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  1. Bandit5.4

    Stumble when accelerating

    No CEL or codes pull up on my X4 stock cams changed plugs, no change had injectors cleaned, no change still doing it after filling up with new tank of fuel I will try changing the tps next
  2. Bandit5.4

    Stumble when accelerating

    What could be causing my car to stumble when taking off? At WOT everything is perfectly fine, a/f is spot on but anything at part throttle, whether taking off from a stop or roll, once the car hits boost, the a/f shoots full lean, the car stumbles and won't accelerate unless I back off and then...
  3. Bandit5.4

    How many have raced their mustangs?

    I've tried to but i'm a shitty driver. I need an automatic.
  4. Bandit5.4

    4R70W Transmission swap

    Are you still needing a manual trans? Would you be interested in a trade?
  5. Bandit5.4

    Ford shakes up management after giving a dreadful outlook

    I hate saying it, but if the new Bronco doesn't blow me away, my next new truck will be a Ram.
  6. Bandit5.4

    What do you listen to while cruising your Terminator?

    Love this song while driving!
  7. Bandit5.4

    Best cars you have driven

    Best was probably my 2008 Vapor Silver GT500. Had it only about 8 months but it was such a wonderful cruiser. Not nearly as fast as my 04 but rode SO much better and nicer interior.
  8. Bandit5.4

    Age gaps...

    I dated a 31 yr old Brazilian woman for almost a year when I was 24. And yes, the stigma(s) attached to "Brazilian women" are 100% true! Now I'm 32 and my wife who is 26 just celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Monday.
  9. Bandit5.4

    Cop walks into wrong apartment and kills man

    This question popped into my head while I was catching up on this trial news: Has a civilian ever shot or killed an off-duty police officer in legal self-defense? What would have happened to Botham Jean if he had shot the officer when she walked into his apartment?
  10. Bandit5.4

    Koenigsegg Regera sets 0-400kph-0 Record

    That was their previous model, the Agera RS. Their newest car, the Jesko, is the one that will likely be used for the top speed runs.
  11. Bandit5.4

    BFGOODRICH G-Force Sport Comp-2 any good for stockish car?

    Run NT555R Nittos if you want traction AND some tread life. R888Rs last about 3 months with regular driving.
  12. Bandit5.4

    Spy Shots—’20 C8 Corvette in Rapid Blue

    Ehhhh, no. That hue doesn't flow with the lines and sharp edges of the body, IMO.
  13. Bandit5.4

    Koenigsegg Regera sets 0-400kph-0 Record

    Watch til the end... "Hold my beer..." :cool:
  14. Bandit5.4

    Rear wheel recommendations for 700+hp

    If you rarely drive it and don't care about longevity, Hoosiers.
  15. Bandit5.4

    Front Tires Suggestions

    Nitto is always a good choice for fronts. Go with Invos if you have the coin or NT555 if you want something basic.
  16. Bandit5.4

    Spectator Drags: Boosted C10 vs Cutlass (and GT350 wreck).

    "Never race something you aren't willing to wreck." That AWD Silverado SS in the first video is unbeatable.
  17. Bandit5.4

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    So, I've got about $2k to play with. My wife and I are planning to buy a house next spring so I'm trying to build up a good down-payment. What should i do with the 2k?
  18. Bandit5.4

    FL street racing bill

    They could do all that but that would tie up a lot in time and costs to the prosecution. as well as sorting things like what can and cannot be admitted to evidence. And my doubts hang on whether they'd want to pursue such lengths for a racing violation. Multiple priors, maybe. With no priors, I...
  19. Bandit5.4

    Spy Shots—Dodge Charger Widebody Spotted With Scat Pack Rims

    Wish they would have done something like this Or this
  20. Bandit5.4

    Spy Shots—Dodge Charger Widebody Spotted With Scat Pack Rims

    Ever since it was first released
  21. Bandit5.4

    FL street racing bill

    My question is "How are they going to prove beyond doubt that it was me or my car in the video? Faces and plates are blurred/never shown, there's more than one of these cars in existance... where is the evidence to convict?"
  22. Bandit5.4

    Isle of Man TT 2019. RIP Daley Mathison.

    I've watched this video probably 1000 times. And I'll probably watch it another 1000. Pour one out for the bravest/craziest of us all!
  23. Bandit5.4

    Throwout bearing or pilot bearing?

    Got a squealing noise coming from the trans. Only does it when the car is warm and clutch engaged. Press clutch pedal and it goes away. Clutch is Spec stage 4 Is it the pilot bearing or throwout bearing?
  24. Bandit5.4

    Ford Chevy merger?

    I could see that. I have actually predicted that Ford will one day buy out Dodge and Ram. They have history together and Dodge has done well under Fiat but they still lag behind in the domestic market behind Ford, Toyota and GM.
  25. Bandit5.4

    A few holy grails of the automotive world

    Probably. It came out the year I was born! LOL My "poster car" is the McLaren F1.