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  1. BlueSS

    WTB: Stock Pony Emblem!

    Hey Guys, If you have a stock pony emblem that you wouldn't mind selling to me, please hit me up! Thanks, :beer: Neil Either pm or email me: [email protected]
  2. BlueSS

    Kinect Available On Best Buy Online Right Now

    Figured I'd Let You Guys Know In Case Anyone Is Trying To Get One For X-mas! :beer: Microsoft - Kinect for Xbox 360 - LPF-00004
  3. BlueSS

    Whippled 03 Cobra vs GTR Skyline *video*

    I Was Wondering What The Outcome Would Look Like, Have A White One In My Small Town That I've Been Waiting To "Run" Into :beer: YouTube- Whippled Cobra vs GTR
  4. BlueSS

    Maisto 1:18 Diecasts!

    Hey, I Have A Couple Extra Diecasts Up For Grabs: Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera (Orange) SVT Ford Lightning (Red) C5 Corvette Z06 (Red) SVT 03 Cobra Coupe (Red) $20 + Shipping :beer:
  5. BlueSS

    UFC 103 Tonight?

    Hey does anyone have a link to where we can watch the fight for free on a live feed? That would be sick! :rockon: He's Let Me Down Alot Lately, But He's Still My Favorite! YouTube - The CROCOP
  6. BlueSS

    Terminator M112 On A Marauder?

    Got a buddy with a Mercury Marauder who is semi interested in buying my stock blower and putting it on his, is this even possible? They have the 01 Cobra motors, correct? Let me know guys, i'm sure somebody has done it! :beer:
  7. BlueSS

    FS: Red Corvette Z06 Diecast!

    Getting Rid Of Some Of My Collection, Mint in Box 01 Corvette Z06 in red :rockon: $24 + Shipping
  8. BlueSS

    FS: Red SVT Lighting Diecast!

    Hey, Grabbed An Extra One Of These Cause I Figured Somebody With A Red Lightning On Here Would Want It! :rockon: $32 Shipped!
  9. BlueSS

    Accufab Single Blade TB Fix?

    Hey guys, Ran in to my friend Dave the other night and told him i was having a little bit of sticking and he said that they were selling a fix for in on SVT? Any idea and if so a link! Thanks :beer:
  10. BlueSS

    WTB: Maximum Motorsports CC Plates!

    If Anyone Has A Pair Of Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates For Sale, Shoot Me A Pm. Thanks! :beer: Neil
  11. BlueSS

    WTB: Lethal Performance Coolant Reservoir By True Forged!

    Hey, i'm looking for a Lethal Performance coolant reservoir that was made by True Forged with the etched skull and cross bones emblem on it! Let me know if you have one, :beer: Thanks Neil
  12. BlueSS

    WTB: Lethal Performance Coolant Reservoir!

    Hey, i'm looking for a Lethal Performance coolant reservoir that was made by True Forged with the etched skull and cross bones emblem on it! Let me know if you have one. :beer: Thanks Neil
  13. BlueSS

    WTB: Maisto 1:18 Sonic 03 Cobra Coupe!

    If anyone has an extra 2003 Sonic Cobra Coupe by Maisto for sale, please let me know, i've been looking everywhere. I have a mint in box Torch red coupe if anyone wanted to work out some kind of trade plus cash deal. Thanks, :beer: Neil
  14. BlueSS

    Post Terminators VS Exotic/High End Cars! *Videos*

    Hey guys, i wanted to get a thread going of 03-04 Cobras up against Ford GT's, Lambo's, Ferrari's, C6 Z06's, Vipers etc. Lets get it going, can't wait to see how the Twin Screwed And Pullied Cars Stack Up! :beer: YouTube - lamborhini vs cobra
  15. BlueSS

    WTB: Whipple Bracket For Side Of Blower!

    Hey, if anyone has the 2.3 Whipple bracket that holds the electronics on the drivers side of the blower let me know and PM me! Thanks! :beer: Neil
  16. BlueSS Has 03 Cobra Deep Dish Wheels Now?

    Saw them for the first time today on, not sure if i'm a big fan or not. Anyone from here rocking them on their ride? Here's a pic from their site, like i said i'm still up in the air, i think the deep dish 10th's might look better :shrug:
  17. BlueSS

    03 Cobra Spoiler Light

    Looking for a replacement led light for my 03 cobra spoiler. Noticed while washing it yesterday that it has cracked and split in one area and would like to get a replacement. :nonono: Let me know if you have one for sale or know where i can get one for the cheapest price! Thanks, :beer: Neil
  18. BlueSS

    PPRV Delete Problems?

    Hey guys, Just got done doing the PPRV Delete to my Whippled cobra and have come across a problem after driving it for only a little bit. The car now will only idle and when i try to move it, it will begin to sputter and shut off? I was thinking that i might have possibly blown my FRPS...
  19. BlueSS

    Darin's 8 Second Supra On The Street! *VID*

    Super impressed by this car, crazy how fast that thing pulls once it spools up!
  20. BlueSS

    Whipple Belt Size

    Hey guys, I currently am running a 2.3 Whipple with 3.0 RR Upper and stock lower. Anyone with the same setup running a Gates belt and if so what size and number is it? Thanks, :beer: Neil
  21. BlueSS

    FS: 5000k Bi-Xenon 9007 HID Kit!

    Hey, I Have A Practically New 5000k Bi-Xenon (high and low beams) HID Kit For A 9007 Bulb. Looks Amazing And Really Lights Up The Road Atleast Three Times Better! Asking $150 Shipped Via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Days). Pm Me With Any Questions Thanks, :beer: Neil
  22. BlueSS

    WTB: Clear Corner Headlights For A 99-04 Mustang!

    If anyone has a pair of headlights up for grabs please let me know ASAP! Thanks! :beer: Neil
  23. BlueSS

    WTB: Whipple Side Bracket!

    Looking to see if anyone has a whipple bracket for sale, the one that mounts on the side of the blower and holds the electronics? Hit me up ASAP if you do! Thanks, :beer: Neil
  24. BlueSS

    FS: Whipple 3.50 "Bling Pulley"

    Hey guys, I have a Whipple 3.50 "Bling Pulley" for sale due to the writing being in white. SOLD! Thanks, Neil
  25. BlueSS

    WTB: Kaenen S281 Spoiler!

    Looking for a Kaenen S281 Spoiler, Let me know if you have one for sale! Thanks, :beer: Neil