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  1. 1993R

    93R still alive

    1993 FORD MUSTANG COBRA R - Barrett-Jackson Auction Company - World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions The 93R strong pricing continue
  2. 1993R

    Rebuild Koni Shock

    I was actually quite surprised how much it was when I checked a number of years ago. I cant remember but i figured it was almost worth buying new. I will be interested in hearing the current pricing.
  3. 1993R

    93R still alive

    Good info on the Walker/Rodas car thanks for clarifying its lineage. My car has about 9700 on the clock. I put everyone of them on her. She in great shape with a good history. I kind of laugh at all the "pristine" ones still out there because none of the cars was built to be show cars and museum...
  4. 1993R

    93R still alive

    Sorry typo meant BJ=Barrett-Jackson
  5. 1993R

    93R still alive

    Think the 93Rs at BJ will go for around $110k ish. Both have been on market before but guess owners feel BJ will get then top dollar We will see...... Looking forward to seeing the prices on the Paul Walker Collection vehicles. They are not selling all his stuff including his 93R which would...
  6. 1993R

    93R still alive

    My son was in town for the Holidays from NM So I had a chance to pull the old girl out of storage and light her up. She hasnt been out much since we moved to Fla. Fired on first turn as usual. A few of the neighbors at the condo came out once she was roaring lol Hate not having a house and a...
  7. 1993R

    Rebuild Koni Shock

    Tom, you can contact Koni and send the shock to them and they can rebuild it for you. There are a couple of racing teams that also will do them. All R owners got screwed Koni used to rebuild for free but wont do it on the shocks supplied to ford for our cars. I checked years ago... KONI NA |...
  8. 1993R

    A chevy sexually assaulted my Cobra

    People always ask me why I stopped driving the R on the street. This is why.......its a damn shame but glad everything is working out for you
  9. 1993R

    00R #83 getting full service.

    I personally think the bladders dont like Ethanol based fuels........
  10. 1993R

    Look what I just picked up!

    Car is sick Mark. I'm glad it is in your hands now. You gonna vintage race it ?
  11. 1993R

    1995 R owner has a 2019 Ford Shelby GT350 coming to him

    Nice ride Doc Once the motor is broken in I'm sure you will give it some revs :)
  12. 1993R

    Just wondering who is the longest member here?

    Is there a prize or do I get an OG rating lol
  13. 1993R

    1995 R owner has a 2019 Ford Shelby GT350 coming to him

    Boris Said is a great guy. Met him many years ago when he was sponsored by the Simo Brothers (No Fear)
  14. 1993R

    1995 R owner has a 2019 Ford Shelby GT350 coming to him

    I didnt make the Mitty this year either. Working on a real estate deal down here is taking my spare time. I may hit some of the events here later in the year.
  15. 1993R

    1995 R owner has a 2019 Ford Shelby GT350 coming to him

    I wouldnt expect anything less from you
  16. 1993R

    Cobra Race Car?

    This is an interesting former professional race car...... 1999 Ford Mustang GT Race Car to be clear I have no dog in the hunt
  17. 1993R

    1995 R owner has a 2019 Ford Shelby GT350 coming to him

    Congrats Doc..........
  18. 1993R

    cobra r race configuration for rear end

    FYI.... on my 93R I'm running poly bushings and I welded the torque boxes . Also added the Steeda extra rear sway bar. I believe these mods were legal and period correct according to the rule book I have from IMSA for the series. While the extra sway bar doesnt seem to be a very stout piece it...
  19. 1993R

    2000 Cobra R #192 History

    I would certainly be sending the auction executive board a certified letter with documentation letting them know your postion and see what happens . You got nothing to lose.
  20. 1993R

    1993 Cobra R - $132K SOLD at Barrett Jackson

    If you find the right buyer a bunch possibly $140K Open MSO could help or hurt...depending if you wanted to register it (taxes)
  21. 1993R

    1993 Cobra R - $132K SOLD at Barrett Jackson

    pleased to see the 93R going back up in value and getting some media attention
  22. 1993R

    Info on 2000 Cobra R #081 race car or #300

    I would check with the SCCA. The Region it ran in should provide you with some info. Registrar and Scrutineer place to start. It had to be teched and T1 is a National Class. Who ever teched it may know who built the car etc. Does it have any tech decals on the Cage? What about enteries in the...
  23. 1993R

    Some pics to share...

    shot you a PM
  24. 1993R

    Help with story of 1993 cobra hats and poster

    Red Hats were made by Kar Kraft for the 93R project . Not sure about white ones. The poster was given to people involved in the development of the 93R. It shows the cars being transported and final assembly at Kar Kraft. Mine is framed and matted.