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  1. zaxjax

    UFC Links

    Anyone have them yet?
  2. zaxjax

    Canadian Street Racers

    You're doing it all wrong!!! State trying to seize five high-end cars involved in Canadian street race – This Just In - Blogs
  3. zaxjax

    Great deals soon on all Fords

    Anyone see that Ron Bortnick was under water? Auction sales should be coming up soon Here is a pick I saw yfrog Photo : Shared by MeganMcGrath4
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    Earthquake just hit MD

    Sitting at work and we got a nice shake for about 30 seconds. Stuff flew off my desk and everyone ran outside. Pretty cool feeling!
  5. zaxjax

    Painting the Mellow Yellow Sled

    No not the top half! I had to paint the front valance, it was driving me nuts! I didnt want to take it to the paint shop since I am going to repaint the whole car next. I started by sanding the valance with an orbital sander and several different sanding discs. After each sanding I used Prep...
  6. zaxjax

    88 Notchback front valance repair

    So I picked up this Notch this week and the front valance was shot. I didnt want to take it to the paint shop since I am going to repaint the whole car next. I started by sanding the valance with an orbital sander and several different sanding discs. After each sanding I used Prep Sol to wipe...
  7. zaxjax

    Look at what I brought home yesterday

    It's not a Cobra but it's what I have been looking for and I found it local finally.
  8. zaxjax

    HD UNO and HD Poxy (mini review)

    So I have been reading about HD Uno and HD Poxy over on Autopia, and from the reviews I decided to try it out. I needed more polishes and sealants like I need a hole in my head. First, 3D sent me the Metal instead of Poxy, and they shipped me Poxy out and I kept the Metal. So I went looking...
  9. zaxjax

    Finally!!!! I have a turbo'd Ford

    Picked it up yesterday in the monsoon and drove it home. Not fun at all. Pic to follow :banana::banana:
  10. zaxjax


    Can someone run this VIN for me? Thanks and much appreciated! 1FACP40E3LF161381
  11. zaxjax

    HURTNEM's Mystichrome Coupe

    Chemical Guys Citrs Wash and Gloss Clay bar Menzerna Powergloss Menzerna Powerfinish Menzerna Nano Menzerna PO 85D Klasse AIO Two coats of Opti-Seal Black Wow 303 Aerospace Optimum Tire Never Dull Stoner's Invisible glass
  12. zaxjax

    Skins Tickets

    I have 4 seats to each of the following games Chiefs 10/18 Eagles 10/26 Broncos 11/15 Section 222 Row 11 seats 21-24 on the aisle and under cover on the 40 $125 per seat
  13. zaxjax

    Jet Black M3 detail by ZAXJAX

    CG CWG Meguiar's Clay I used a rotary for paint correction Menzerna Powerfinish - left very little marring on a white pad Menzerna 106FA on blue but still left marring I switched to my PC to finish Menzerna 106FA worked great and finished perfect 1 coat of Collinite 476 and 1 coat of...
  14. zaxjax

    Discount Codes for SVTP

    Autogeek - Autopia is 10% off & clubmember is 10% off Detailed Image - 10offSVTP is 10% off flat rate shipping of $5 Also Detailed Image has daily sales with products 30% off Chemical guys is 10offe46 for 10% off Auto Detailing Solutions does not discount but the prices are...
  15. zaxjax

    TRBOVNM's Hellion Comp O by ZAXJAX
  16. zaxjax

    TRBOVNM's Hellion Comp O by ZAXJAX

    CG CWG Meguiar's Clay M105 / PFW / Makita for trouble spots Menzerna Powerfinish / PFW / Makita Menzerna PO85D M21 Sealant Collinite 476 Optimum Spray Wax Black Wow on all trim followed up with 303 Aerospace Protectant Simple Green on the engine and protected with 303 Meguiar's Hyper...
  17. zaxjax

    Lexus RX330 by ZAXJAX

    CG CWG Meguiar's Clay M105 / PFW / Makita - trouble areas Optimum Polish / PFW / Makita Optimum PoliSeal 3M Performance Finish Meguiar's Hyper Dressing on tires Black Wow on exterior trim P21S TAW on rims and rockers Stoner's on the windows Before After
  18. zaxjax

    Dodge Ram 2500 the Silver Beast

    CG CWG Meguiar's Clay Optimum Polish / PFW / Makita Optimum PoliSeal / Blue / Makita Opti-Seal x 2 P21S TAW on wheels, rockers, wheel wells, exhaust tip and the whole front end Optimum PoliSeal / White / PC - headlights and windows Black Wow - exterior trim Meguiar's Hyper Dressing on...
  19. zaxjax

    Need some MACA muscle

    I'm just throwing this out because I need a little muscle. Some of you have been to my old house in Annapolis, which I now rent out. My tenants have not paid rent, I have received judgement and have the sheriff showing up for eviction. Here's where I need MACA help if interested. I need as...
  20. zaxjax

    Who's car/cars are for sale?

    I have a friend that is looking and I know that many of the MACA members really take good care of their rides. Who's selling? Just trying to hook him up with a nicely done car.`r
  21. zaxjax

    Wednesday Night Meet in Annapolis

    Every Wednesday night at Jemal's 50 Shopping Center right off Route 50. This is a multi-forums meet rain or shine, there is a rain spot that we have available. Everything from American Muscle to Imports and Euros are welcome. It's a good time and feel like cruising out for a bit. The meet is...
  22. zaxjax

    Monaco Blue 335i by ZAXJAX

    Monaco Blue 335i Coupe, nicely maintained with minimal swirls but it did have some nasty tree sap. I had to use a plastic razor blade to remove the tree sap. Nothing took it off! Wash - Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss at full strength P21S Total Auto Wash on front bumper, rocker panels...
  23. zaxjax

    Summer Movie Review - The Hangover

    Hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed from start to finish! The wife and I loved it, the ending is outrageous. We liked it so much we are going with some friends Sunday night to see it again! Go see it! It's well worth the price admission...
  24. zaxjax

    Happy Birthday Scott

    Today is Scott Hundley's Brithday. He's old!
  25. zaxjax

    2003 Cobra (Antex) and 2007 335i

    It was great to sit and chat with Matt and Anthony today. I got to drink beers , enjoy great company and enjoy the nice weather. Thanks you very much Antex! 2003 Cobra Redfire Coupe had light swirls, nothing major but lots of scuffs and scrapes from the track. It's a low 10 second street car...