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  1. Canuck03SVT

    2022 Ford Fiesta ST - Not in the US

    Everything sounds better with an English accent. "lower bumpa" lol.
  2. Canuck03SVT

    What’s up guys!

    Welcome to the site and good luck in your search.
  3. Canuck03SVT

    Operation It's Hammered!! 2016 Tahoe...

    Incredible work as always, but this job is particularly impressive. That device you use just tells you how much paint and clear there is?
  4. Canuck03SVT

    Been gone for a while............................

    Respect to an OG. Post some new pics.
  5. Canuck03SVT

    GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE — Official Trailer 2

    Not what I expected at all. Looks like it will be good.
  6. Canuck03SVT

    RIP Dusty from ZZ Top

    Still too young, but what a life he lived.
  7. Canuck03SVT

    camaro ss vs supra

    Like a best out of 20? Lol.
  8. Canuck03SVT

    camaro ss vs supra

    Surprised they did a second roll. Wishful thinking, I guess.
  9. Canuck03SVT

    ss vs hellcat

    I thought the Hellcat was starting to pull ahead but the SS held on. Good race.
  10. Canuck03SVT

    Save my 04 or move on?

    If you're tired of putting money into it someone will buy it. Id like to see some pics. You drive it all year round?
  11. Canuck03SVT

    New Truck

    You're a patient man, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
  12. Canuck03SVT

    Ride along in a 8.74 pass

    God, damn! Thanks for the ride along, that was epic.
  13. Canuck03SVT

    700-900whp Shootout! 2020 GT500 VS 2017 ZL1 and more!

    Great races. All the cars were pretty evenly matched. I like the ZL1's but I'd probably still take the FI 5.0.
  14. Canuck03SVT

    Greenland (2021) Comet Disaster Movie

    It's a decent movie and worth a watch. I like most of Gerard Butler's movies.
  15. Canuck03SVT

    Value of 04 Mystic coupe

    One was listed on Kijiji last month for $39000 cad. It had 25000km, absolutely mint. It lasted a day. I'd go with the consensus and say low 40's.
  16. Canuck03SVT

    Rimac reveals plans for a new headquarters of € 200 million in Croatia

    A Rimac thread wouldn't be complete without this:
  17. Canuck03SVT

    Friday Joke

    The second one made me lol.
  18. Canuck03SVT

    Real Ford Puma ST RACES Replica RC Car! Who Wins?

    Hilarious. That was good fun. The RC had a slight weight advantage of 1356kg.
  19. Canuck03SVT

    Project purple people eater...

    Great job as always, but that thanks.
  20. Canuck03SVT

    TT 03 cobra rebuild****picture heavy***

    Impressive work. I'm guessing you've done something like this once or twice before? It's good to see the IRS and 6 speed remain.
  21. Canuck03SVT

    765 in flames

    So, is this going to be Tavarish's next project?
  22. Canuck03SVT


    Badass Vette and good job on the video edit. I know it's incredibly fast, but I've been corrupted by Calvo Vipers. Looking forward to some roll racing vids.
  23. Canuck03SVT

    2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP EPIC Cruise with Head of Ford Performance Marketing, Kash Singh! (video)

    Looked like a fun cruise. You're always guaranteed a good turn out when it comes to Mustangs.
  24. Canuck03SVT

    StreetSpeed717 Vs IconicGT500 RD3

    Close race. Impressed with both cars.
  25. Canuck03SVT

    McKee's 37 SiO2 Rinseless Wash...

    No idea since I've never used this method, but I'm glad you brought up the topic. I'll have to try this method.