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  1. flattrack53

    I am looking for a 1995 Cobra R in good condition

    Like a rebodied past? Just starting rumors…
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    Off topic threads

    Daisy duke… She was a smoke show and now looks awful.
  3. flattrack53

    Off topic threads

    She’s on her way to looking like an old Catherine Bach from dukes of hazard
  4. flattrack53

    2000 cobra r under a 1000 miles

  5. flattrack53

    Which clutch for my Frankenstein?

    RXT clutch, lightened steel flywheel. Blow proof bell, aluminum 3” driveshaft with billet ends
  6. flattrack53

    886-Mile 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R on BaT

    And it will go on for an hour with 2 minute resets!
  7. flattrack53

    2000 R on BAT 886 Miles. First one to break $100K??

    I’d rather have the original paint and deal with whatever patina the car has…
  8. flattrack53

    2000 R on BAT 886 Miles. First one to break $100K??

    Yeah. My #21 has no hood bubbles but I have a small crack where the latch is. When I had car #114, it had about 8,000 bubbles, crack, etc. I had it repainted before I sold it. I saw it a year later at show for sale and it looked worse than when I had it repainted. the fiberglass on these hood...
  9. flattrack53

    2000 R on BAT 886 Miles. First one to break $100K??

    The first one did break a 100 with the BAT fees to the buyer.
  10. flattrack53

    2000 Cobra R motor on BAT

    Lol, I didn’t even know you can email on BAT. I guess you learn something new everyday.
  11. flattrack53

    2000 Cobra R motor on BAT

    The ad was so poorly written and quite frankly I wasn’t sure what was included in the package. I didn’t see the sellers reply to my comment until the auction ended. I think the motor was well bought.
  12. flattrack53

    Vehicle storage alternative

    didn’t you post a picture of your garage setup? I thought you could park two cars deep and you had a couple of car lifts in the back. I was trying to state I would put some lifts in the front of your garage in the first bays. Not outside... But now I’m wondering if the picture of the garage...
  13. flattrack53

    Vehicle storage alternative

    It all really depends on your climate in my opinion. In Maryland, it would not be a good idea to store a car in a trailer, shipping container or etc. In order to preserve a car we need a climate control garage. As far as trailers go in general, I would suggest that as a no... I hear too many...
  14. flattrack53

    The new Cobra R for sale and want to buy thread

    The interior on the 95r was intended to be removed and replaced with race seat(s), cage, etc. I like the idea of having a car that blends in with others. I had my 00r at cars and coffee two weeks ago and I’m amazed with all of the hand prints I’ve found.
  15. flattrack53

    2000 Cobra R motor on BAT

    I was thinking a lot of the parts were included like ECU. It is probably one of the worst written BAT ads I’ve ever read.
  16. flattrack53

    1995 Cobra R on B-J that brought $42K (specs?)

    I buy cars, motorcycles and firearms to enjoy them. However, it is also nice to know that they appreciate. I certainly don’t purchase vehicles that depreciate at a rapid rate. My daily drivers have been and always will be older/clean vehicles that I meticulously maintain. No offense to the 60k...
  17. flattrack53

    00R for sale Ebay

    The one on BAT for 98k did not have any paperwork. It had a replacement wing, crappy paint job, splitter was painted and I believe the hood was as well. after BAT fees, that’s 102,900 to the buyer
  18. flattrack53

    00R for sale Ebay

    Oh absolutely. I think the cool factor is there for sure. The auto art diecast models have the stickers as well.
  19. flattrack53

    00R for sale Ebay

    The stickers gave it the extra bump in price
  20. flattrack53

    00R for sale Ebay

    I agree with you on that one. I’m not selling my cars. I would like to buy something else but I’m not paying the Covid markup. I’ll wait for the market correction before I buy any other cars.
  21. flattrack53

    2000 R Fuel Cell Option

    I definitely want one whenever it becomes available.
  22. flattrack53

    05 GT cluster problems

    I have a dead rpm tach. It’s an 05 with 450 miles. Has anyone tried to repair the oem tach?
  23. flattrack53

    Championship 95 R for sale

    This was just a “body in white”... Not a 95r. It’s a great 25-30k well sorted race car. The owner definitely hit the crack pipe pretty damn hard if he thinks he’s going to get a 7 digit price. He’s had this car listed for years and he is still the owner.
  24. flattrack53

    Carbon Fiber Cobra R Splitter - Interest thread

    I’m ready for it to show up, ha!