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    Looking for a 96-98 cobra in Mi

    They made a few cloth and non Mach 460 systems which saved about $2000 on the sticker. So they were out there but very few, like my '98 cloth model. I did it to save on price when I orderd. Then 8 yrs later put way too much into a system lol
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    Do you have Mickey Thompson Street Comp Radials available ?

    Hi Looking for a pair of Mickey Thompson 245/45-17 and a pair of 275/40-17 for my 98 SVT. Can you get these at Discount Tire and if so how much (site to local store ) zip 43551 ? Thanks
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    Experience/Preference of aftermkt "AR" type rifles?

    Do any of the LEO's or anyone else have a preference of aftermarket/custom companies that offer the AR type based rifle ? I am looking at a .308 w/ MOA or less capability. I wanted to see opinions/experiences on build quality, accuracy, features, optics, and that sort of thing. Not sure...
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    Just bought a set of Mickey Thompson Drag Radials!

    I finally decided to replace the 6 yr old Dunlops and bought a set a 17" M/T's to tide me over until I get new 18" wheels next season. They grab real good but are kinda squirelly feeling when following uneven/grooved pavement. The sidewall must be softer as I don't recall my old Nitto D/R's...
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    Is the seatbelt violation in OHIO now a "primary offense" ???

    The way the ads are being promoted, it sounds like the state patrol will just pull someone over & then nail them on just a seatbelt violation. Also I keep hearing of people getting nailed for "no seatbelt" on a pullover, yet they said they are just getting their wallets out ahead of the...
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    For Ohio LEO's (Proof of insurance??)

    I know at one time the state would send out random letters to people w/ vehicles asking for proof of insurance. If they couldn't prove they had it they would get a suspended lisence. My question is when you get pulled over for whatever the reason, the cop will ask for DL, & vehicle...
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    Does Ford/SVT keep records of owners and their model/build # ??

    Just wondering if Ford/SVT keeps their registry or at least of the original owners and what year/production build #number their car is ? I kinda would like to know who the people were that have a lower build number than me in 1998. I just wondered if the 1st few were not kept in house or...
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    '98 center console trim piece removal ?

    Im not sure this is the section to post but how the heck does that trim piece around the center A/C vents, radio, cd, come off ? I already took off the 2 upward facing bolts but now what ? I also tried removing the lower cd unit (so I could install a "cubby" ), with the DIN removal tool thing...
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    Anyone running 18" 345 DR's on 94-98?

    Bodies. I know it has been done already on the 99+ body style without "tubbing" but I heard also there isn't as much room for whatever reason in the wells on the 94-98 bodies. Here is a link for the 99+ body style w/345's
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    Ford GT in Toledo Ohio w/ "Ford SSHeaders"?

    Just spotted a new GT at our local Friday nite summer car show/hangout in Toledo. The guy had a dark blue/white stripes GT. He said he was the first owner of Ford's new stainless headers. I thought they were stock being the car has so much good stuff. When I looked again I don't think I noticed...
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    What do you prefer in Handgun/Caliber??

    If you didn't have to go with what your dept makes you use on duty, which handgun/model/caliber would you prefer to use ? I'm looking at an H&K in .40 or .45 USP and realize that bigger isn't always better (and a head shot is a head shot either way), but what do you think ?
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    Will the clear foglights from a'01-'03 Ranger fit in a 96-98Cobra ??

    I see the guys on here/Corral doing the GMC Envoy foglight conversion but has anyone tried or heard of using the round foglights off of a '01-'03 Ford Ranger?? Also does anyone make a CLEAR lens smoked foglight replacement unit for our cars??
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    Major Hwy. drug busts from lane violations question?

    Everytime and I mean everytime the News up here reports a new record//major drug bust on the interstate ( busts over $1mill), they report that the reason they pulled the vehicle over was for a "improper lane change". Unless the people driving look like the lead actors in a Cheech & Chong movie...
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    Do you guys forsee a nationwide ban on cell phone usage(non hands free) anytime soon?

    This seems to be about as bad as DUI sometimes. Do you think it will ever be a traffic violation nationwide as a primary offense??
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    Have you ever noticed your local news reports of seatbelt nonusage in traffic deaths?

    This drives me nuts. Now before everyone jumps on me about wearing seatbelts saves lives I agree 100% and I wear mine 100% of the time. What I am talking about is the all too common accidents of where somebody is killed driving their car by a semi or a train (and you have about as much...
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    Police Charger Hemi Interceptor

    Here you guys go. Now you can keep up with your Motorola's ;-) Looks like Ford better redo the Crown Vic and upgrade it with the Mustang GT engine or offer a Mustang GT Interceptor like they had in the early 90's...
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    Cops- If you could have any gun as your trunk/rack gun what i would it be?

    If you got to pick your long gun for your car, what would it be?? Now if you all answer the 12 ga, what would your 2nd choice be if you could have 2 guns ??? If it were me I would have a Benelli M1 "Entry gun" and in the trunk either a "ARS" built Mini 14 /Mini 30 or an MP5.
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    '07 SVT Ford Sport Trac (Adrenalin)...

    Not sure where to post this but it can be moved by the mods.
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    Has anyone seen/ran an '05 AUTO at the track 1/4 mi. times??

    Has anyone seen times for the auto that were NOT done by Motor Trend or any other magazine (I already know those times)?? I would think a sub 13 sec car will be easily attained once a few basic parts become available.. Before anyone asks why a auto, I already have a 5 speed in the Cobra...
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    Ford "GT" crate engines for sale -INTERESTED ?? At least they "threw in" a warranty . I would have hated to see what the '07 Cobra would cost if they use this engine:rollseyes
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    It looks like we have another option to our T45 besides GForce

    It looks like we have another option to our T45/3650 5speeds besides GForce I have yet to see prices so hopefully Tremac doesn't "bend us over" too bad on these new 5 speeds.. :rockon:
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    Who pays the most/least monthly for insurance??

    Just wanting to see where I stand on insurance rates. - What are you paying each month on insurance ?? Lets assume full coverage here. (yeah states like Mich. pay more for unisured motorist or whatever it's called. Also newer models will be somewhat higher as will bad records) . Please...
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    Mach 1's running auto's ??

    What kind of 1/4 mile times are you guys getting -(esp. if you have done gear installs) ?? Thanks
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    For those interested in a supercharged Mach

    Here is a link. Not too bad for the base kit.
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    Question about "Crown Vic" Police cruiser gas tanks exploding/fatalities

    I go to Blue Oval News from time to time and they keep posting about officers killed in their Crown Vics during high speed chases due to being rear ended and their gas tanks rupturing/catching fire.. Has anyone in their area heard of this locally and also who is rear ending them during the high...