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    WANTED: Wtb 87-93 convertible gt

    Wtb 87-93 black convertible. Let me see what u got. Under 10k please. And closer to Cali the better
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    Wtb aftermarket heat exchanger/intercooler pump/ heat exchanger brackets

    Trying to get my car back on the road asap, text please (925)383 4165. For a good deal I am paypal ready
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    Wtb return fuel system

    Looking to upgrade to e85 let me me know what u have
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    WTB nitrous fuel cell & lowerering springs

    Let me know what u have email me please at [email protected]
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    Wtb nitrous bottle opener/bottle warmer

    Give me a holler (925)383-4165
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    Who's the man nowadays for mail order tunes

    Looking to get my ported Eaton 2.76/4lb combo tuned, who's the go to guy nowadays?
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    Wtb h&r race springs

    Found a set for 220 brand new on tire rack I'm seeing if anyone has a used set they would let go for a better price 925 383 4165
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    Wtb h&r race springs

    Low miles please, email at [email protected]
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    Wtb 2.9 pulley for eaton, preferably RR

    Email please at [email protected] I am looking for a 2.65 also
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    Wtb RR 2.65 for eaton

    Email me at [email protected] please for a quicker response
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    Anyone running a 2.76 6lb combo?

    Picked up a stock cobra a while back and got tired of being neck and neck with the newer maros and chargers ect. Mods right now are long tubes full borla exhaust and a handheld tune. Recently just picked up a posi ported eaton with a 2.76 upper. Also got my hands on a 4lb and 6lb lower. Other...
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    Wtb modified fpdm and ford gt pumps for e85

    Please text me at 925 864 8189 thanks
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    WTB lowering springs

    Lookin for a good set for a good price, my cobra is slammed to the ground and I can't get a good tire on her, thanks in advance
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    Wtb full nitrous kit

    Let me know what u have, thanks in advance
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    Anybody know a good nor cal tuner?

    Looking for a good tuner in northern Cali for my 2003 cobra. I've heard great things about Shaun at AED however he refuses to tune with a lower pulley so he's out of the picture. I've heard a little about next gen in Hayward. Anybody u guys recommend?
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    Wtb mafia, bap, 60lb injectors, 4lb/6lb lower

    Hi fellas looking for the above, really looking for the 4lb lower but interested in a 6 also if you have a good price on one so I can save it for the future when I upgrade the cooling system, not sure if I have pms yet so please email me at [email protected] thanks
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    Wtb ported eaton and 2.76 or 2.8 4lb lower dragon tb

    Looking for a ported eaton with a pulley setup 2.8 or 2.76 and a 4lb lower, also a dragon tb or a ported tb and plenum, please email at [email protected]
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    Wtb posi ported eaton 2.8/2.76 pulley, Metco 4lb

    Wtb ported blower 2.8/2.76 pulley, Metco 4lb Hi Svt, I'm looking to turn my termi into a street machine and I'm looking to find a ported blower, 2.8 or 2.76 billet flow pulley, aux idler, Metco 4lb lower and some 60lb injectors, also if you have the ported tb and plenum that would be a +. If...
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    Wtb ported eaton 2.8 upper and 4lb lower

    Hi guys anybody have some goodies they want to get rid of let me know