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  1. 562cobra

    Order has been Processed!!!

    I just wanted to see if you guys can keep my updated on an item I ordered. #15323 Angel Cortez It's a 73 3/4" serpentine belt. Thanks
  2. 562cobra

    Price quot on 01 bullitt side scoops

    I wanted to see if I can get a price on 2001 bullitt side scoops along with the tabs. I don't know if you have them available already painted or not. If so, I would like the price quote for the black ones.
  3. 562cobra

    WTB 2 17x9 black 03 cobra wheels

    I'm looking for a set of 17x9 black 03 cobra wheels. I have 10.5 for the rear and just looking for a really nice set of 17x9's for the front. I would prefer them without tires, but with tires is no problem.
  4. 562cobra

    Bellhousing torque specs?

    Does anybody know them? I searched and went through the HOW TO'S with no luck.
  5. 562cobra

    Thanks Lethal

    Received my item just about 10 minutes ago. You guys will be receiving my future business.:rockon: :beer:
  6. 562cobra

    transmission ball stud

    I'm in need for a ball stud for my t-56. What can you do for me?
  7. 562cobra

    Clutch cable....

    I'm in the middle of removing my transmission, to replace my clutch. I was stuck on the clutch cable for a good while trying to unhook it. I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong, but last time I adjusted the clutch, I fully adjusted it. Whats a good way to unhook it from the fork? Do I need to...
  8. 562cobra


    While removing my x pipe, one of my bolts stripped on the driver side :cuss:. I didn't even bother getting the passenger side bolts loose. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get it loose? It just ruined my whole day. :cryying:
  9. 562cobra

    can someone remove the 03 from my u/n?

  10. 562cobra

    Couple Raptor pics from LA autoshow

    Friend took these pics at the autoshow and the tires and wheels this truck looks amazing in person. if i was in a better financial situation, i would really consider this truck when its finally released.
  11. 562cobra

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    and Groomser Bush is always looking
  12. 562cobra

    Request: Red Mustang with 99-01 cobra tails

    Can any of my fellow members post some rear photo shots of their red mustangs? i'm trying to show someone how they look on a red mustang, Torch red to be specific, but any red will do. thanks and no smart remarks please. :rockon:
  13. 562cobra

    WTB right side scoop

    for uh 2003 cobra. black perferably. are the late gt's, 03-04 mach's, and 03-04 cobra side scoops identical? if so, any right side scoop will be good.
  14. 562cobra

    Having a Paintball gun in vehicle.`

    well i live in california, and wanted to know if having a paintball gun while operating a vehicle is considered as a weapon? scenario: paintball gun is assembled with paintballs in them w/ no intention of going to a private park. i just wanted to know cus i have one and would like to storage it...
  15. 562cobra

    Anyone in here with a high mileage 03-04 Cobra?

    Well i wanted to know if anybody in these forums had a high mileage termy. the reason i want to know is because i heard once it has high mileage it's not worth doing anything to it or even taking it to the track. Anyone with a piece of mind about this please share. My termy has 90k miles and the...
  16. 562cobra

    Stock shocks on a 03-04 cobra

    :shrug: i read somewhere that the termy came with bilstein shocks. I wanted to know if its true. thanks Im new here