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  1. Riored95

    F/S Autometer C2 Gauges

    I know i posted these almost a year ago.. But i still have them if someone is interested. Shoot me a offer if interested. Would like to get this to someone that will use them. Thanks
  2. Riored95

    Speed Hut Wideband and AEM Controller install Help please!

    I need some help trouble shooting my newly installed Speed Hut Wideband gauge i have set up with my AEM Controller. I have power to both the controller and gauge fine, the controller is also showing a solid green led light which means it is in normal working condition. When i start the car the...
  3. Riored95

    F/S Autometer C2 Gauges

    Ok guys I got a set of AutoMeter C2 Guages I would like to sell. Both of them are out of my Cobra they work fine I just replaced them with a set of Speed Huts recently. Buyer will be responsible for shipping and fees. Please contact me Pm or text 814-688-2883 if you have any questions or want...
  4. Riored95

    WTB Speed Of Sound Coupe dual gauge pod

    As the tittle says guys, I'm on the hunt for a old speed of sound gauge pod for a coupe. I know it's a shot in the dark but hoping someone wants to part with one. Thanks!!
  5. Riored95

    WTB Cobra front calipers and brackets

    I am interested in a set of cobra front calipers and brackets. Thanks
  6. Riored95

    WTB 99-01 Tail lights with Harness

    Looking for a set of clean 99-01 amber tail lights with harnesses. Thanks guys!
  7. Riored95

    94-95 Parts with a few MAF Meters for sale.

    I have a variety of parts I am getting rid of to start gathering some parts for my winter build. Buyer is in charge of shipping and Paypal fee. Brand New Afaco DBX85 Mass air Meter with 94-95 harness - $225 OBO 94-95 Factory Coolant overflow tank. - $20 94-95 Brand New Trick Flow Intake...
  8. Riored95

    WTB: Passenger Side Skirt

    Just as in the title guys. It don't matter what color I will be painting it anyway. Let me know what ya guys got! Thank you!!
  9. Riored95

    Adirondack Nationals

    I went to the adirondack nationals this last weekend in Lake George NY and ran into almost a dozen cobras up there. Wa really surprised to see that many. Last year I only seen two and one was my buddy's that I went with. Was just wondering if any of the guys from the forum were there?? Was a...
  10. Riored95

    Whipple decal

    Hey you whipple guys did you have any problems with the stickers on the side of the compressor sliding off? If so what dif you guys use to put them back on? Thanks