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    Ligthing vs zippo/saleen race car at VIR

    I havent post here in forever, but I figured you guys might like this... YouTube - ‪Catching and passing the Saleen Zippo car at VIR‬‏ To be honest, its just a track day, NOT A RACE. That guy was probably driving that car at 2 or 3 10ths and just enjoying himself.
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    Playing with a Ferrari on a back road

    YouTube - ecoastkid's Channel Nothing to exciting but he wasn't shaking me. This went on for 10 min by my vid recorder ran out of space...Doh!...That will teach me
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    Learning the hard was not to reuse torque to yeild bolts.

    Well it started on Sat on the track at pocono raceway. Ironcly it wasn't even being beet on but it started to miss pretty bad and my fuel trims were all over the place. Finally threw a lean code for both banks. I figured the plug we used on the back of the motor blew off. Boy was I wrong...
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    Lastest version of my "torque plate"...

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    Torque plate a/b dyno results

    bigger is here = Blue = No torque plate Red = With torque plate bigger is here = bigger is here =...
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    How much?

    How much is a perfectly good 4r100 out of my 03 worth? (44000 miles) It has a JLP valve body and a 4x4 pan on it. I'm thinking of buying a built one from someone on here but will then have my still good stocker laying around.
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    New for 2009 NHRA roll bar rules

    I found this but I need help deciphering it...I'm getting a bar in a few weeks and I'm hoping I can design it in a way that I dont have to have the rear facing bars. If you think about it, the rear facing bar is kinda silly on our trucks. The hoop is right against the back of the cab and would...
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    Atco yesterday

    Only two runs before me and the guys packed up and went to AC. Track was cold and the 30x14 in tires spun just a tad off the line. The cold weather (35 degrees or so) and DA of-1500 enabled me to pickup almost 4 mph. Here is the best run. YouTube - Dave lightning 11.8 atco raceway...
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    Common issues with Foci

    Hey folks. Never posted in this part of the forums before (I always stick to the lightning I have a friend who has a SVT Focus that just seems to be be rather sluggish (When I took a ride in it, it just doesn't seem to tach out as fast as others I have been in). He doesnt...
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    Stock Bilstiens all 4 corners

    Approximately 35000 miles on them. SOLD. Still have the road grime on they are in perfect mechanical shape.
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    Intake ready for stealthy Nitrous shot

    80 shipped. I used this and got decent results. Ran a 12.3 @ 108 with a a 4# pulley, tr6 plugs, a tune, and this. (and some drag I mounted the zex box behind the battery on the firewall and no one could find it...(Everyone looks between the tb and the maf...haha) I took a...
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    90mm Lightning MAF

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    Stock Throttlebody

    Stock Throttlebody 40 shipped obo. Perfect to send out for porting while still running yours.
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    01-04 intercooler

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    Intercooler and Stock blower FS (and some other parts)

    Stock intercooler out of an 02 (I think this part fits all years and would be an upgrade for 99/00's) - SOLD Stock S/C off my 03. Has 39,xxx miles on it. The thing is mint. - 300 shipped (Deposit made) Stock heat exchanger. - SOLD 90 mm MAF - 75 shipped Stock intake drilled...
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    Lots of pics from JDM Day

    I dont normally venture out from the Lightning forum but you guys that were there will want to see these.
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    Pics from JDM day

    I dont normally venture out from the Lightning forum but you guys that were there will want to see these.
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    Around 600 High Qual Pics from JDM Day

    I brought a buddy along who takes some awesome photos. He put them all up on his site and here is the link. If your vehicle was there, check it out as there is likely a high qual pic of it. You can click on each pic twice to get the highest res...
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    New Personal best at JDM day!

    Yep...I fixed my truck. A new mafia showed up at my door at 7:30 last night. (nothing like making me stress until the last min...thanks UPS...ugh) Anyways...It was a great day and I'll be posting a TON of pics that my buddy took (almost 700)...ok so i wont post all of The even...
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    Truck hurt - might not make it to JDM day :(

    I'll try to make this short. Washed engine like I've done many many times before. All seemed good. Two days later I go to use it. 1. runs eye watering rich at idle 2. pops sputters...down on power 3. throws a MAF input low (something like that) code I blow on the conncection at the...
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    Time for brake ducting...:)

    I have this picture on my desktop at work... In the picture, you see me under heavy braking just before the chicane at Watkins Glen If you look at the full sized version, located here You can clearly see my rotors...
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    Trick Flow releases the new 2V head...

    Damn...I wish they released these last
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    New Dyno numbers...

    built lower ported heads crower cams stieg ported intake, tb, and eaton Full exhaust Tuned by me 485/567 :D...I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Super sneaky nitrous coming over the winter..:D
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    4# LFP ring and belt

    4# LFP ring and belt (no hub) $75.00 shipped
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    Pics of my day at Watkins Glen

    Cliffs 3 30 min sessions 133 MPH achevied on the back straight 125+ on the front Graduated from the PDA Green group to the white group (I'll be allowed out solo now) after my second event EVERYONE was amazed at the performance of the truck. I was approx the 4th fastest in my group of about...