log method for a nitrous tune on my 5.0 as it's proving to be rather difficult for my local guy to make room for me on the schedule. I know AED has a great reputation although he seems to be slightly higher in the price department than...
  22. 1QUICK10TH

    2012 Track Pack wheels with 2 almost new tires

    Selling my 4 19x9 brembo wheels, includes 2 almost new 255/40 pirelli corsa tires. $400 located in NJ
  23. 1QUICK10TH

    Want to buy nitrous parts

    Looking for the following n2o parts Automatic bottle heater Electric n2o pressure gauge (in car) Fuel pressure switch
  24. 1QUICK10TH

    Probability of a nitrous backfire with my set up?

    I might be over reacting but the main reason I have not been motivated to get my car tuned and use the nitrous is because I'm afraid of a nitrous back fire. The car has a boss manifold with an NX plate kit with an msd window switch. It's not a dig car, just a fun weekend street car that might...
  25. 1QUICK10TH

    Wtb: roush side splitters, gt500 wing, and valance

    Looking for 10-12 gt500 wing and valance and roush side splitters