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    Finally found a truck

    I don't blame you for leaving it alone, must be like going back in time when you drive it! Are there 8.25-16's or 7.50-16's on it now? Simple Tire has Destone D503's that look similar are are priced somewhat reasonable. Been a while since I've driven on a bias plys. On vehicles that sit...
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    Finally found a truck

    Any plans for it...? Or just going to enjoy it as is? Are the wheels 16.5's? If you want to save the tires(16.5's are getting impossible to find...) '90's F250-350 E250-350 16x7 Accuride steel wheels have a nice vintage vibe, are readily available and cheap. Here's a pic of some on a '77 with...
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    The Beast has Arrived! 2022 F250 content

    Very nice!! I'll be curious to hear your thoughts after you tow with it to see if you'd wished you'd gone with a steeper gear. Or if the 3.55's will be enough with the 10sp and 7.3 displacement.(I can't remember if 3.73's are an option now...or if its just 3.55's or 4.30's)
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    Wife blew up the Speed6--got a replacement

    I'm assuming it was turned up a bit better than stock! Thanks for this! I was trying to decide if I was going to put a tune on the wifes RS.... I'm thinking, maybe not.(she is also a good driver...but I know she isn't going to want to think about when its OK to go WOT)
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    Finally found a truck

    NICE!! Love the Dentside Fords! We'll definitely need more pics! 360 or 390? Manual or auto? I'd love to see it with some vintage aftermarket wheels...but with low miles & factory paint, I don't think you want to take a chance of paint damage from wide wheels...
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    Vid of White Painted Steel Wheels on Base 2DR

    I thought this was interesting... A guy is hitting his new 2DR with white paint to give it a more "retro" appearance. I'm not sure if I could do it to a brand new truck...but the base rigs are pretty I guess its not surprising that a set of tires and couple cans of Kyrlon can change...
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    Lets see those trucks!

    Thanks for the feedback! My sister just bought a new Sahara 4xE and mother inlaw just got a Gladiator Rubicon. Both asked my opinion before purchase and I told them about the negative attributes, but ultimately they were in love with how they look. I think you'll love the Rebel! My buddy wants...
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    Lets see those trucks!

    When have any of 13COBRA's trucks not looked perfect?!? And at this point, we've had a few to review! lol
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    Lets see those trucks!

    Curious why you said good by to the Gladiator...? Most of my friends who had Jeeps were DIEHARD Jeep fans...and then, they weren't. I didn't realize you could get the Ecodiesel with the Rebel. For what the Rebel was designed to do, I thought it'd want wheel speed, better suited to the 5.7.
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    RoadKill Nights

    From the looks of things he was up against a full backhalved "racecar" once the tires blew off at the start line...might as well give the fans a show!!
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    Lets see those trucks!

    Did you figure out if you can run a 255/85r17 without a rear spacer? Thanks for mentioning the Baja Boss AT's! Somehow I missed M/T had a new tire out. On paper they look perfect: 18.5/32's of tread, snow rated, deeper side biters for more aggressive look, asymmetrical tread pattern for...
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    Lets see those trucks!

    AWESOME!! Dentsides are my favorite!(My first vehicle was '79 F100) And with the V8 swap, it makes all the right noises. I can't believe how well it shined up with just a buff job, I thought you had it painted! I was going to comment on how clean and rust free it is...then I noticed you're in...
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    2001 Yamaha Banshee Restoration Thread

    NICE!! Although...I always cringe a little when I see something designed for the dirt...get detailed to the 9's!! Its so pretty right now...I don't know if I'd have the stones to get it properly dirty! lol
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    Tesla Plaid Model S vs 1,000+ HP 2020 Shelby GT500 Roll Race & Solo 1/4 Mile Passes

    Oh, and no green weenies need apply when it comes to the plaid...there ain't no amount of magic fairy dust that is going to make anything that heavy accelerate that fast and yet be "energy efficient" That work comes at a cost, whether it comes from the pump or the cord.
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    Tesla Plaid Model S vs 1,000+ HP 2020 Shelby GT500 Roll Race & Solo 1/4 Mile Passes

    This is not sarcastic, I'm typing this with a smile on my face! But you gotta love a forum where someone's first question when discussing a car that runs mid 9's, stock, is "So how do you mod these?" LOL I LOVE it!
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    Tesla Plaid Model S vs 1,000+ HP 2020 Shelby GT500 Roll Race & Solo 1/4 Mile Passes

    As cool as it is to go that quick...I don't know how smart it is knocking on the 8's just wearing a helmet & fire jacket and no other safety gear...? But on the other hand...if that's your daily...I guess you could get in just as much trouble on the street. Seems like tracks are going to have to...
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    Tesla Plaid Model S vs 1,000+ HP 2020 Shelby GT500 Roll Race & Solo 1/4 Mile Passes

    I know a lot of guys are haters and I get it...but it is beyond ridiculous that it is only a matter of time before a Plaid cracks the 8's in basically stock form... Watch the tail end of this vid to see a 9.08 pass... Obviously they were pulling out all the stops, but still, pretty crazy!
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    Frank Kelly - Fast, Sidways and Mental #3

    I can't remember if this has already been posted...But Frank Kelly has to be my favorite rally driver to watch!! As the title of their vid says "Fast, sideways & mental"...100%!!! Listen around the 1:53 mark, after a crazy WOT blast, for his co-driver to say "f**k me Kelly"...and start...
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    Lets see those trucks!

    Back surgery?!? Damnit that really need to watch yourself on the recovery...couple buddies of mine didn't and destroyed the results the surgery. Dangit!! Was looking forward to Comanche progress!
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    Spy Shots: '23 Ford Ranger Raptor Caught With Wildtrak Rollbar

    That would be SWEET! Unfortunately we'll probably never see either... No extended cab because special editions are all crew cab these manual, because I doubt the stick will allow a high enough tow rating...
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    Can the new Bronco stack up against the Jeep Wrangler?

    I know I've been beating the manual thing to death... But I found this video where somebody actually beats on the 2.3/7sp combo. It sounds better under load than I thought and looks like the trans shifts with car like slickness. 0-60 in 8.7 seconds with average driver and two guys in the...
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    Shelby vs Shelby... GT500 vs Bronco driven by Shelby Hall

    Short fun video of a Bronco driven by Shelby Hall(granddaughter of offroad legend Rod Hall) vs a GT500 driven by Gary Patterson(Shelby American CEO) around Hallett Motor Racing Circuit.
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    Spy Shots: '23 Ford Ranger Raptor Caught With Wildtrak Rollbar

    I am definitely curious as to what will become available with this update... I like my current '18 F150...but I LOVED my 4wd regular cab '06 silverado with V8, 5sp & 4.10's There are spy shots of a reg cab long bed Ranger and RUMORS of it getting the Bronco 7sp manual(but I doubt the manual is...
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    Pretty cool mew Arron Lewis Song. "Am i the the only one"

    If he truly believes what he is singing then God bless him. If he is just another segment of our entertainment industry, like CNN & FOX, that is cashing in on the huge divide in our Great Nation...then screw him.
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    lets see all the hot girlfriends/wives!

    Tob, you've been around that for 40 years....? Are you surprised you have heart problems?!?