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  1. J

    03 white vert 59xxx

    So after a little sadness in my heart I traded in the terminator for a 2010 corvette.
  2. J

    03 white vert 59xxx

    Still have this car. Don't mind having it but I have the possibility to pick up a c6 and I want to go ahead with it.
  3. J

    AC noise when on(sounds bad)

    So here is the story: Was sitting at a light with the a/c off and the car in neutral. Out of nowhere I hear a pop and there is an odd noise coming from under the hood. I drive the car home and it sounds like it's coming from the a/c area. I turn the car off. When I turn it back on the...
  4. J

    03 cobra vs g37

    Not much of a race but long story short... I didn't know this guy even wanted to race since I was in third going about 35 when he was about 1/2 car back and punched it. Anyways, I mashed the go pedal in 3rd and by the time I was shifting I regained the 1/2 car he had on me and started to...
  5. J

    Posi or steggy wanted NJ

    Looking for a posi or steggy ported eaton. Prefer to have a port mached plenum and TB. Also, so sort of pulley would be good as well. Lemme know what you guys have. Also, whats a good place to get it installed/tuned?
  6. J

    WTB: <$400 cat back in nj

    Looking for a catback for my 03 cobra. Looking to spend about $400. No junk and prefer local
  7. J

    03 white vert 59xxx

    03 white vert 61xxx NJ Car is lightly bolted. Things that are modded. The raxiom tailights(stock included), shifter knob(stock included), COBRA letter inserts, fr500 wheels, full length subframe connectors, ford racing diff cover, k&n intake, 2.8 pulley, magnaflow c/b, bassani catted x...
  8. J

    Stock 03 cobra wheels with svt center caps

    Selling some stock wheels off of my 03 cobra. Tires are included in the sale and have plenty of life left. Nitto nt 555. 275/40/17. 450 picked up
  9. J

    Wtb: svt focus(pa, nj, ny area)

    Looking for a svt focus. Prefer 03/04. Must have heated seats and not be silver. Stock or modded is ok. Prefer lower miles and in nj/pa(east) or ny. I have a 05 srt4 neon that I'm bored of. 82k miles that will go up everyday as it's my dd. Basic bolt ons... Bfmic, stiffer bushings, aem...
  10. J

    Nitto nt01 v. Toyo r888

    I'm looking at these two different tires which will be going on a 9/10.5 wheel set up for my cobra. Other than price, what are people's ups/downs with each tire. I'm probably going to have 295-315 size tire in the back and 255-275 up front Thoughts/suggestions/experiences are appreciated
  11. J

    srt-4 v. 350z

    So, not much of a kill story but a kill story regardless. I was driving home from work and I'm on the highway. It's about 11:00 at night so there isn't much traffic. I'm going about 70 mph in the left lane and slowly passing a guy in the middle lane. I see blue HIDs come up and quickly change...
  12. J

    18"X10" and 18"x9" fr500 wheels

    I see on cj's pony parts these wheels in anthracite finish with the cobra in the center cap. I'm looking to have a Christmas present for yours truly. I really like the look of these but I want to know other ppl's experiences with the rims before I shell out the money. These are going on...
  13. J

    03 cobra vert v. 5th gen camaro

    So, I'm on my way down to ocean city this weekend and behind me pulls up a new-ish 5th gen camaro. I pull off the line easily and he starts to ride my ass.... so I mash 1st and pull away like a freight train. After that he doesn't line up but proceeds to whip in/out of traffic.... no thanks...
  14. J

    New from cnj

    I posted a thread before and got yelled at for not providing pics..... so here they are. Stock 2003 oxford white cobra vert. I'll also post my pathetic recent race while on my way down to ocean city, md for memorial day.
  15. J

    Long time svt member.... Finally bought a terminator

    So my camaro Ss sold and soon after I needed a new toy. I've wanted a terminator since hs and I finally got my wish. Picked up a bone stock 03 Oxford white(one of my favs) with 46xxx miles and I must say I love the ride as expected. The gears are damn close and I grinded reverse once(ouch)...
  16. J

    2000 camaro ss vert

    I have for sale a beautiful 2000 camaro ss(real) convertible with 84k original miles. I'm the third owner. The previous was a 50's gentleman. First owner had it for about 16k miles. This vehicle has never been modified and runs/drives as it did when it rolled out of the factory. If you know...
  17. J

    2 cars: 2005 spec v/ 94 240sx

    all sold.
  18. J

    FS/FT Galant Vr4(rare,low miles,turbo,awd,400whp)

    Name: Mark D Location: Rockaway/Flemington, NJ 07866/08822 Contact Info: PM, aim jsrllrt Year: 1992 Make: Mitsu Model: Galant Vr4 Color: Belieze Green Mileage: 91,000 (original miles that can be verified by autocheck/carfax) Transmission: Manual Price: 8500 obo/willing to trade for...