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    Sheriff Hits Deer at 114 MPH

    We need to outlaw cops speeding on public roads... poor deer.
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    Sold the V and bought a Z

    a miata or mazda6 lol...
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    190mph 1/2 Mile S550

    haha dang... i was hoping for the mercedes S550
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    C6 Z06 636rwhp NA Stock Shortblock

    Sounds healthy! A good buddy of mine has a similar set-up making the same power... sbe with stg 3 cam. His car is light as hell too. 3100 with him in it. I went away from N/A a couple years ago, as i like the extra power :)
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    14' GT500 vs Cammed C6 LS3 Corvette

    Do you ever pop over at Cabellas in Buda on Saturday night?
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    14' GT500 vs Cammed C6 LS3 Corvette

    looks like fun man. Are you in the SA Area?
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    Pics of base paint on my car TexasGrunt

    Car looks good Brian!
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    707HP 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk First Official Photos

    two different vehicles... have been for a long time...
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    2018 Corvette ZR1 TOO LOUD for the Nürburgring+ Shoots Flames!

    I heard LT5.... but we all hear things right...
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    Car is Everything I've Ever Wanted and MORE...

    nice ride man. do you think it was necessary for someone to sit in the trunk on that dyno pass though? :)
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    Went to the dark side. New (to me) ride.

    congrats man... looks good. I wished the black didn't hide the body lines as much.
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    Took the new GTR to the drags

    How in any way does this defy the laws of physics and then some? sack ride much? lol Nice ride Earico... Have you came to any of the saturday night meets up north? Been a little while since I've been.
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    Raced a pair of vettes and a bolt-on terminator in my VR-4--video

    amazing driver on the terminator lol
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    A New Ultra-Limited Ferrari

    nice... looks like a fiero though... maybe it's just me.
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    Official Snowmobile Thread

    What's snow? - Texas
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    First Drive 2017 Raptor

    it's funny how they put it over gravel so that they could spin the tires from a dig.
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    My New (vette) Set up: Forged Pistons,"Big" Blower Cam, ect.

    Hey I sold my LS7 and went with a different set-up because, like you said the LS7 doesn't like boost for obvious reasons. Mine is a stroked and fully built 5.4... set-up to support over 30# trickflow heads, longtubes, o/r x, corsa axle-back, Fore triple pump set-up on E85 1- 450lph primary...
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    Trading in the mustang for....

    that paint looks like it's in TERRIBLE condition!!! lol Nice pick-up.
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    New Ride

    yeah that TVS is going to wake it up like no ones business. Mine ran nicely and surprised quite a few people. I'm glad you took those hood stripes off. One recommendation: window tint!
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    D1SC LS1 Z28 vs Lingenfelter C6 Z06, 700 whp CTS-V, 700 hp GT500 & Camaro SS

    sidenote: the GT500 owner wants to upgrade to a C6Z in the near future.
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    D1SC LS1 Z28 vs Lingenfelter C6 Z06, 700 whp CTS-V, 700 hp GT500 & Camaro SS

    Good stuff KFC. Looks like a fun night. Good runs.
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    My New (vette) Set up: Forged Pistons,"Big" Blower Cam, ect.

    Very nice... I went a similar direction with mine, but i'm guessing I have a bigger hole in my pocket.
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    lets see all the hot girlfriends/wives!

    Nice Stanley... Go Cowboys!!!