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    Ford 9" Spool/4.56 Gears

    Up for sale is a brand new, still in the box, spool for a Ford 9" axle, 28 spline, a set of "Genuine" brand 4.56 ring & pinion gears, still in the sealed plastic and the master rebuild kit. I found out my axle splines were twisted so the parts were never installed. E-mail me at...
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    FS: Spearco Air To Air Intercooler

    I bought this for my 97 Cobra but went to a water-to-air. Spearco. Measures 23 3/4W x 17 3/4 H x 3 3/4L. It has 3.5" inlet and 4" outlet. This would be an easy bolt-on for anyone using the Sullivan intake with the foward TB opening. It was made for a SN-95, but could be modded to fit almost any...
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    FS: 3.55:1 Gears

    OEM 3.55:1 ring & pinion gears out of my 8.8 axle. They have 29,3XX miles on them, and about 1/2 dozen easy 1/4 mi. launches. $100.00 plus shipping. PM or e-mail me at [email protected]
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    What Some Police Officers Would Like You To Know

    What some Police Officers would like you to know............... Your five year old kid getting pushed down by another five year old kid is NOT a police matter. Talk to the other kid's parents, not the police If your kid won't do his homework or do his chores, 911 is not the answer We...
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    On Went the Slicks/Skinnies

    OK, since I blew up tne Cobra on the dyno, I got a little bored and wondered how they look on the Marauder?
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    Spearco Air To Air Intercooler

    I bought this for my 97 Cobra but went to a water-to-air. Spearco. Measures 23 3/4W x 17 3/4 H x 3 3/4L. This would be an easy bolt-on for anyone using the Sullivan intake with the foward TB opening. It was made for a SN-95 but could be modded to fit almost any Stang. Also included are intake...
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    Dyno Video: 5500 RPMs And It Broke!

    I was breaking in my F-2M blown 97 Cobra, not a 94 as said in the vid. Absolutely the best parts $$$ can buy. It was assembled at local machine shop here in Hawaii. Can't point a finger at anyone until I disassemble the motor and try to see what went wrong. Three pulls at 1/2 throttle, was...
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    Help With Primary Cam Gear Timing

    OK, I've got a 97 Cobra with a FAST and FAST E-DIS. My timing is about 90* off. With my #1 cyl. at TDC, the timing mark on the Primary sprocket has'nt reached the cam position sensor. By the time it is aligned with the sensor, #1 cyl. is past TDC, causing all of my timing to be off. The...
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    Who Makes A 8.8 Axle Brace?

    I need an 8.8 axle brace. I'm looking at Team Z Motorsports brace. Who else makes a beefy brace for an 8.8? Here is the axle so far.
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    Busted Differential (pic)

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    On my 4th clutch cable-HELP!!

    Ever since I put on the UPR quadrant (& firewall adjuster), I've been snapping the clutch cable about every two months. The first pick-up hook severs the cable. Tried grinding down the edges and dipping quadrant & cable in Plastic dip (coating) No good. Just installed my 4th cable. I've also got...
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    I need cheap shipping to Hawaii!

    I won an aution on E-Bay for a Lincoln Arc welder. Fed Ex Ground wants $182.00. Even paying that amount in shipping will be cheaper than buying one at Sears locally, but its cutting into my savings. Anyone know of an alternate way of shipping ? The package weights about 110 lbs. Coming from...
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    Anyone going to FFW in Commerce, GA.?

    Hey Guys & Gals, I'm flying outta Hawaii tonight (4-12) headed to GA. I'll be at FFW in Commerce this weekend, 4/16-18-04. Anyone else here going? I'd like to meet you if you're gonna be there. I'll PM you with a contact #. Hope some of you guys can make it...
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    Bypass valve too small?

    How can you tell if your BOV/Bypass is too small. I have a bypass routed in to the intake. This is from my old ProCharger P600B kit. I'm now running a Novi 2000 set at "about" 15-18 lbs of boost. Head unit has a 2.75" pulley. Have'nt taken it past 4500 rpm's due to lean condition. Anyway, what...
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    Novi 2000RR 10 or 12 rib pullies

    Anyone know who makes a 10 or 12 rib pulley for the Novi 2000RRs? Also would need the rest of the pullies for a 97 Cobra? I've seen them but the owner may not want to part them away from the blower he has for sale. Can't afford cogs!! Thanks.
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    Power pipe w/ Fluidyne radiator

    Does anyone know if a Morpheous, Steeda or Anderson power pipe will fit with a Novi 2000RR and a Fluidyne three core radiator? Can't seem to get in contact with Paxton. With my ProCharger P600B, I had to cut and bend the radiator to get the stock intake to barely fit. Now I'm going with a bigger...
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    Switch from T-45 to C-4 ?s

    Am seriously considering switching from my T-45 t oa built C-4. Trans is the last stock piece on my car & the weak link. Its turning int oa strip only car. What all is involved in swapping a manuel to an auto? Expensive? Thanks for any input!
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    Knocking on the 11 sec door!

    Yep, new personal best. 60' 1.74 1/8 et 7.7 1/8 mph 91.68 1/4 et 12.02 1/4 mph 114 mph I figure if I drink Slimfast all week, I'll be in the 11's!!:beer:
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    SHM longblock HP

    I have a 97 Cobra with a SHM longblock, stage I heads, blower gring cams, and a SSR intake. My ProCharger P600B went south so I'm running N/A for now. Was wondering what the motor alone puts out to the wheels, then dyno with the ProCharger D-1 . Has anyone dynoed just a SHM motor alone?
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    I'm considering an alcohol/water injection kit for the 03. I'm running a 2.80 upper (RR) and a Metco 6# lower. I'm sure in overspinning the H#!! out of the Heaton so I was thinking maybe the alky/h2o would help. Yes, I know nitrous works great too, but I'm kinda strapped for funds, plus...
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    SPEC Stage II vs. Stage III

    I've noticed alot of you guys are running a SPEC stage III. I've had a Stage III and now a Stage II in my ProCharged 97 Cobra. If anyone is a potential SPEC clutch buyer, heres what I have to say: DON'T LET YOUR EGO GUIDE YOU LIKE I DID I had a Stage III with their aluminum F/W. I thought...
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    I'm not getting a KB

    I'm even further away from a KB now. The ProCharger on the 97 Cobra went south bigtime. I upgraded the head unit to the D-1 blower, so the KB for the 03 is on the back burner again:gt: Anybody heard anything on the Works?
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    New Best ET tonight!

    Well, I'm finally learning to drive. 60' - 1.63 1320' - 12.1 MPH- 115 That was with an UNPREPPED track. The track is supposed to be prepped tomorrow night. I'll let you know if I earn my roll bar!! BTW, dumped the clutch at 5K even. (yes, I have upgraded halfshafts).
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    I'll pay you $$ if you live near Charleston, IN

    Check out my thread on the "Roadside Pub" for details. Thanks, Tommy
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    I'll pay you $$ if you live near Charleston, IN

    OK Guys, Need a favor. I bought my 03 from Rob Raymer of Quartermile Performance, in Charleston, IN. The trucking company would not allow the spare parts to be in the vehicle to be shipped to Hawaii. Parts that were included in the price of the car: 16X8 Weld ProStar XPs, MT ET Streets...