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  1. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: PP EGR 70mm Spacer w/EGR block-off plate & OEM 65mm TB

    For sale I have a Professional Products 70mm EGR Spacer with a WMS (Western Motorsports), a Canadian Mustang Parts company EGR block off plate. It's a polished piece of aluminum and it comes with its own gasket. I cleaned the EGR Spacer pretty well. I accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, CashApp, &...
  2. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: (3) 1:18 Scale Maisto Comp. Orange Terminators

    I've decided to sell these (3) 1:18 scale Maisto Comp. Orange Terminators to forum members, since I know some people who live in different parts of the county don't get stock of these until the holidays, and I can always get more next time they re-stock. I will not charge you a fortune, and...
  3. 99MustangGTman

    Decided to pick up these 1:18 scale Terminators today.

    Some Comp Orange goodness!
  4. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: Vintage 1994 Mustang Cobra Indy 500 Jacket.

    SOLD. I was looking through the thread and saw some people looking for old school SVT, Motorcraft, etc, and jackets for sale. I completely forgot I had this jacket in my closest for 20 years. I've been searching for this jacket on eBay and on the internet in general and I can't find one. My...
  5. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: 96-04 Ford Motorcraft Reman. Starter

    For sale I have a Ford Motorcraft Remanufactured starter w/ Solenoid. It came off my 99' GT. My stock one stopped working and I bought this one when the car had about 67,000 miles and used it right up until I started tearing my car down for a rebuild at 77,000 miles. So it only has about 10,000...
  6. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: Knife Collection.

    I have a bunch of knives from my own collection for sale. Some used, I never used any of them for anything more than to cut open boxes full of car parts honestly. I just have way too many now and I have a couple I really like to use for utility and one for personal carry. Must buy at least 2...
  7. 99MustangGTman

    Anyone know where to find an American Flag Pony Logo Sticker?

    I'm trying to find an American Flag of the running horse Mustang Pony logo. About the size of what it actually is on 2010-2021 Mustang GT/350/500s/etc. Both of my other Mustangs naturally had this logo from the factory, but my 86 GT doesn't have the running horse logo which is not a big deal...
  8. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: Mac O/R H-Pipe for Shorty Headers.

    EDIT: Title should read Shorty O/R H-Pipe For Longtubes. Fitment is for 99-04 Mustang GT/Cobra/Mach 1 Up for sale I have a shorty Mac O/R H-Pipe that came off my 99 GT for Longtubes. It has an O2 bung welded on for a wideband sensor to be mounted. I would obviously change the O2 sensors...
  9. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: Partsam 79-86 (4) LED Headlights $50

    These are the same headlights. Asking $50 NO PAYPAL/VENMO. I only accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, Cash App, and Square.
  10. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: BBK Cold Air Intake in Black

    SOLD The Pro-M MAF is not for sale. PM me if interested. Again, NO PayPal, only Square, CashApp, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.
  11. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: Polished Aluminum Alternator Pulley 6 Rib.

    For sale I have a polished aluminum alternator pulley. It's a bit different from most aftermarket pulleys for the reason that is has 3 allen head bolts that cover the front are where the bolt would normally be exposed. I have no need for it anymore since I just installed a PA Performance 130 Amp...
  12. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: 1985/1986 GT Door Panel.

    In excellent condition. One minor gash towards the front, cannot be seen when the door is closed as it is covered by the dash and hard to see even when the door is open since its at the very top of the top of the door. The rubber that wipes the window is in perfect condition, no cracks or areas...
  13. 99MustangGTman

    Can someone identify this painting for me?

    I'm watching a documentary with a bunch of Rembrandts and other paintings and I know this is a famous painting, but I have no idea who the painter is or what the name of the painting is. I'm not a paint connoisseur and can only afford a poster version, but I am curious which one this is, which...
  14. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: PA Performance 3G Wire Kit. 1986 GT

    I just bought a PA Performance 130 Amp Alternator for my 1986 Mustang GT and it requires this 3G conversion wire kit. I even called PA Performance before I bought the alternator and they told my I would need this part, so when I ordered the piece from LMR, I had no idea this wire kit came with...
  15. 99MustangGTman

    WANTED: MegaSquirt PnP Gen. 2 ECU. Have A9L ECU & Pro-M MAF

    I picked up an 86 GT almost 3 months ago. It's not heavily modded, but has the Trick Flow 360 HP Top End kit with TF 170cc heads, TF track max cams, TF track heat upper/lower intake and a few other mods. Anyways i'm looking to spend a couple thousand on suspension mods and I want to tune the...
  16. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: GMP die cast trailer + tire/wheel set. Rare.

    Up for sale I have an original GMP 1:18 scale die cast trailer new in box along with a 1:18 scale tire and wheel set, comes with both street tires and drag tires. This is part number 9006, if you look around on eBay or other places you'll usually find part number 9007 for the wheel/tire set and...
  17. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: 1:18 Scale Shelby Collectibles Boss 302 + Maisto GT500

    BOSS 302 SOLD! I have seen these sell from $72 Shipped to $80 Shipped. I am asking a very fair price of $60 shipped. I only accept Google Pay, Square, CashApp, or ApplePay. I am also selling a Maisto GT500 for $20, but only if you purchase the Boss 302 as well. The front right wheel was...
  18. 99MustangGTman

    Can anyone tell me what sound system I have in my car? (PICS)

    I bought my car about 2 1/2 months ago and the guy I bought it from told me he would take $400 off the price of the car to remove the sound system. I said, no problem, since I could care less about massive subs and giant speakers. After we negotiated, he said he would throw in the sound system...
  19. 99MustangGTman

    WANTED: 1985/1986 GT OEM radio w/ Red backlight

    I am looking for an 85/86 GT OEM radio. It has a cassette player, says "Premium Sound" and has red back lighting on it. I know for sure it came on both these model years, but if it came on early years I will consider that too. It should look exactly like that.
  20. 99MustangGTman

    Any tires out there like BFG KDW2s?

    I'm looking for a comparable set of performance tires like the BFGoodrich KDW2s. I don't believe they are made anymore and I remember they came in the KDW2 and DR version. I had the KDW2s in the rear of my 99 GT in 295s and loved them. The wear was great, excellent compromise of durability and...
  21. 99MustangGTman

    My (new to me) 1986 Dark Grey Metallic GT.

    After searching since late October of last year and having many deals fall through, I finally found an 86 GT, which is what I want specifically for a Fox. I thought I found what I was looking for right away in mid November. I was trying to plan to drive down there and pick it up, but nearly 12...
  22. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: Amazon Echo Dot. Brand New.

    New in box, never opened, still sealed.
  23. 99MustangGTman

    FOR SALE: LED Square style lights. Brand New.

    Each light has a piece of plastic over them to protect the cover. The 4th headlight is on my car and was installed the day I bought the car, which was this Saturday (1/16/21) and works perfectly fine. The harness is included to install all four lights As you can see in the diagram a different...
  24. 99MustangGTman

    Can someone help me identify there TrickFlow heads?

    My friend, who also has an 86 GT that currently has a set of TrickFlow heads with a 331 stroker, TrickFlow intake, and many more mods. Anyways, the previous owner gave him a ton of extra performance parts when he bought the car. For example, the car has an 03' Cobra IRS installed in it, and the...
  25. 99MustangGTman

    Does anyone have Hagerty Insurance and registered/titled their car for the first time?

    This isn't a huge priority for me, but seeing as how this forum is filled with a ton of Mustang owners, I feel like there's got to be some people here who have Hagerty insurance for their collector car. Anyways I just bought an 86 GT this past Saturday (1/16) and I already insured the car...