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  1. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Lol, bought that one this morning PM. Took it for a 20% bounce and cashed out. Nice start to the day.
  2. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I bought back in with a small position yesterday sub $6. Gonna see if it can push to $9 this week or early next.
  3. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I loaded up on that when it dropped into the low 2’s. Sold off the last I had when it pushed above 10 this last week. Short term I think it will settle a bit, especially after the offering. Long term they could easily push over 25 once they get all their rigs up and running. Once they are set...
  4. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Started a position awhile back for a long term hold, been trickling shares in on this downtrend.
  5. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    ANY was the winner for me today. My core is a 2.23 average and I was flipping shares between 3 and 3.40 for the last month. Finally ran hard this morning and I sold about 80% of my position in the mid 5’s premarket. Gonna hold a few profit shares long just in case Bitcoin wants to test new highs.
  6. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Sold a bunch of $25 covered calls over the last couple days. If it keeps running and they get exercised I will be happy with 1600% gain, otherwise I just keep holding my core and swing trade a couple thousand shares.
  7. DiB14-SAFD

    Term life

    I am planning on having mine done before the end of the year since the wife and I have decided we are done. This thread definitely has me doing some research now.
  8. DiB14-SAFD

    Cashier's check

    Sold my Mazdaspeed3 last week, sight unseen, to a guy from Houston. Listed it through Tred for a small fee. It was nice to have a middle man so my phone number wasn’t out there and they act as escrow service so I didn’t have to worry about fake checks, cash, etc.
  9. DiB14-SAFD

    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    Cleared out most of what I had around .70-.71. Only held 1k through SNL last night since I knew I wouldn’t be watching it. Woke up to see the crash and decided to buy another 1k in the .47 zone after it finally didn’t make a new low. Probably just sit on that forever.
  10. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Been a good couple of days with MVIS. Lidar hype and the WSB crowd helping to push it through resistance. I have trimmed a few shares here and there. Still holding 4K waiting for the push into Thursday.
  11. DiB14-SAFD

    Selling a car question

    I think it’s a dick move on the seller’s part to not disclose that but in the used car market it’s on the buyer to do their own DD on the vehicle before purchase.
  12. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Simple explanation, the charts on RH are not always accurate. I have seen many spikes and dips on RH charts that don’t correlate to actual price movement.
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    Locked in my prices on the new house back in September. Building the same house in my subdivision is almost $100k more now.
  14. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I was expecting a bit of a pullback on MVIS after that pop yesterday. Pulled back to the 13sma on the daily and basically used that as support for the day. Closed above it nicely. Holding and waiting for PR drop this month on Lidar sample. Picked up a few more CNK yesterday and today as well. I...
  15. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I am getting closer to my 5k share goal and am sitting on some cash right now waiting to see if it breaks down to the next support. If I can get 300 more around 11.50 I would be happy but if I can’t that means the price is going up which is a win as well.
  16. DiB14-SAFD

    Help me pick a desktop computer

    I always recommend Macs for people that don’t know much about computers. They will last awhile, been using ssd’s for years, minimal bloatware and minimal click hazards on unscrupulous websites. That being said I wouldn’t own one myself because there is largely no upgrade path for them. I love...
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    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Scroll back a few posts, it was discussed a little bit.
  18. DiB14-SAFD

    Selling to Carvana/Carmax and the best DD for <$10k.

    To bad you don’t live closer. I am about to drop my stock ‘07 Mazdaspeed3 with 84k on the market for 6k. It’s a blast as a dd.
  19. DiB14-SAFD

    Found some OLD School Ford supplies

    Found this with a quick search. A planimeter, also known as a platometer, is a measuring instrumentused to determine the area of an arbitrary two-dimensional shape.
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    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Been holding since sub $1. Have added at almost all price points along the way. Sitting on close to 5k shares with a sub $5 average. Bought originally with the sole intention of holding until buyout, mindset hasn’t changed. Valuations of Luminar and Velodyne just strengthened my resolve. Short...
  21. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I started picking up SQQQ puts towards the end of the day today. Gonna be watching the price action tomorrow to see how deep I can go on them. Made 85% on my SQQQ calls today.
  22. DiB14-SAFD

    Hang in there Texas

    Monday was a shit show in San Antonio. Made so many calls for burst pipes at hotels and apartment complexes. All we could do was shut the sprinkler systems down, drain the pipes, turn off the power to the affected units and tell residents to find somewhere else to stay. My station was without...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Yea it’s gonna be pretty chilly come Monday morning. I will be on shift that day so it should be interesting.
  24. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    MVIS is just getting silly now. That gap up after hours today was insane. Still holding strong with about 4K pure profit shares.
  25. DiB14-SAFD

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I have been riding MVIS with about 4000 shares since the low $1 range. Been a very strong last 10 days or so. I have sold about 400 shares to recoup all of my initial investment, now sitting on 3550 until moon or bust.