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  1. bleedout

    2003 Mach 1 TR, very well taken care of- $9600

    So im in the process of buying a house and I may have to sell my Mach to help cover costs, this car runs and drives absolutely fantastic and is a blast to drive with plenty of power. Its an 03' Torch red mach 1, I have recently installed many upgrades to the car and performed all maintenance so...
  2. bleedout

    anyone install cams in their mach1 or cobra?

    hey all, im playing with the idea of installing a set of cams in my mach 1 but im curious to see how many of you have and if the performance gains are worth the money and install time? If so what cams are most popular and what hp did you end up with? I would like to keep the stock springs if...
  3. bleedout

    Safe to boost at 108k ? opinions please

    So im thinking about buying a procharger kit for my mach however I would like some opinions from you all regarding boost and miles and would you rebuild first? I currently sit at around 108k, I drive my car as much as possible and it is very well maintained and cared for, with that said it runs...
  4. bleedout

    why is everyone scared of miles?

    so why is it that everyone is scared of miles or scared to put miles on their car? I will never understand this at all, I always see terminators or machs mustangs ect. with stupid low miles on them up for sale and they typically have a good amount of mods done to them. why not enjoy the cars and...
  5. bleedout

    Trans rebuilt, new clutch and a lot of noise?

    So recently my 2nd gear synchro went bad, so I pulled the trans and sent it off for a rebuild and figured while I have it under the knife I would upgrade some parts. So I ordered a McLeod clutch from American muscle, frpp pilot bearing, new shifter ball, I ordered complete suspension minus...
  6. bleedout

    Ghost cam tune, anyone have this?

    Hey guys, I recently saw that tuners can make a ghost cam file for a tune and I'm wondering if any of you have or had this and opinions or thoughts on it. My old S197 I out the Ford racing thumper cams and loved the idle sound with full exhaust. Problem is I can't justify spending what they want...
  7. bleedout

    time frame to build trans

    So I pulled and dropped my transmission off to be built last Saturday. Trans guy said he would dig into it and call me with parts list asap. Well today is Thursday and not having heard from him I called him after lunch expecting some sort of information. Well he tells me it's next on his list he...
  8. bleedout

    suspension brands? opinions get in her please

    i need some opinions and advice on suspension brands for my mach, im currently having the trans built due to bad synchros and while its on my hoist i noticed the front struts are blown. i know these cars come factory with tokico front and rear and they look to be original so im going to replace...
  9. bleedout

    how to post pics from cell?

    I'm tryn to post some pics from my phone and I can not figure out how, can anyone help? Am I missing something or can it only be done from a desk top?
  10. bleedout

    Mach 1 vs e85 ? worth switching?

    Hey guys not sure if this has been beat to death, I've looked and have not seen anything recently in regards to it. Anyways I'm wondering how many of you are running e85 and if so, how and what did you use to run it? Was it an e85 kit like available online or? Is it even worth running? What are...
  11. bleedout

    Tr3650 trans rebuild prices???

    For any of you that have paid to have a tr3650 rebuilt, im wondering what is a decent price. Im tryn not to get hosed. My 2nd and 3rd gear synchros are pretty bad and wont engage over 4000rpm. Opinions on if the entire tranny should be rebuilt or just the bad parts, any updated better parts...
  12. bleedout

    2003-2004 Mach 1 or Cobra 4v 1/4 times?

    Hey guys, I just bought a 2003 Mach 1 with couple bolt ons, off road X, frpp 4.10s, Bama tune, short shifter, anyways my question is will these car run high 12s with bolt ons and good launch? I'm fairly certain I can squeeze a high 12 pass out of it but I work at import dealer and all my subie...
  13. bleedout

    Bama can tune too rich?

    Hey all, I haven't been on here in a while since selling my 2004 Cobra, however I just picked up an 03' Mach 1. My question for you is, the car has a couple bolt ons, off road X, cat back, Bama can tune, frpp 4.10s, and mgw short throw. Now if I'm driving the car and I stop at a light or in...
  14. bleedout

    BAB 94' Mustang Gt, mild build, full suspension, everything upgraded LOOK! FTor FT

    This is a very clean bright atlantic blue 5.0 mustang. Currently has 118k on body runs and drives great. Apparently it wont let me post attachments but i can send pics via email or cell. Not sure where to start. Ill list upgrades per section. Its for sale but im also looking to trade for a sn95...
  15. bleedout

    2000 Mustang GT, modded, florida car

    This mustang has a BBK cold air intake, mac off road xpipe, flowmaster stainless catback, eibach springs, full length sub frame connectors. Caster/ camber plates, fresh alignment, rebuilt rear end, frpp 4.30 gears, short shifter, hurst shifter ball, pro car race seats, zex wet nitrous kit, all...
  16. bleedout

    More fuel pump needed on Nitrous set up?!?!

    last fall i finished my nitrous set up on my 00' GT. simple set up, Zex wet kit with all accessories including window switch. Im currently running 100 shot with no tuning and ngk TR6 plugs, my question is this spring im going to find a hand held and i want to step up to 125 shot, now besides the...
  17. bleedout

    Dating 21-24 yr old chics? if you have or are, get in here!

    Ok gents, so im back into the dating scene and its been a little while since ive been single. To start off im 29, been all over the country, and im put together. With that said I seem to be only meeting the younger generation of females 21-24, now this is not a problem as most of them are pretty...
  18. bleedout

    Wtf? Wheres the snow? Odd

    Ok so were in Feb, in west MI, still no damn snow? This is unheard of in Michigan and if I didnt have to buy new plates for the stang and pay the ridiculous fees i would be driving it, but its put up for winter. Any of you have thoughts on this snow drought? Or where are you all located and is...
  19. bleedout

    WTB- Hand held tuner

    Hey all, im looking for a good used hand held tuner, unlocked! Im not interested in buying a locked tuner and sending it in for $150 to unlock it, been there no thanks. I would prefer SCT but Diablo will work as well. Please gents, lets me know if anyone has an Unlocked! Tuner for sale. Thanks
  20. bleedout

    nitrous advice on a 2valve

    ok guys, im installing my zex nitrous kit today and i was dead set on starting off with a 100 shot but now im a little nervous-details. i dont have a hand held tuner so i cant retard the timing for NOS,yet. problem is im goin to track this saturday and i planned on spraying. i used to have this...
  21. bleedout

    FS- Ported PI heads with valvetrain, manifolds, painted valve covers- look good price

    For sale is a set of Windsor ported PI heads that come with all the valvetrain including cams. Comes with exhaust manifolds, and performance red painted valve covers. These heads were gasket port matched and slightly polished. I can email or text pics upon request. Im asking $250 for everything...
  22. bleedout

    addicted to modding and pissing the old lady off

    so as im sure most of you on here are, im always modding my cars. it never stops and i cant help it. i currently have a 2v valve that im building and fedex and UPS have been coming on a regular basis lately delivering small odds and ends and seats. but lately its been pissing the GF off pretty...
  23. bleedout

    any of you have and complaints or gripes about your place of employment?

    so recently i have had nothing but bullshit come my way from the administration dept. at my work. i actually believe that they have singled me out and are on my ass and watching me closely to see if i make any mistakes. without getting into a lot of detail, i know i cant be the only one on this...
  24. bleedout

    00' 2V mild mods, 1/4 mile time, what yall think?

    ok gents, so the Cobra is gone and its been replaced with a good ole' 2v lol. im actually taking it to the track this friday for test n tune and since ive never ran any of my old 2v's on the 1/4 mile im curious as to what times these things typically can get. i know its a huge down grade from my...
  25. bleedout

    intake, exhaust valves and lifters?!?!?!? who has the best deal?

    ok so im continuing my budget head swap. i got a steal on a set of stock 2v heads. just finished porting and polishing them and now its time for the valetrain. does anyone know who has the best deals on valves and lifters? ive checked local parts stores and found they are about $15 each. ive...