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  1. vortecd

    Dynoed my new engine today...

    Nice build! Will be looking forward to hear what it runs. You and Scott took the 5.0 to a new level when we all started with a 2.3 blowers 7 years ago
  2. vortecd

    Dynoed my new engine today...

  3. vortecd

    VMP 163R throttle body...

    I thought Lidio tuned his car?
  4. vortecd

    COVID- buying stupid shit and stuff

    I bought a Hellcat Charger also 3 weeks ago
  5. vortecd

    Antigravity Battery Woos

    Cold weather kills batteries. I pull mine and put it in the house when I park my car for the winter.
  6. vortecd

    392 charger new drag times

    OneSlowV nice runs. Jay tuned my car also and I saw he posted about your car the other day on facebook. Looks like the converter helped out some. You on ? Trying to get more people posting on there in the 392 forums My best was almost a mirror to your's before your converter...
  7. vortecd

    M A N D O L O R I A N—Baby Yoda, who watches this?

    Series was even better then expected! I planned on getting Disney + when I first heard about it a year ago just to watch this. I watched it every week so had to wait for the next episode Season 2 coming in the fall
  8. vortecd

    The Witcher

    Watched it all this past weekend, really liked it. Never watched GOT but some have said this was better
  9. vortecd

    Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker Review

    Saw it today and thought it was awesome! Better then 7 and 8
  10. vortecd

    Supercharged Daily Tire - r888r vs RE-71r vs ???

    What is the reason for no drag radials? I used to run Nitto's 555r drag radials daily and would get about 15,000 miles on them. They were great even in bad rain. I ran Hoosiers dr's at the track
  11. vortecd

    Need help with my sons car

    You could have one or more fuel injectors that are bad. A Mustang I had did and it didn't show any codes
  12. vortecd

    Car Craft, Super Chevy, Muscle Mustangs no longer printed

    My money has been refunded
  13. vortecd

    Car Craft, Super Chevy, Muscle Mustangs no longer printed

    I just renewed MM&FF for 2 years through Amazon and have not received my 1st issue so I cancelled it and see what happens on getting my money back
  14. vortecd

    James bond trailer

    Looking forward to it. I enjoy all the 007 movies
  15. vortecd

    Say hello to comet 2I/Borisov

    Still waiting on another comet like the one that went through in the mid 90's. It had a huge tail and had a spiral look to it straight above in the sky as it approached Earth. As the nights past it had a long tail and could be seen in the northern skies.
  16. vortecd

    Stock Redeye with Just DR’s ran [email protected] last night. (Not a press event with Evan Smith).

    Not sure why anyone would bother going to the track without the right tires. Kinda like driving a car in the snow with summer tires
  17. vortecd

    Ford V Ferrari

    Figured a movie like this would be best on Imax and it did not disappoint!
  18. vortecd

    Anyone catch Mopar announcement yesterday?

    Nothing new here, they have been out for years. Leah won the championship last year in one
  19. vortecd

    2018 Coyote rods into 2014 coyote

    Yep that. I ended up buying a boss crank because of the weight we needed to add changing rods and pistons
  20. vortecd

    Walmart can eat a dick just like Dick’s.

    People buy guns at wally world, really?
  21. vortecd

    Anyone planning on seeing Rambo Last Blood?

    The 80's called, they want their franchise back!
  22. vortecd

    Franco Columbo - RIP

    I was watching video's and learning about him right before he died. Was crazy to see he drowned. Did you know his max squat, deadlift and bench were more then Arnold, crazy!
  23. vortecd

    Made my 8 second car stupid quiet...

    Lidio seems to really like resonators. My thought if it quiets the car down and doesn't lose power, all go!
  24. vortecd

    2020 Corvette Mid-Engine, 0-60 under 3, starts under $60,000.

    The c8 pushes the other manufacturers to do more, which is a good thing. If there were no competition, we would be lucky to have a 300hp car. I'm not into corvettes and don't see myself ever buying one. I'm also more into brands where I don't cheer for the chevy to win the nascar race unless it...