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    Back up camera ideas

    I had one in a previous Cobra that was installed by the previous owner. It was installed in the trunk key hole. No holes needed drilled, super clean install. You would never know it was there. The wiring was tucked into the harness for the 3rd brake light in the deck lid.
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    Diff Recommendations

    Also had a Detroit Trutrac in a previous 03. Never any issue's with it and it definitely saw some abuse lol. Sounds like you have something else going on with your rear other then the diff. May be a good time to pull it out and investigate before it gets worse.
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    As mentioned above, your probably going to need in the neighborhood of 525-550whp to pull a stock Hellcat with a good driver. You're also going to need to drive the car like you stole it lol.
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    26 vs 28 inch height tires on 15 inch rim

    28's would be better for traction, more sidewall and flex. But you may run into clearance issues depending on your suspension setup and wheel specs. That's a big tire to stuff under a Cobra. The pic below is a 15x8 wheel with a 26x10.5 MT ET Street R with Eibach Sportline springs. Your car is...
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    Aftermarket Radiator with True Forged tanks

    I had a Fluidyne radiator in a previous Cobra. Had to trim or basically cut off that upper lip so it was flush with the top of the rad for the one piece tank to fit. Even with it removed it was a tight fit.
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    Advice on this 03

    Good call, definitely a possibility. Usually a stickler for detail, don't know how I missed those struts on the first look. This car is also on Ebay with a Buy It Now/Best Offer listing. Probably some wiggle room on the price.
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    Advice on this 03

    Body lines/fender gaps on the hood are off, same with the drivers side door/front fender. Don't know if this would be QC from Ford in 2003 or it may have been repaired. Just something to check into. Other then that it looks good.
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    Question about cat-back DIY

    Installed the Borla ATAK cat-back on a previous Cobra and it wasn't that bad of a job. Started from the cats and worked my way back just snugging the system in place, then made adjustments and torqued everything down. I'm super fussy/OCD so it took a few hours to get everything to my liking. It...
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    Supercharger Belt and pulleys

    I have a set of oem pullies if you are interested. Great shape, 40k miles on them. I'll sell them for cheap, no use for them.
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    Hoosier DR or TOYO TQ

    If you want max traction go with the Hoosier DR. My car made about 75hp less than yours and i never had much luck with any type of street style drag tire..... NT05R, NT555R, 888's etc. Felt like I was on ice thru 1st and 2nd.
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    FOR SALE: 907RWHP 2001 Shades of Grey Turbo Saleen

    I think the market has finally hit its peak and may be on the verge of coming back down. Seems like the crazy selling prices are subsiding lately. Good luck on the sale if you choose to do so, followed the build when musclecarresort owned the car, amazing machine!
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    FOR SALE: 1993 Cobra for sale!!

    This wont last long. Wish i was closer.
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    Should I beef up my irs before visiting track ?

    x2, or LPW. I've had both and never had an issue with either. I've always had great results with stock/near stock IRS setup's on these cars. The last 03 I had to the track only had FTBR poly bushings and would consistently pull low 1.5 60's with drag radials and a 5-5500k launch on a ported...
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    Need help. Chrome bumper insert removal

    Try some carb/brake cleaner on a rag or lacquer thinner on a rag. Hose the rag down pretty liberally, the letters/glue may absorb it and soften the material.
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    Metal tag behind bumper cover?

    Recently had my bumper cover off and found a metal tag, roughly 3"x5", on a piece of wire tied to the core support. The tag was painted red, the same color as the car. Is this something that was put on at the factory during assembly and someone forgot to remove it before the car left the plant...
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    Weld rts rims front and rear

    Im not 100% on this, but I thought I remember reading the RTS's possibly clear the toe link. Worst case you'll have 10 minutes of grinding and the banjo bolt replacement.
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    45 mile vert for sale on eBay.....

    Curious to see what the final price is for this unicorn. I have a feeling someone is going to snatch it for the Buy It Now price before the auction is over....... 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra | eBay
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    WANTED: WTB Completion Orange convertible.

    That poor car lol. See this all the time at car shows/cruise-ins. Middle-aged to older gentlemen with newer sports cars that are out of touch with the scene, they throw a bunch of gingerbread on them and call it a day.
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    Official Terminator Picture Thread

    Glamour shot from the parking garage at the beach. 800 mile round trip and she didn't miss a beat. 24mpg as well!
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    FOR SALE: PA *Wrecked* 2003 Torch Red 43k miles $14500/best offer

    Definitely more money in parting out then selling it as a whole, but a lot more time invested and the dealing with tire kickers part also. Can get frustrating/overwhelming. You're always going to have stuff left over that no one wants, so you'll have that to dispose of. I probably would have...
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    Touch up paint for 10th Anniversary wheels?

    I have a friend that's in the paint and body business. He mixed me something that's pretty close. Its not perfect, but unless your nose is up against the wheel you will never notice.
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    03 Sonic Blue Cobra for sale (24,000 miles)

    I cant believe this car is still available after this long. Lower miles, a sought after color, a fair price..........something is fishy.
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    2004 Cobra SY Convertible, 35k miles. $23,000

    Question. I see you're not running the accessory idler for more belt wrap on the blower pulley. Any problems with belt slip after installing the ported blower? Planning on porting my blower and I'd like to keep the car looking as bone stock as possible. I would like to retain the factory pulley...
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    WTB New Set of Mystichrome Seats / Shift Boot / Ebrake Boot

    Good luck. You may have to part with a kidney, or and arm or leg :)
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    WTB 2004 Comp Orange convertible

    Are you hiring??? lol A thank you card and some cookies is all I've ever received from my employer.