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  1. Doug

    Compression, head gaskets, and boost

    Alright, I feel like I should know the answer to this question, but I haven't had the time to really research it. Synopsis: I've got a stroked motor, flat top pistons, milled heads, stock cams, lightly ported b heads and none of the usual bolt ons (no ud pullies, stock coils, fms wires, full...
  2. Doug

    oil in the intake!?

    okay, so i've been having some stuttering problems over the past couple months. the car would choke at high rpms. the plugs were brand new, the wires are less than a year old. the coil packs were in good shape. I have a small coolant leak, and i was beginning to fear the worst - that i...
  3. Doug

    Does anyone have an SCT Xcal2 Flasher?

    Looking for more info on these other than marketing hype. I'm interested in getting one. Do you have just the flasher, or flasher and software for computer? Is the software pretty easy to use or is it clunky/non-intuitive? Do you have a wideband? If so, which one?
  4. Doug

    Done a little bit of work to the car, wow what a difference.

    There is a guy local that is just starting a new business in Suspension tuning. Its a niche that hasn't been tapped into here. He's the only one around that specializes in four corner tuning of drag cars. He's an old friend, and had him come over to look at my car. We set it up on the...
  5. Doug

    Read Spark Plugs

    hope this helps!
  6. Doug

    its like a brand new car

    well, i never really mentioned this because I just figured it was the way it was. But my car makes all sorts of howling and whining noises. I thought some of it might have to do that i don't have a lower shift boot to isolate a lot of road noise. So I had been looking for a one in good...
  7. Doug

    WTB: lower rubber shift boot in good condition

    I'm looking for the lower rubber shift boot that bolts to the trans tunnel. I need one that is in GOOD condition. minimal to no rips. let me know what you have and what you want for it! zip code is 37402 edit: * would rather you PM me, as i don't check the market place often.
  8. Doug

    looking for some old information

    I'm sure it got lost with a server crash, but i SWEAR i remember reading an article in this section that showed how to modify the stock tach to be more accurate. Does anyone remember this or did i bump my head? I mean, this was like 4years ago....
  9. Doug

    Impressions of the new motor and upgrades

    Well, i've been driving around for a bout 3 weeks now just having fun with the car. Last night, some of the old crew got together to hang out and have some dinner. I was giving rides to people and everyone was saying it felt a lot stronger than it did before. I have to agree with them. I...
  10. Doug

    Need some help figuring out what this is

    I assume its something for emissions or EGR or something like that. But here recently, my car has been slightly surging and occasionally dies when i put the clutch in and hit the brakes. Looking for vacuum leaks, i found this little tiny hose broken: pictures are from phone... here is...
  11. Doug

    first thoughts on the new motor!

    I've put about 50 miles on the new motor so far. And i'm impressed. Really haven't laid in it yet. Only brought it up to about 5K at 3/4 throttle. The car pulls HARD in 4th gear though. Just putting it in 4th, at around 1800rpms and just accelerating at about 3/4 throttle it just gets up...
  12. Doug

    good news!

    I've got the car pretty much buttoned up. Its all wired up and have listened to the radio and all that. a friend of mine is coming over tonight after work to help me put the transmission in. I'm waiting on a valve cover bolt to come in and it should be in tomorrow. Once i go pick that...
  13. Doug

    Draining the gas tank the easy way.

    Here is how to hotwire your fuel pump relay to drain the gast tank. What you'll need: about 3" of wire, stripped at both ends. Some Rubber tubing (not sure of the size) Valve Stem remover okay, first you want to remove the shrader valve from your fuel rail. Its located on the...
  14. Doug

    help me find what this wire is...

    i know the picture sucks, but its a two white/grayish wires that comes off the main harness by the battery. Some say its a ground, but my voltameter does not confirm this. some say it goes to the side of the fuse box with the red single wire. can anyone look on their fuse box and let me...
  15. Doug

    Another update - motor is back in the car!!

    woo woo!! almost there... just got to go pick up my coolant resivoir. I managed to crack the original one. Thanks to Steve at Tousley Ford for the hookup!! Saved me over $60!!! Also need to go pick up some hose clamps and misc bolts. I've seemed to have lost quite a bit of...
  16. Doug

    good place to get specialty bolts

    I need some specialty nuts and bolts for my bellhousing. i've lost the ones that came with it. I need: two M10x1.5x35mm Class 10.9 Cap Screw Its for the Lakewood Scattershield for a TKO. Anyone know a heads up where i might find these?
  17. Doug

    help needed with cut rear springs

    so i cut a coil off the stock GT springs i had in the rear of my cobra hoping to get a little drop so it wouldn't be all dukes of hazzard. While putting them back on, I noticed that if i kept the pigtail on the lower part of the spring pointing forward then the end of the spring at the top...
  18. Doug

    Harmonic Balancers

    Does anyone make a fluid dampened balancer that is NOT for underdrive pulleys? I looked at the march piece and it seems to be only for underdrive pulleys. I have stock pulleys and want aftermarket dampener - perferably fluid dampened
  19. Doug

    Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

    I ordered some Ford Motorsport Gaskets part number F80Z-9448-AE. They came as two, two cylinder gaskets. Its like they took a 4 bank gasket and cut it in two. I'm a little hesitant about that...anyone have experience with these gaskets? I didn't take them in case i needed to get new ones...
  20. Doug

    Lots of work to do!

    Got my engine back from Pro Line Race Engines. What a great bunch of guys. Highly recommend them. I also picked up a chromoloy K-Member and Chromoly A-Arms. brand spanking new in packaging for CHEAP!!! I bought them off of Tim Lynch :-D does that make me fast by association? lol...
  21. Doug

    Thanks to Steve (SVTFORDPARTS) at Tousely Ford

    I ordered some stuff for my daily driver. There was a miscommunication and i was sent a driver side mirror when i needed a passenger side mirror. Just got off the phone with him and he is sending out the correct mirror with a label to send back the other one. Great guy to do business...
  22. Doug

    Dropped the motor off

    So i dropped my motor and new block off to have the guts swapped over. Was told 4wks for a turnaround. But they said that's what they tell everyone and it might be sooner cause they have most of the parts in stock. I'm getting excited to have my car back on the road. Looking to get a...
  23. Doug

    Header Gaskets

    are they a one size fits all and are they reusable. I noticed i had a MASSIVE exaust leak on the at the headers, front of the engine. When i picked my car up i remember my engine builder telling me to tighten up the bolts again after a day or two of driving because the type of gasket that was...
  24. Doug

    another step in the right direction...

    pulled the motor out on monday night. Gonna take it somewhere to have all the internals transfered over to the new block and have the heads looked over...i was hoping to get some cams for the car, but i had some other stuff that took priority over my finances...
  25. Doug


    you guys miss me? :D so...i pretty much got tired of the whole car scene for a while. but recently i've made some steps to getting my car fixed. If yall remember, i was going to try and get bracket made to fix my block but that fell through so i ended up buying an 01 cobra block (which...