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  1. 91svtbird

    Look what Santa delivered

    Ordered April18th arrived December 13th... Happened to be working not too far from the dealer yesterday. I had a strong sense that my car might have arrived so I stopped by at lunch time to find this had just been taken off the truck. After all the paper work and quick PDI. I told them...
  2. 91svtbird

    Why was my thread moved off this forum?

    Tob it’s unfortunate for the members in the 13’GT500 section that you moved my article “ The Foundation of Mass Air Calibration” out of the 2013 GT500 section. I wrote that article specifically to...
  3. 91svtbird

    Is Your Car Tuned Correctly?

    The Foundation of Mass Air Calibration The MAF Meter and it’s Transfer Functions….. The Foundation of your Tune. My reason for posting this information is my concern for the unsuspecting Mustang community, to hopefully educate because of what I see happening with member’s cars with...
  4. 91svtbird

    First and second allocations ordered/recieved

    (trying do do a poll for this, hope it works the way I want it to) What was your Allocation # 1, #2 or #3 etc...and did you receive your car yet?( you can vote in both categories if you received your car) EDIT: OK the poll is up please vote accurately so we can get a better picture of how...
  5. 91svtbird

    07-12 stock IC Vs the 2013 IC side by side test

    A friend of mine flow tested the two intercoolers today. The 13 IC flowed about 25% more air than the 07-12 stock IC or to put it another way at the same CFM the 07-12 stock IC was 25% more restrictive than the 13’ IC was. See post #9 for pics Link2013 intercooler
  6. 91svtbird

    A Closer Look At the 2013 GT500

    These pics were taken at the Ford Nationals at Carlisle by a friend. This car does indeed have the optional Track Pack. Enjoy! The unique to the 13' - dual tipped mufflers Track Pack rear differential cooler cover and lines Bilstein Electronic Dampers New Higher flowing Cats Front...
  7. 91svtbird

    Went to the NYIAS on Friday Pics & Vids

    NYIAS April 6,2012 2013 GT500 Grabber blue with Black stripes (Click on pic to see video) Front DS yoke and Trans tailshaft (don't know if this is the same on the production version, probably is) This one’s for Tob…LOL For more pics of the show go here:>(post#16+#17)2012...
  8. 91svtbird

    2013 Production scheduling

    This morning’s production scheduling communication lists April as the start of GT-500 production and mid-May for the beginning of production for retail orders. Dealers still can’t build/order a Shelby online yet. It looks like the first retail units will arrive at the end the summer. Still...
  9. 91svtbird

    Site loading very slowly

    Just to let you guys know the site has been loading very slow for me since yesterday. Today is even a bit slower...:-D
  10. 91svtbird

    2011 GT500 Review

    My review of the 2011 gt500 Pictures and Tech info supplied by FMCO Some Photo's by Written by 91svtbird.....enjoy! There have been many upgrades implemented in the base 2011 GT500 over the 2010 model. The folks at SVT have taken those improvements to an even higher level ...
  11. 91svtbird

    Side Pipes and Wings

    Remember the 2004 Mustang GTR concept car displayed in the NYIAS along with the all new 2005 Mustang ? You guys were talking about sidepipes ,thought you all might enjoy this too! Notice how flat this car corners.... (remember stangsunleashed?)...
  12. 91svtbird

    My Review of the 2011 GT500

    My review of the 2011 gt500 Pictures and info supplied by FMCO enjoy! There have been many upgrades implemented in the base 2011 GT500 over the 2010 model. The folks at SVT have taken those improvements to an even higher level , thanks in no small part to the optional SVT...
  13. 91svtbird

    Roush P51 gains 52rwhp with L&M bolt on

    Amazing max 52HP gain overall on a TVS equipted Roush P51 by just swaping out the stock TB for the L&M. [On a Mustang Dyno] The car made 532 whp and 466lbs torque with the stock TB. (#2) then after bolting on the L&M and a cool down they did a 2nd run (#1). Net result was 584 whp and...
  14. 91svtbird

    My version of GT500 Front brake ducts

    Here is my version of what the brake cooling ducts should be on the 07 & 08 GT500 I used a 2-5/8” ID ( 2-7/8 OD) aluminum tube and cut it to match the existing angle of the front grille. Then made a flange out of 1/8” Aluminum and welded it to the tube .Next I sanded and polished the flange...
  15. 91svtbird

    590 RWHP with EVO stage 2

    Well guys I just got back from putting the Shelby on the dyno after my Evolution stage 2 CAI,pulley and tune, and I do mean tune. After driving about 6 miles to the garage we hooked up the car ,and while still hot it put out a whopping 568 rwhp with 523 wr torque. Then after a 20 minute...
  16. 91svtbird

    Dealer Profit on 40,000 MSRP car ?

    Does anyone know about how much a dealer makes if they sell a $40,000. car at MSRP? Just wondering!
  17. 91svtbird

    Barrett - Jackson - 1ST 07 GT500 SOLD

    Would you believe 600,000? Awsome!! All profits go to Childrens fund, Winner gets to watch it be built.