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  1. jessie jaramill

    2019 f150 5.0 super crew

    I'm adding bolt ons to my f150 5.0 at this time I have a cold air and shorty headers..does anybody know who can make me a catless y pipe? In Los angeles area There isnt many people posting videos or time slips on these f150 5.0 especially 18-19 I'm looking for a 18-19 mustang gt intake manifold...
  2. jessie jaramill

    IRWINDALE speedway

    Who is going to irwindale today? I have not ran my 14 gt since last year open to better my time
  3. jessie jaramill

    Raceland coilovers

    Hello there im in the market to upgrade my suspensión..i already my coyote GT Upper and lowers ..panhard bar..front and rear sway in need of shocks and im debating to get racelands wich go for 599.99 ..please have in mind im in a budget and im not going to expect a...
  4. jessie jaramill

    2014 mustang base model ..wanting track pak gauges install help

    Hey there i have a 14 gt base model and i want to purchase track pak the looks on youtube its not that easy.. So im looking for a shop that can install them..there is more to install you also need to reprogram the keys etc etc.... Any help would be great im in loa angeles area
  5. jessie jaramill

    03 cobra Oxford white possible for sale

    I have a 03 cobra Oxford white 82k miles clean title I'm debating if to sell if offer is right I'll sell It's ported eaton also tb 2.8 pulley Diablosport Mgw shifter Intercooler Slp exhaust Solid axle 3.73 Chrome Cobras Rear with nitto 315 drags Needs paint Motor was knocking on...
  6. jessie jaramill

    03 cobra with 98 cobra sra wheel fitment

    I have a 03 cobra with a 98 cobra sra I want to use my 14 gt sve 15x10 7.12 backspacing with 325-50-15 . .. Any help would be great .. I just don't want to buy another set of rears .. Any help would be great thanks
  7. jessie jaramill

    03 cobra with 98 cobra sra 15x10 7.12 bs fitment help

    I have a 03 cobra solid axle with 98 cobra sra was wondering if anybody knows if my 14 gt sve 15x10 7.12 backs pacing wheels would fit my terminator ... I have 325-50-15 on the rims any help would be great
  8. jessie jaramill

    03 cobra for sale help

    I need some help so I figure I would get some ideas .. How much should I pay for a 03 cobra bad motor and in need of paint it's a coupe Oxford 82k on chrome Cobras .. Any help would be great it's a SoCal cobra
  9. jessie jaramill

    For sale dark stars 17x4.5 new

    For sale are 2 new 17x4.5 dark stars still on in the box.. New never mounted .. Local sale only 450.00 text me for pics I'm in Los Angeles
  10. jessie jaramill

    Looking for a cobra short block 03-04 socal

    I'm looking for a stock shortblock or mild build local in socal
  11. jessie jaramill

    No limit drag racing

    Just wondering if anybody here plays this drag racing game called no limit drag racing? :banana:
  12. jessie jaramill

    Flowmaster outlaws for trade socal

    I just purchased some FlowMaster outlaw mufflers for my 2014 GT they are a bit loud for me and my kids lol so I'm looking to trade for something a little more quite since I have no Catalitic converters I'm in Los angeles area .. Mufflers are practically brand-new I've had him for six weeks
  13. jessie jaramill

    Coyote suspension

    So after buying my 04 audi s4 awd 6spd I've noticed how bad my mustang gt handles .. Only mods are lowering springs eibach ..I would love for my car to handle good without going all over the place.. I have a 03 cobra and for stock suspension it handles 500rwhp pretty well on solid axle.. I...
  14. jessie jaramill

    Looking to paint my 03 cobra

    Hey there I haven't been here on forums for a while..but I'm looking to paint my 03 cobra..I need help to find a affordable place to paint my cobra..people Ho know me know my car has been down since 09 but funds are there to get it going and faster..I'm in Los Angeles .. I'm looking for some...
  15. jessie jaramill

    For sale race stars fronts only 17x4.5 black chrome

    For sale are black chrome race stars on the box new 17x4.5 ..they were for my mustang coyote but change of lug nuts or tires.. i don't know how to post pictures if interested txt me
  16. jessie jaramill

    Looking for a short block for 03 cobra local

    I am looking for a short block for my 03 Cobra anywhere that is local to cobra been in a coma for about 4 years time to pay some attention to my baby. .hope to hear from someone soon..
  17. jessie jaramill

    14 gt wheel fitment question ..

    I have a 14 gt lowered on a pro kit. I have 15x10 race looking for tires .. Will 28/12.5/ 15 fit on my gt lowered?...any help would be great thanks
  18. jessie jaramill

    coyote parts needed

    Hello people im looking for a boss intake if anybody has one for sale please Im also looking for some drag radials 28inch I preffer local ..thanks
  19. jessie jaramill

    coyote cat delete for sale

    Just bought these ..they are used I changed my mind. .so looking to sell local 100 Alhambra area 91803.. They are I think bbk message me if interested
  20. jessie jaramill

    98 f150 5 4 for sale

    For sale is a 98 f150 5.4 auto clean title stepside single cab.. 165k.. Like lightning but not a lightning lol Asking price is 4200 local sale only..will try to post pictures soon.. Alhambra area
  21. jessie jaramill

    2014 mustang gt wheel take offs for sale

    For sale are 14 gt 235-50-18 factory wheels with 500 miles No space got to go!! Local sale only 500.00
  22. jessie jaramill

    how much you paid for your 0 miles 13 14 mustang gt

    In the market for a 14 mustang gt..any info would be great..woyld like to see what people paid out the door.. I was qouted for a 14 base 30.900 minus a 1500.00 rebate. . Im in socal ..would like to see what are people payments..I dont want to pay more than 630-650.. any help would be great...
  23. jessie jaramill

    sct tuner for sale

    Hello peeps. I no longer have my lightning I have a sct tuner..model # 3000 Local buyers only.. asking does have a tune for a lightning with pullies
  24. jessie jaramill

    GADGET man mod groove

    Has anybody heard of rick hatton he invented a design to save gas.. Its a grove that goes behind the blade of tb..has anybody heard of it or done it or has it?? Claims on mpg seem insane ..but I would be happy with my lightning at 20 mpg :)
  25. jessie jaramill

    mustang needs ac

    Hey there people I just bought a new toy and by a miracle it has all ac components And needs ac refill there any place in los Angeles county or inland empire That charges R12 ..I do not want to pay 1000 for new 134 ac..any help would be great Thanks