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    South Korean Hostage Killed What a surprise :nonono: When will people stop worrying about being politically correct and just shoot anyone in that country with a gun that's not an American.
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    How To Use The Search Function

    I copied this from another board and adapted it to fit the needs of this one I am not sure if someone has already made a distinctive manual on the Search Function of these hopefully this is important enough to be a sticky or whatnot..... ~The first Section is An overlay of the...
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    Funny Website Type in: Funny stuff! :lol:
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    Now this is weird....North Korea's website I now know what Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia's webpages would look like.
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    Cell Phone Virus Created

    World's First Mobile Phone Virus Created By Lucas van Grinsven, Reuters AMSTERDAM (June 16) - A group of underground virus writers has showed off what is believed to be the world's first worm that can spread on advanced mobile phones, but security software companies say the virus had no...
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    New Horror Movie Trailer Movie looks crazy, I'm defenitly going to see this one!
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    NWS - Vid of people in Korea killing, cooking and eating dogs, etc...

    video of people in korea killing, cooking and eating dogs, cat, rabbit *explicit* Now maybe I can also believe the shit about the meat in chinese food are probably dog, cat or whatever. I mean, how many of yall seen those type of meats in any of yall local grocery or supermarket? Hell na and...
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    Why not to steal images and use them for EBay
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    These Children Are Our Future?

    :rollseyes We're in a deep pile then! Sex Bracelet Girl Booted from School New York -- A 11-year-old Queens fifth-grader was booted from her Catholic elementary school for blowing the whistle on a bizarre sex-bracelets game. "I'm happy. I hate that school," a defiant Megan Stecher said...
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    Cog Versus Serpentine

    RPM Outlet has a cog setup for the 03 cobras. I know cogs grip more than a serpentine does, but Metco/Billet flow has a 10rib serp., which would be better on the street? A cog or a 10rip serpentine drive belt? -Phil
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    Gun toting Granny shoots off rapists testicles

    Gun-toting Granny Shoots off Rapists Testicles Ashville Tribune ^ | unattributed MELBOURNE, Australia -- Gun-toting granny Ava Estelle, 81, was so ticked-off when two thugs raped her 18-year-old granddaughter that she tracked the unsuspecting ex-cons down - - and shot off their testicles...
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    Hello Ghetto Fabulous

    :xpl: :xpl: I know its a photoshop, but still the original (30" wheels) is just as bad. Someone needs to go through the hood with some C4 and blow the crap out of these cars. I hate these POS' with a passion
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    Man Sells Wife And for pretty cheap too! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    What won't people "e-bay"

    I think this is a new low
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    Today's E-Bay Lesson......

    Not stealing other people's pictures. And the punishment...
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    Hilarious E-Bay Auction

    You have to read this, it's too funny! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    The Metrosexual

    Please allow me to vent. I have had it. I've taken all I can stand and I can't stand no more. Every time my TV is on, all that can be seen is effeminate men prancing about, redecorating houses and talking about foreign concepts like "style" and "feng shui." Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual...
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    Why a 3V 06 Motor?

    Why did Ford decide to go with a 3V 06 Cobra motor? The 3V is only a step up from the 2V, why wouldnt they keep the 4V for the Cobra? Look at how well the 03/04 4Vs are doing
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    New Kids Movie

    This is just strange
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    Newest Camaro Concept

    I'm quite fond of picture 1 and 4 Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
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    How many trucks here are hibernating for the winter? This forum has been very slow lately, slower than the others. Just wondering whats goin on and how cold is it where you are. Highs here of 8*C and lows (aka right now) -3*C
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    Got my VTOA Package!

    Got my SVTOA Package! Just got my SVTOA package yesterday! Inside is a SVTOA keychain, pin, memberhip card, Hertz Discount Coupon, and SVTOA poster with all of the SVT vehichles. Also got a signed letter from Colleti and Scarpello. Didnt get the $50 book or build certificate yet, but I can dream
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    Holy Crap!

    Check out these sweet Recaro Buckets, matches the stock interior plus full power, heat, lumbar, etc.. Check out other colors here. Just thought Id show you guys if anyone has the Expy console mod planned :thumbsup: This pic is pretty big, maybe Larry could resize it?
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    Finally a CNN report I like

    Click and Enjoy!!!!
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    New Nitrous Switch

    Check it out!!