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  1. His Grace

    Towing with my half ton....

    Hey guys, I need some help. Just got back from Indian Princess campout and I have had it with sleeping in a tent with four little precious girls. Either its freezing, raining, or someone has to go to the potty and it always becomes a 45 minute ordeal during the night. Its just life, but I...
  2. His Grace

    Chick-fil-A did not cave into concessions....

    Chick-fil-A did NOT cave to homosexual activists Last week, it was falsely reported that Chick-fil-A had caved to gay activists. This rumor quickly spread across the Internet fueled by homosexuals who were attempting to create division and hatred toward the company. The truth is...
  3. His Grace

    Nitro RC Cars

    Can anyone here give me some good advice concerning which one I should purchase? engine size? etc.... I have been doing some google searches but the info is so vast and spread out, I thought coming to my SVTP brotherhood would help give me some more narrowed and precise information. A few...
  4. His Grace

    This guy should get a reward.

    Makes you wonder if there were any people carrying in the movie theatre if things would have been different;
  5. His Grace

    Camaro Enthusiasts Enter Please

    My friend buys and sells cars and he came home with this. He took me for a ride in it, and besides having to butter myself up just to get past the roll cage its seemed like a pretty decent ride, very quick, but not 10 second quick to me, of which he stated it would run. Any one here with a...
  6. His Grace

    Starting a Trucking Business, have a few questions.

    Hey guys, need some wisdom. I have a great opportunity to start transporting drilling mud out to rigs, so thinking about leaving the nursing field lol. Is there a way to start an LLC and opt out of paying social security? I am purchasing a Mack CH613 with 300,000 miles, a 53 foot step...
  7. His Grace

    The Avengers

    This movie is going to ROCK! Favorite line from the preview; Loci : We have an army Tony Stark : We have the Hulk :banana::banana::banana::banana:
  8. His Grace

    Republican Primaries

    (Approved by the forum moderator to appear in roadside and should not be moved to the politics forum.) Who will you be voting for? If possible, I ask to keep this friendly. I am not pushing one candidate over another, just want to obtain the SVTP consensus. Have a Merry Christmas...
  9. His Grace


    There you have it, who would you pick?
  10. His Grace

    The Sky is blue

    The earth is green
  11. His Grace


    test poll
  12. His Grace

    Interesting Read for Dads

    I thought I would share :) "12 Rules for Raising Delinquent Children" Posted by Lin on August 10, 2008 The “12 Rules for Raising Delinquent Children” was issued by the Houston, Texas, Police Department in a leaflet that was included in the printed copy of the Chamber of Commerce...
  13. His Grace

    Boils my Blood...

    DA: Pennsylvania abortion doc killed seven babies with scissors - Bennington Banner Not sure what to say!
  14. His Grace

    I have been accepted into CRNA school...

    After much thought, I declined Texas Tech's Family Nurse Practionar program after being accepted and had 5 days to get my GRE, PALs, CCRN and application sent in to Texas Wesleyan University. With much prayer I had a great clinical interview and was accepted on the spot. Very pumped...
  15. His Grace

    What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

    Like the title states? The absolute scariest movie you have ever seen.
  16. His Grace

    Any Members on here gamble online?

    Just curious. Anyone hit up Pokerstars or anything else for some hold em etc..? If so, if you can recall, how much money do you spend weekly or monthly? Do you stay positive or constantly in the negative? I love playing Texas hold em, always have. I understand if there are people who...
  17. His Grace

    Need two players for Halo Reach

    Any members, lets go, I need to guys who want to play and can bring it. His Grace (xgc cleanincrew)
  18. His Grace

    Richard Dawkins examined...

    Topic; Richard Dawkins and the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve After receiving a few messages from members asking my input concerning the video listed below, I figured I might share some of my research and opinion on the subject. This is not meant to offend or portray my opinion as fact, but mere...
  19. His Grace

    Noahs Ark...

    Claims it has been found now.... Noah’s Ark found, researchers claim - Cathal Kelly Staff Reporter A group of Christian researchers claimed on Tuesday they have found the remains of Noah’s Ark, located four kilometres up the side of Turkey’s Mt. Ararat. The famed...
  20. His Grace

    Dont talk to the Police.....

    Very Interesting.......... YouTube- Dont Talk to Police
  21. His Grace

    Elephant Birth

    Thought this was amazing, what a wonderful view of nature. - Live Olifant Geboorte TV
  22. His Grace

    Where is the funny student essay thread?

    Help a brotha out.
  23. His Grace

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Awww, this thread is so full of win, except for that hairy girl.
  24. His Grace

    For those of you who recognize the King...

    YouTube - That's My King! - SM Lockridge
  25. His Grace

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I actually intended to buy the cement blocks, I believe He is in Elburn. Then I noticed that add on here lol.