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  1. Booyah

    Power wheelin'!

    35 - 36 seconds is the best part.
  2. Booyah

    So I'm just walking from my car...

    to go into the MCX to get a little haircut. And I notice a nice looking young lady with her cart and a small child(girl about 18 - 20 months) in the seat portion. I'm checking out the "goods" and she bolts off leaving the cart on the sidewalk. Think she was running to her car to get...
  3. Booyah

    WTF is wrong with people.

    Just makes no sense at all. As if returning forces didn't have enough to cope with now this crap.
  4. Booyah

    BBK X/H pipe fitment

    Anyone else using a BBK X or H pipe and have fitment issues? I noticed right away that the passenger side flange didn't look bent enough to fit correctly. Had to use a prybar to get it to get it on the studs and, as I figured being that I had to do that, it doesn't sit flush on the manifold...
  5. Booyah

    Cool technology

    Direct link as website is NSFW.
  6. Booyah

    Talk me out of it...

    Okay, I put my catback on lastnight(Flowmaster) but didn't put the tailpipes on because I'm having other tailpipes made. Holy crap it sounds like heaven with these pseudo turn downs. Now I'm really thinking about having the three inch long turn down tips made instead.
  7. Booyah

    96 - 98 March UD Pullies

    96 - 99 March UD Pullies Have a set, new in box(albiet 6 years old), of March UD pullies that I bought for my '98 way back in 2000 or so that I never installed. $80 obo + shipping. They retail for $140 currently. I'll try to get pics up tonight or email interested parties.
  8. Booyah

    Tough Guy!!!

    LOL :D :D
  9. Booyah

    Plenum differences

    Does anyone have some scoop on the differences between '96-'98 intake plenum and the '99 - '01 plenum? Key interest areas are performance difference if any and swapability of plenums between the two time periods. :read:
  10. Booyah

    Impressions after '03+ Cobra aluminum flywheel/clutch install

    Installed the whole shabang on Saturday. First thing was just the weight difference when installing the two different flywheels. The aluminum is at least half the weight I would guess. Pedal feel seems very light now and engagement is very crisp but not grabby. On hard shifts there is very...
  11. Booyah

    I thought Jaws was fiction!? :eek: :eek:
  12. Booyah

    Remember Michael Crook from ForsaketheTroops?

    Well no wonder he's so damn mad at the world. Look at the guy.
  13. Booyah

    Remember "Little Hercules"?

    Not really surprised but here's the true story.
  14. Booyah

    Just Wow

    Click It and Be Amazed :shrug: :shrug: :poke: :poke:
  15. Booyah

    New Motor Trend - '07 Cobra

    Just got it in the mail today. They have an article on what they have learned from Ford about the '07 Cobra. It will not be badged as an SVT Cobra, it will wear Shelby Cobra and be powered by the 5.4 liter V8 found in the GT. Putting horsepower numbers at 550. No IRS due to a major...
  16. Booyah

    For all the Counter Strike fans.

    McDonald's Counter Strke
  17. Booyah

    The ignorance is endless Rapper: Blacks 'cheered when 9-11 happened' Knight Ridder Newspapers Oct. 14, 2004 03:08 PM If Osama bin Laden ever buys a rap album, he'll probably start with a CD by KRS-One. The hip-hop anarchist has declared his...
  18. Booyah

    What the hell is up with....

    ...McDonalds' Monopoly game now!? It's been their tradition to give away a Dodge Viper, now they give away a freaking riced out Honda Civic EX!!!??? :bash: Not that I eat McDonalds anyway but wtf? :fm:
  19. Booyah

    Shift knob.

    Alright, I remember a little while back that someone posted a link to a store online that sold '03 like leather shift knobs. Looked just like and '03+ Cobra shift knob with the aluminum face but was for a five speed. Anyone know where I can find one of these?
  20. Booyah

    Fitment issues with Torque Thrust II's?

  21. Booyah

    Best use of Ebay ever

  22. Booyah

    You've got to be kidding me!?
  23. Booyah

    Almost a real kill story today.

    I'm headed to base to make sure my Marines are in the office waiting on promotion material. Cruising along at about 55 in a 45 on a two lane highway in the right lane and come around a corner. This guy in a pink button up shirt comes flying out of no where on a moped right into my lane from...
  24. Booyah

    How many have done all you could...

    for a pet but still ended up losing them? Just spent $750 on one of my "small dogs"(dumbo earred rat named Possum) and she didn't make it through recovery. Unfortunately, I'm taking it pretty hard because I believe and see all my pets as children and a real part of my family. One of the best...
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    Forum Jump navigation...

    doesn't work.